3,080 hazards found, displaying on 103 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
14417616 Nov 2017pothole, very hard to avoidReported
14413213 Nov 2017street lamp defective between 166 and 164 thistle grove Reported
14409912 Nov 2017Eastmoor ParkTwo potholes on either side of road, one now very deep and dangerousReported
1440468 Nov 2017M25 J24Brutal pothole at the exit of the slip road for J24 going clockwise.Reported
1440205 Nov 2017Roebuck gatePothole opening up at heavily used junctionReported
14393026 Oct 2017loads of debris on roadReported
14392525 Oct 2017multiple holesReported
14392425 Oct 2017multiple holesReported
14385820 Oct 2017Roundabout near Potters Bar & Enfield off the M25 London OrbitalThere is a pothole as you enter the roundabout from the M25 London Orbital as indicated on the map below. It is quite deep and caused quite a bit of tyre damage to my mother's car.Reported
14384419 Oct 2017Camp RoadA large, square and deep pothole immediately after a speed bumpReported
1436925 Oct 2017existing road crossing for pedestrians is now dangerous and difficult to cross due to the increased traffic going into the newly developed industrial estate housing wickes and Travis Perkins. This p…Reported
1436532 Oct 2017Newgate StreetDeep Potholes and generally very poor road conditions.Reported
14350422 Sep 2017Station WayLarge and deep pothole on roadway used as the main thoroughfare into St Albans City Station. Herts Highways to whom I have reported this claim they cannot fix as it is not their land.Reported
14350022 Sep 2017Pothole around carriageway box cover. The vertical edge of the box is exposed and is very hazardous for cyclists who use this quiet lane frequently Reported
14345820 Sep 2017Large pothole on edge of carriageway very dangerous for cyclists\nReported
14345720 Sep 2017Brocket RoadDeep pothole. Very dangerous to cyclists and cars.Reported
14345319 Sep 2017In addition to the pothole that I reported in early August, that still has to be fixed, there is now a rut in the road approximately six feet away. The rut varies in depth but is probably 6\" at its …Reported
14342717 Sep 2017Couple of oblong holesReported
14342617 Sep 20171m2 holeReported
14340816 Sep 2017Pothole starting to sink significantly, people now have to drive round it on otherwise of the road to avoid damage to vehicles, very dangerous for cyclists!Reported
14334814 Sep 2017Pothole caused by building workReported
14327010 Sep 2017Large (approx 1metre diameter)and very deep (approx 10cm) pothole. This extends the full depth of the tarmac and into the base hardcore below. Reported
1432609 Sep 2017HUGE pothole near ironworks. Bad bad hazard. Reported
14303926 Aug 2017Leighton Buzzard RoadLarge dangerous pothole right by the single track bridge on the Leighton buzzard rd at Water End.Reported
14302925 Aug 2017Multiple lights out on Darrs lane making it dark and potentially unsafe to walk.Reported
14300123 Aug 2017Shepherds WayA number of potholesReported
14300023 Aug 2017A1000A lot of potholes close together where you have to drive very carefully to avoid them. This has been reported a number of timesReported
14299923 Aug 2017shepherds wayPotholes, Sunken manhole cover,Reported
14298622 Aug 2017Maxted road. Hemel HempsteadThe whole road consists of potholes next to each other. It's dangerous to both cyclists and cars! Some of the potholes and very deep and long.Reported
14296922 Aug 2017Multiple pot holes large enough to damage car tyres and while bicycle wheelsReported

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