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IDAddedsort iconHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
6021 Feb 2007A3044 Stanwell Moor RoadA manhole cover on the cycle path has disintegrated leaving a huge hole. Also, nearby building works are leaving the road and cycle path covered in slippery mud. The road gets cleaned, the path doe…Fixed
6981 Feb 2007Yeading LaneRoad has been resurfaced but drain has been left in its sunken state.Fixed
397811 Mar 2007Meadow WaySeveral hollows between Field End Road and Deane WayFixed
514430 Mar 2007West End RoadArea surrounding drain broken up and missingFixed
552911 Apr 2007Colham Green RoadBadly damaged road surface surrounding gully/manhole coverFixed
563316 Apr 2007Pield Heath RoadSunken gully which forces cyclists further out into the road where space is already restricted by a traffic islandFixed
778225 Jul 2007Pield Heath RoadRoad surface badly damaged around GulleyFixed
784530 Jul 2007Pield Heath RoadPothole situated Adj. to a gulley between Double yellow linesFixed
859224 Sep 2007Royal Laneirregular shaped potholeFixed
859324 Sep 2007Royal LanePothole with road surface broken up around GulleyFixed
96646 Jan 2008TFL - LTCCpolsih war memorial round about4 pot holes have been filled by workforce but damage has re appeared and very lose gravel coming from the hole, its on round about so very dangours for motorbikesFixed
97199 Jan 2008The ChasePotholeFixed
1053428 Jan 2008Austins Lane2 drain covers missing in Austins Lane, Ickenham, MiddlesexFixed
1549126 Oct 2008SM033953/24Western AvenueOn an in tandem cyclepath and footath: cast iron vehilce barrier pole snapped off approximately 150mm high by 200m dia. on the centre dividing line between the two prescribed lane usesFixed
1738312 Feb 2009Glebe AvenueHole in road that is dangerous to cyclists.Fixed
1851011 Mar 2009Royal LaneHole in road hazardous to cyclistsFixed
192425 Apr 2009Bedfont RoadEntrancies for heavy goods vehicals. there are lots of ruts/gullys running across the road where sections of the road surface have been laid. There are cracks near the kerb on both sides of the road…Fixed
2326622 Oct 2009Joel StreetA deep crack in the road surface extending from the kerb outwards by about a metre and a half - just where cyclists are ridingFixed
2418115 Dec 2009Bath Roaddrain cover slightly sunken and tarmac surround all broken away.Fixed
2501416 Jan 2010Station Roadprevious road repair failingFixed
2517018 Jan 2010number of deep potholesFixed
284365 Feb 2010Bath RoadThis small section of road is like a patchwork quilt. The whole area really needs re-surfacing. Potholes are everywhere and it is a nightmare to cycle down here trying to dodge both the potholes an…Fixed
3328726 Mar 2010Green LanePot hole in road in a location where a cyclists would ride and just after a junction so concentration is on other vehicles and not the road surface.Fixed
3901025 Aug 2010Bath RoadFull width of road floods badly whenever there is rain, even if it's not that much rain. It is very dangerous as its a busy fast road with HGV's and cyclists have difficulty passing as evening the p…Fixed
399456 Oct 2010St John's RoadNew Pothole where a previous one had been covered over. (Appeared in end of September)Fixed
4029320 Oct 2010Eastcote RoadA large, deep pothole and area of broken road, which forces cyclists out into the middle of the roadFixed
4285214 Jan 2011Bath Roadtarmac surrounding manhole cover has been compeletly worn away.Fixed
4454525 Jan 2011Bath RoadMultiple pot holes on the enterance of both the hotel on the left hand side and also the gym on the right hand side of the road.Fixed
461805 Feb 2011Multiple potholes in the road on the bend close to the junction of West End Road (A4180) and Beechwood Avenue - these potholes are difficult to negotiate in traffic with parked cars on the LHS and do…Fixed
4858421 Feb 2011Cycle Path on A40 EastboundSunken channel going right across the shared cycle and footpath.This hazard was marked with white paint over six months ago but has never been repaired.Fixed

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