3,032 hazards found, displaying on 102 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
14169021 Jun 2017Road deteriorated on corner and slowing point prior to junctionReported
14166320 Jun 2017Large pot holes across two lanes, very dangerous for motorcycle'sReported
14156216 Jun 2017Hole to the side of 3 manhole coversReported
14148513 Jun 2017Two adjacent potholes Reported
14147413 Jun 2017Chalfont RoadBroken road, almost unrideable. REPORTED SEVERAL TIMES.Reported
14147313 Jun 2017Chalfont RoadA mass of potholes, in fact hardly any road left. You have resurfaced a long stretch of road, and at the end of this section the road has simply failed... and needs repairing. THIS HAS BEEN REPORT…Reported
14140211 Jun 2017Harpers LanePot Holes at Harpers Lane Radlett (near bridge to Watling St)Reported
1412574 Jun 2017Multiple potholes across width of laneReported
14109829 May 2017Bragmans LaneDeep pothole with metal cover sticking out of it.Reported
14108328 May 2017B157Huge very deep holeReported
14108028 May 2017Pothole in the middle do the road Reported
14107928 May 2017Pothole in the carriageway which is very deep\nReported
14105327 May 2017Drain is filled with the slap and dash resurface and now blocked and broken up around/sinking. When rain fall comes water now collects in parking area where drains are further blocked and spills over…Reported
14103626 May 2017multiple pot holes and poor repairs cycle hazardReported
14100725 May 2017Why not actually fix it before you shove more slap and dash on top. Appalling use of funding and people hard earned contributionReported
14100625 May 2017Surface dressing with ruts and failed sections present after 2 weeks. The surface dressing policy is poor at best but being laid to poor standard/finish tooReported
14100525 May 2017Surface dressing on darts lane and shooters way already breaking up and laid to substandard finishReported
14100425 May 2017Surface dressing already breaking up after less than 2 weeksReported
14090323 May 2017Our weather affects the roads! No probably the micro layer of tarmac used...Reported
14090223 May 2017Repaired twice by throwing tarmac at cruising speed then driven over a few times or this is how it looks\n\nDo the highways team not review their contractors work!Reported
14090123 May 2017Half arse both times!Reported
14090023 May 2017Potholes like the rest of BerkhamstedReported
14089923 May 2017Highways agency are blind as they repair parts and ignore the restReported
14089823 May 2017Road deterioratingReported
14089723 May 2017Rut and holes getting worseReported
14089623 May 2017Poor road surface getting worse all along Charles st and ignored by highways agencyReported
14089523 May 20172 potholes in main drive area and deteriorating week on week as usualReported
14084722 May 2017Balmoral RdThe top part of Balmoral Rd in very poor condition with potholes and uneven surface, particularly where road humps are !Reported
14083222 May 2017Cross roads of A1000 and George's Wood road/opposite Kentish LaneA number of deep Potholes along a small stretch of road and Unevenness due to ruts/gullies.Reported
14082322 May 2017Pothole on the exit of the corner at the bottom of the hill through ClothallReported

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