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IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
9871922 Feb 2014Clayponds roadA series of potholes in a short space. All of them very big. There must be 5-7.Reported
10464325 May 2014Bedfont RoadAbout a 2 inch deep potholeReported
96052 Jan 2008absoultely disgraceful 'repair' after sewage/water main works, made wose by fact that streetlights not workingReported
1114643 Feb 2015Chiswick High RoadAn iron manhole is surrounded by an area of asphalt which is breaking up, leaving a gap of some inches on two sides of the iron manhole frame. The frame is struck by most vehicles which pass; it rock…Reported
12034526 Nov 2015Another dangerous hole - no lighting, dangerous for cars and cyclists. Pedestrians / dog walkers often in road Reported
1131543 Mar 2015Approximately 12 potholes of various sizes located along Princes RoadReported
10070413 Mar 2014Riverdale RoadAsphalt surface to road has peeled off concrete base in many areas, leaving very uneven road surface. Very hazardous to cyclists. Asphalt surface very likely too thin in the first place.Reported
12680226 Mar 2016at the front edge of the speed humpReported
4811117 Feb 201158824Green LnAt the junction very bad road surface, tarmac is crambling away, as result pothole been born.Reported
1099149 Jan 2015Bedfont RoadBadly sunken drain with tarmac missing all around it.Reported
392767 Sep 2010Feltham High StreetBadly sunken manhole cover - has been reported a few times before, which seems to have resulted in all drain and manhole covers nearby being renewed/reinstated, but this one keeps getting missedReported
3517518 Apr 2010Whitton DeneBasically, the whole road is a hazard. It lies on the border between two local authorities, Hounslow and Richmond Upon Thames. Neither of which seem capable of sorting out the potholes. Some of these…Reported
661164 Apr 201266977Chertsey RoadBefore traffic lights Sawyer's Arm pub, there is a remodelled section of the road with a traffic island. Road appears to have been widened at some point to make way for the island, and as such there'…In progress
11902221 Sep 2015Between the 2 Hazard cones is a large area of road which is very badly damaged with large shallow potholes. Reported
2205329 Jul 2009Staines Rdbicycle box missing, cyclist are unable to cross safely junction when attempting to cycle forward (east bound). Existing remains of bicycle box cause danger for cyclist due to vehicles turning left…In progress
1869517 Mar 2009faggs roadBig opening up of road around man hole cover. Dangerous for cycling.Reported
12473125 Feb 2016Big pothole getting bigger!!Reported
2907111 Feb 2010HE0730Staines RoadBig pothole in dangerous location for cyclistsIn progress
1132364 Mar 2015Big potholes in road surface by vehicle entrance to Geodis\nReported
2298930 Sep 2009Syon LaneBroken Drain cover on the corner of Syon lane and Stags Way. Drain is effectively uncoverd. (has got worse since photo taken earlier)In progress
1022455 Apr 2014Broken kerb sticking out of the road, near miss on my bike 2 days ago. This is due to the buses on this roadReported
1513824 Sep 2008hounlsow rdBroken manholeReported
2205429 Jul 2009staines rdbroken metal objectIn progress
9428912 Jan 201414027751Broken road surface and lots loose gravel kicking up against parked cars. Reported
971859 Feb 2014Broken road surface loose gravel hitting parked cars on this busy road Reported
971849 Feb 2014Broken road surface with loose gravel spraying up against parked carsReported
3232412 Mar 2010Great West Road heading east (A4)Broken seal on the edge of mancover has degraded and weathered to form a deep hole, to the point of being damaging to cars and cyclists.Reported
625424 Jan 201265683Crumbling manholeReported
4243910 Jan 2011london borough of hounslowSouth Streetcrumbling tarmac, engulfing big manholeReported
171538 Feb 2009Grove Rd A315Dangerous matal cover for two wheelers, espacially in winter condtitions. Luckily voided collision with the lorry . Photo has been taken as prove when inspection carried outReported

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