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IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
5235420 Mar 2011High St, N8 (A504)large deep potholeReported
3249515 Mar 2010Higham RoadRoad surface layer has broken up, plenty of (mostly shallow but wide) potholes and a liberal covering of gravel.Reported
37278 Mar 2007Highgate High StTrenchworks across road are badly rutted - particularly in the zone used by northbound cyclistsReported
14094124 May 2017Hillside Road, N15Pothole. Stones under road surface exposed and being scattered over road.Reported
2985120 Feb 2010Holmdale TerraceTop surface has come off, lotts of holes in roadReported
115113 Mar 2008holmesdale road, N6very dangerous pothole, needs URGENT attentionReported
281172 Feb 2010Hornsey High Street N8PotholeReported
1750514 Feb 2009Hornsey Lanehole near the curb just before a road hump also badly damagedReported
8178112 Mar 2013Hornsey laneA number of holes and rough uneven surface around 2 sleeping policemen, has been like that for over a year, maybe longer, I noticed it was worse after bad weather. It's bad going over it in a car, i…Reported
38089 Mar 2007Inderwick RoadA couple of potholes in roadReported
60792 May 2007Inderwick RoadSeries of Potholes running for about 50 yardsReported
14151515 Jun 2017Jarrow ROadA Deep pothole in the middle of the roadReported
6926524 Jun 2012jnc creighton and white hart lanePotholes and sunken manholes and drainsReported
3577528 Apr 2010Junction of Cranley Gardens / Wood LaneSpeed Bump placed at end of road which has not been leveled at the start or endReported
3577028 Apr 2010Junction of Rookfield Ave / Etheldene AveLarge collection of potholes and sunken ground all combinedReported
540935 Apr 2011Kitchener RoadMultiple holes in the road surface in front of 56 Kitchener Road, N17 6DXReported
8170311 Mar 2013CONFIRM 80923Lanchester roadLarge pothole, which has debris ever time someone rides over it, which damages cars parked opposite.Reported
341386 Apr 2010Lansdowne Road N17Large pothole in LansReported
860352 May 2013Lawrence RoadTwo potholes have appeared close together in this worn bit of roadReported
6689125 Apr 2012Lawrence Road N15The road surface has been worn away by wear and weather exposing stones the size of large gravel coming loose.Reported
874913 Jun 201382587Linzee RoadDeep - 6+cm pothole in roadReported
1376336 Mar 2017Lordship LaneLarge crater hole.Reported
2066915 May 2009Lorship Lane, N22very dangerous pothole in the kerb - has been marked up for repair but not been repaired, please fix ASAPReported
11457128 Mar 2015markfield roadNumerous holes as tarmac breaking up. Needs complete resurfacing. Drains works reinstatement has not helped damage by heavy hgv traffic. Holes and cracks now bad enough to damage bicycle tyres. Markf…Reported
12360510 Feb 2016Markfield RoadMarkfield Road, London N15 has potholes along its entire length. I have reported this to Haringey Council several time over the past 18 months and they have yet to repair a single one. This road is T…Reported
132308 May 2008Marriott Road3 Pot holes in a area of 3sq meters. A real danger to cyclists, motorcyles and can cause damage to vehicles.Reported
11518912 Apr 2015maryland roadlarge potholeReported
8310624 Mar 2013CONFIRM 81237maryland road N22multiple pot holesReported
6934727 Jun 2012Mayes RoadIn the left hand lane as you approach the roundabout, there is a really uneven road surface - it's like a series of small potholes mixed with lots of thin cracks or gullies. It covers most of that le…Reported
6934827 Jun 2012Mayes RoadThere's a line / rut / gully stretching right from the kerb out into the middle of the lane. It's at its widest and deepest about a foot from the kerb (ie exactly where you are naturally riding as …Reported

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