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IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
3825921 Jul 201017306582Heversham Rdpotholed,rutted section of roadReported
9821118 Feb 2014Hever Road EdenbridgePothole square in shape filled with water on from river run offReported
8998813 Sep 2013Hever RoadThe hazard is a pair of smooth drain covers which are about 60 cm apart, the first about 1m from the kerb and the second maybe 2m away,creating one large hazard almost the width of the carriagewayReported
1229181 Feb 2016Hever Lane/Hever RoadLots of pot holes around this road that are turning into craters. The narrow (single-track mostly) lanes combined with a lot of walkers make some of these quite dangerous. They've been getting wors…Reported
3316024 Mar 2010Hermitage Lane2 Narrow deep potholes along front edge of gullies. These could be lethal to cyclists in the dark or when heavy traffic necessitates riding near the gutter.Reported
8665215 May 2013Hermitage LaneOn the north bound part of Hermitage lane the road surface is starting to break up and create a pothole, although this is not large enough to cause a problem for motor vehicles it is large enough to …Reported
1332413 May 2008232954Heaverham RoadPothole joining onto earlier hole repairsReported
1806325 Feb 200916264163Heaverham Road3 large potholes approx 100 metres apart.Reported
1967516 Apr 200916274543Heaverham RoadHole in the roadReported
5946317 Aug 2011Heaverham rd/High St ,Kemsingnumerous potholesReported
1343515 Jan 2017Heathfield Road, Ashford kent Tn248qaWe have several potholes of varying sizes outside our house which are becoming hazardousReported
311182 Mar 201017204073heath road coxheathroad falling away from drain coverReported
311172 Mar 201017204070heath road coxheatpot hole in the road getting largerReported
863098 May 2013Heath Road / Hermitage LaneMultiple potholes and broken surface at the junction of Heath Road and Hermitage Lane, making turning left on a bike extremely difficult as you need to go wide around the area. Also when it has been …Reported
3054226 Feb 201017401689heath roadseveral large but not very deep pot holes and the road surface breaking upReported
311152 Mar 201017204069heath roadbig rut and pot holes in the roadReported
4347018 Jan 201117609357heath roadpot hole right opposite speed limiting obsticalReported
4503827 Jan 201117809Heath RoadA huge pothole that could easily knock you off your bike or whilst driving, do sme damage to your car.Reported
8661014 May 2013Heath RoadA large section of Heath Road between Hermitage road & Beverly Road has become Poorly maintained resulting in uneven surfaces & large areas of the road top surface now starting to disappear. This une…Reported
1327976 Oct 2016Heath RoadA trench across the road that has been temporarily filled in but not to the level of the road.Reported
2788531 Jan 2010heath rdpotholeReported
985314 Jan 2008Headcorn RoadpotholeReported
361419 May 201017104233Headcorn DriveEntirety of this section of the road is absolutely littered with potholes, some that post a fair bit of risk as a cyclist.Reported
4270212 Jan 201117808834Haylandi was driving down the road when i hit a big pot hole and end up getting a puncture so i had to call for help as me and my daughter where stuck in the dark.Reported
4443024 Jan 201117609Hawthorn RoadAt least two deep pot holes causing drivers to swerve into oncoming traffic.Reported
385704 Aug 2010Haven HillpotholesReported
12220421 Jan 2016Havelock streetBig pothole on a road next to a university where there is frequent traffic. Havelock street in canterbury, just off north holmes road.Reported
13626310 Feb 2017Havelock StreetLarge Pothole in RoadReported
6993417 Jul 201218106116HAVELOCK ROAD DARTFORD, KENTThere is a large pot hole the the middle of the road which has been marked with a yellow marker around 500mm X 500mm by 100mm deep. The other area is were the tarmac has brocken away along the road t…Reported
1054828 Jan 2008Haste hill roadlong deep pot holeReported

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