76 hazards found, displaying on 3 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
2517018 Jan 2010number of deep potholesFixed
461805 Feb 2011Multiple potholes in the road on the bend close to the junction of West End Road (A4180) and Beechwood Avenue - these potholes are difficult to negotiate in traffic with parked cars on the LHS and do…Fixed
498801 Mar 2011Drain is 2-4 inches lower than road Fixed
499842 Mar 2011Large pothole in the middle of the road outside costas coffee Ruislip high street. Fixed
504745 Mar 2011Bad Fixed
5358131 Mar 2011Large potholeFixed
5502415 Apr 2011PotholeFixed
6809418 May 2012Pothole Fixed
6827022 May 2012Pothole around uneven drainFixed
6834524 May 2012Hole in middle of road. At least 3 inches deep Fixed
6971211 Jul 2012Pot hole reported 24 may still there and getting deeper marked with white about 3weeks ago but still not repaired!!!! Fixed
731661 Dec 2012Left side of road has gone in and unevn surface due to poor surfacing Fixed
750574 Jan 2013Deep hole on 3 sides of manhole coverFixed
8544723 Apr 2013Pothole arising from previous road worksFixed
9284123 Dec 2013Number of potholes and ruts about 1foot in length in the bus lane which have subsided into the ground causing a uneven crater & surface for vehicles which are having to to slow down or go around them.Fixed
11546119 Apr 2015pothole in recent resurfaced roadFixed
11902121 Sep 2015Large pothole about a foot deep and getting worse due to heavy trafficFixed
11907323 Sep 2015Manhole cover's surrounding cement/Tarmac is worn away very badly needs to be repaired promptly. Fixed
1204862 Dec 2015Uneven manhole, dangerous. Try to keep the side of the road and avoid cars hitting you.Fixed
13087426 Jun 2016Massive pothole right down to bottom layer of road surface in a roadworks trench across carriagewayFixed
885967 Jul 2013PotholeRejected
6021 Feb 2007A3044 Stanwell Moor RoadA manhole cover on the cycle path has disintegrated leaving a huge hole. Also, nearby building works are leaving the road and cycle path covered in slippery mud. The road gets cleaned, the path doe…Fixed
1053428 Jan 2008Austins Lane2 drain covers missing in Austins Lane, Ickenham, MiddlesexFixed
9119024 Oct 2013B3378Small pothole that I logged this summer has never been fixed by the council. Since the rain that we have had it is now huge. Located right outside of the entance of Saints Lorry ParkFixed
9457015 Jan 2014Bath A4Repaired section of road has been routed out again by traffic and wet weatherFixed
2418115 Dec 2009Bath Roaddrain cover slightly sunken and tarmac surround all broken away.Fixed
284365 Feb 2010Bath RoadThis small section of road is like a patchwork quilt. The whole area really needs re-surfacing. Potholes are everywhere and it is a nightmare to cycle down here trying to dodge both the potholes an…Fixed
3901025 Aug 2010Bath RoadFull width of road floods badly whenever there is rain, even if it's not that much rain. It is very dangerous as its a busy fast road with HGV's and cyclists have difficulty passing as evening the p…Fixed
4285214 Jan 2011Bath Roadtarmac surrounding manhole cover has been compeletly worn away.Fixed
4454525 Jan 2011Bath RoadMultiple pot holes on the enterance of both the hotel on the left hand side and also the gym on the right hand side of the road.Fixed

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