Hammersmith and Fulham

45 hazards found, displaying on 2 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1039278 May 2014Road breaking up adjacent to man hole, about two thirds over the bridge heading towards Fulham.Fixed
9818018 Feb 2014Wood LaneThe tarmac around the manhole has eroded away severely over the past couple weeks leaving an extremely large and dangerous hole around the cover. This area also gets flooded in water when it has be…Fixed
9510320 Jan 2014Deep rut next to manhole cover.Fixed
8824624 Jun 2013This one is quite bad as its the exit to Kensington village where big vans come out of there's a large dip which mostly clips the back of cars there going to be a bad accident one dayFixed
8824524 Jun 2013There's a dip in the road which makes cars swerve around it Fixed
8306423 Mar 2013Deep Pothole at join of old repairsFixed
8262119 Mar 2013New Kings Roadexcavation around a set of manhole covers left unfilled and not cones/warning/barriers. Cut edges of trencgh are exposed. Previously Chris Bainbridge had said this was BT's responsibility after roa…Fixed
6125711 Nov 2011Deep dangerous pothole that fills with water and leaves. Reported before but still no fix. Fixed
6125511 Nov 2011This pothole has, at least twice, been marked with white paint for repair but the paint is just allowed to wear away and it is not actually fixed. Fixed
6090925 Oct 20115200046Deep pothole c20cm from poor drain repair. Fills with water/leaves so becomes invisible. Highly dangerous. Previously reported. Still not repaired after many months. Are H&F the WORST borough for l…Fixed
6021019 Sep 2011Large hole sunken into road after roadworks. Terrible for cyclists.Fixed
599345 Sep 2011Pothole on cyclepath on greenFixed
5938715 Aug 2011Shepherds Bush GreenFlooded cycle path (Burst water main?) on Shepherds Bush Green South West Corner. Path has deteriorated significantly. Water is unpleasant and dangerous (freezes in Winter) - this has been unrepai…Fixed
5874825 Jul 2011Hammersmith RoadLarge recess in road along one side of a manhole.Fixed
5803530 Jun 2011Trussley RoadTwo potholes that you could fit a football in.Fixed
413579 Dec 2010Wood LaneSunken hole and sharp lip, due to poorly filled road works.Fixed
406245 Nov 2010Scrubs LaneSide of manhole cover has sunken leaving a wide, long hole running parallel to the cycle lane, but is also on a bend making it potentially extremely dangerous for cyclists going down the hill. Eve…Fixed
3490415 Apr 2010Shephers Bush Green (South Side)Major hole in road surface around inspection coverFixed
3374231 Mar 2010#33742Fulham RdPothole 4 inches deep with a steep side. It was filled with water and looked like a harmless puddle. I WAS THROWN OFF MY BIKE, WHICH WAS DAMAGED, AND TAKEN TO HOSPITAL BY AMBULANCEFixed
3289421 Mar 2010Sheppherds bush roadThe road surface has broken around a manholeFixed
3034725 Feb 2010Bath RoadLarge gap has appeared around a manhole coverFixed
2521618 Jan 2010Wood LaneVery large pothole has appeared in the middle of the second lane. Extremely dangerous to all road users!!Fixed
2489115 Jan 2010Bloemfontein Roadpothole has appeared in the middle of the northbound lane. Has a lot of loose material in it.Fixed
2488415 Jan 2010Bath RoadPothole has appeared in the left lane next to the traffic lights where the road has been repaired. Is far enough from kerb to be a hazard to cyclists.Fixed
2141417 Jun 2009Wood LaneThe fix for pothole 16921 has failed and a hole started to redelop. Heavy buses appear to have squeezed the ashphalt out the hole.Fixed
1781119 Feb 2009hammersmith gyratorydeep rut in roadFixed
170796 Feb 2009Wood LaneRoad around manhole eroded creating hazard for cyclists. Lonf thin potholes round the edge of the manhole.Fixed
170786 Feb 2009South Afric RoadPothole in cycle wayFixed
1692130 Jan 2009Wood LanePotholeFixed
163397 Jan 2009addison gardenspothole growing on railway bridgeFixed

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