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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
3468013 Apr 2010Lechlade to QueningtonNumber of potholes leading to large area of failing road surface on entry / exit to sharp bend.Fixed
3468113 Apr 2010Old Salt Way (Quenington to Lechlade)Two or three large potholes on edge of road. One appears to have underlying hard-core exposed.Fixed
3468313 Apr 2010A417Two manhole covers east bound A417, tarmac surrounding ironwork missing. start to forming a 4" trench on the leading edge of both. Insufficient clearance to ride to LHS of either manhole cover, cyc…Fixed
3488014 Apr 2010Bath RoadSlot/serious gap to the rhs of drain/manhole just before the offset traffic lights Bath Road/ Montpellier Terrace/Sandford Road as you head downhill into town. This is a lethal slot for cyclists and…Fixed
3529620 Apr 2010Badgeworth LanePreviously repaired surface has deteriorated leaving several potholes in a row, including one particularly deep one.Fixed
361058 May 2010DraycottLoose chippings on road surface as a result of frost damage - still not swept up. Cyclists risk being knocked off by cycling through it.Fixed
361068 May 2010DraycottPothole by curve that has been partially, but not completely, filled.Fixed
3625313 May 2010Fowler's Hill, QueningtonPothole on narrow section of unclassified road. Hard core layer appears to be exposed.Fixed
3686231 May 2010SpringhillNumerous potholesFixed
3686431 May 2010A38Numerous patches of tarmac surface missingFixed
370364 Jun 2010Cashes Green RoadVery poor surface very uneven for about 15-20 metres in length mostly in the middle of the road but still could be a hazard to cyclistsFixed
3760022 Jun 2010Saltway (Lechlade to Quenington)Large pothole, sub-surface/hard core exposed.Fixed
3760122 Jun 2010Ampney St. Peter to QueningtonPotholeFixed
3808713 Jul 2010Unnamed lane between Downton Road and Bath Road.Range of potholes and broken road surface.Fixed
3825121 Jul 2010Saltway (Lechlade to Quenington)Two large potholes 100 yards or so before Stanford Hall in the wooded section. LHS of road heading towards Quenington. One roughly circular, one elliptical.Fixed
3830423 Jul 2010Robert Burns AvenueA rut in the road at a 90 degree angle to the pavement .Fixed
4016613 Oct 2010Hewlett Road6" deep hole adjacent to storm drain (and street lamp on pavement). there has been recent repairs before and after site but not here, so now deteriorating!Fixed
4016813 Oct 2010St Johns Ave/Sherborne Place JctnA 9" wide cut into the road has been infilled: Originally a repair to something under the tarmac. Due to traffic and poor repair, there is an increasingly dangerous gap opening up in the road due …Fixed
4017313 Oct 2010Gloucester Road (B4633)deep pothole near roundabout outside cheltenham spa station.Fixed
4020615 Oct 2010Fairview RoadProblem with a loose manhole due to the deterioration of its surrounding tarmac, resulting in a straight metal drain edge being exposed to cycle traffic.Fixed
405322 Nov 2010A417Missing drain cover.Fixed
4083012 Nov 2010Cycle track along Metz WayLarge mass of leaves across cycle route which are slippery in wet or icy conditons and pose a hazard to cyclists.Fixed
4111122 Nov 2010Lechlade to QueningtonPothole - large and deep enough to nearly throw me from the bike.Fixed
4111222 Nov 2010Lechlade to QueningtonRoad surface distintegrating / forming potholes. Now reached the stage where failing areas are large enough to endanger cyclists.Fixed
418704 Jan 2011Lechlade to Quenington (saltway)Ruts forming potholes and previously patched potholes failingFixed
4386720 Jan 2011As8A stretch of road that has an almost continuous seam of potholes. They have been evident for over a month but have got worse in the last week. Extremely dangerous for motorcycles. I have seen at lea…Fixed
4440724 Jan 2011Surface failing around man hole on approach to traffic lights. Fixed
4441124 Jan 2011Gully opened up next to drain cover. Fixed
4488727 Jan 2011Bath road (corner of Montpelier terrace)Pothole/eroded road surface. Adjacent to drain/ironworksFixed
4508528 Jan 2011Kingsditch LaneA pothole right where cyclists ride, causing the need to serve into traffic to avoid itFixed

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