555 hazards found, displaying on 19 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatussort icon
4730213 Feb 2011Large pothole often filled with water now. Outside Granville Court going down Granville Road. Reported
4785016 Feb 2011Very Dangerous pothole about 4 inches deep spanning half the roadReported
4819718 Feb 2011Pothole. On a downhill, so very dangerous for cyclists. Needs urgent attention. Reported
4836020 Feb 2011PotholeReported
4877623 Feb 2011Milton Road1 Large pothole and resulting debris spread across the road.Reported
4972328 Feb 2011Pothole badly finished road works and heavy lorriesReported
499602 Mar 2011It´s deep and makes car to turn to left or right on the narrow road. Reported
5109810 Mar 2011Sunken gas utility cover in the footpathReported
5112311 Mar 2011Pothole very deep and dangerous. Reported
5193117 Mar 2011PotholeReported
5213319 Mar 2011Hole and small rocks on roadReported
5235420 Mar 2011High St, N8 (A504)large deep potholeReported
5255322 Mar 2011Tottenham High RoadHuge pothole around manhole cover by the old Swan pub on Tottenham High Road southbound (bus lane).Reported
5334828 Mar 2011Two circular pot holes, within a few feet of each other. Both approx 6 inches from northbound kerb. Very deep.Reported
5337629 Mar 2011Pothole outside 231 Wightman Rd, N4Reported
5341829 Mar 2011Grosvenor RoadRut has formed in the centre of the road where the carriageways joinReported
540935 Apr 2011Kitchener RoadMultiple holes in the road surface in front of 56 Kitchener Road, N17 6DXReported
5486813 Apr 2011No repaired since winter, large hole and constant debris Reported
5498514 Apr 2011There is a dip in the road crest on its south end. As this is a road that three bus routes go down it is getting worse by the day. My house is rattling when buses pass by especially in the evening wh…Reported
5515417 Apr 2011Pothole at bishopReported
564939 May 2011weston park rdcircular potholeReported
5650110 May 2011Green Lanessunken area with pothole insideReported
5656012 May 2011green lanestwo potholes approximately 20m apart the 1st of which has a piece of pipe protruding from the baseReported
5684722 May 2011The road is badly cracked for a good 100 metres ahead of this traffic island forcing cyclists into the middle of the carriageway.Reported
571713 Jun 2011Coppetts RoadSerious i.e. could cause and accident and injury. Encouraging people to cycle under such conditions is irresponsible and especially for new cyclists.Reported
573379 Jun 2011Phillip LaneA number of uneven surfaces and potholes on the route along Phillip lane heading west noted when I clyce that route every day.Reported
573409 Jun 2011Florence RoadSunken drain (blew out my front tire today)Reported
5765920 Jun 2011Tottenham High RdContinuous run of potholes. Right where cyclists need to be and very dangerous to try to avoid, also dangerous if you get a cycle wheel caught in it.Reported
5766120 Jun 2011At mini Roundabout Where Creighton Road becomes White Hart LaneBadly pitted and potholed RoadReported
5766220 Jun 2011Rowland Hill AveRut across most of the roadReported

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