895 hazards found, displaying on 30 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
279781 Feb 2010Patching Hall LaneNarrow pothole at Rt. Angle to kerb,handly placed to cause max. danger to cyclists.Fixed
2926214 Feb 2010THE KNARESMultitude of potholes , vehicles trying to dodge round them making it dangerous to on coming trafficFixed
1022795 Apr 2014Multiple ruts and Pothole due to wear and tear of road and prior repairs that caused failures Fixed
83947 Sep 2007B1057Multiple potholes, stretching across most of LHS as entering Cornish Hall EndFixed
7882810 Feb 2013Multiple potholes, road starting to break up over a half mile distance. All in excess of stated dimensions of a "pothole"Fixed
10171926 Mar 2014Dunton Road, Steeple View/LaindonMultiple potholes on Dunton Road between Kings Road and Sellars Farm. Some were fixed a few weeks ago but equally large ones were left, and one of the speed cushions is breaking up around the edge. …Fixed
1806225 Feb 2009Arnolds Farm RoadMultiple potholes on degraded stretch of carriageway. So many that frequent changes of line needed, which is a hazard for following traffic; and me!Fixed
561771 May 20111844119Ingatestone RoadMultiple potholes on country road on hill with bend on the climb. Cyclists must pull over to middle of carriage way to avoid them.Fixed
8451111 Apr 2013Billericay Road, Herongate TyeMultiple potholes on Billericay Road between green cemetery and junction with Blind LaneFixed
272827 Feb 2007Priests LaneMultiple potholes of varying sizes which are deterioratingFixed
1022825 Apr 20142319292Multiple Potholes due to wear and tear of roadFixed
11401517 Mar 2015Multiple potholesFixed
1022865 Apr 2014Multiple Pothole due to wear and tear of road. Worse as they are on the bend and parked cars mean they are hard to avoid Fixed
1022785 Apr 20142319327Multiple Pothole due to wear and tear of roadFixed
9449114 Jan 2014UnknownMorley GroveMultiple pot holes exist on Morley Grove, some are in the centre of the road, others by the side of the road, however the width of the road menas that when someone parks you are forced to use more of…Fixed
1861915 Mar 2009Mowden Hall LaneMultiple large potholes on/near the bends in the roadFixed
2052311 May 2009Mildmay RoadMultiple holes, repairs and damage. Too many to list individually. Awkward to negotiate on a bike or in a car. Most are on the corner of a nasty junction.Fixed
1520229 Sep 20081818201Brickhouse RoadMuch of the edge of the Brickhouse Road has crumbled due to the heavy farm traffic. The result is that in place, 2 foot of the edge of an already narrow road (sometimes both sides of the road) is a …Fixed
11441425 Mar 2015More holesFixed
11401817 Mar 2015More cart track. Fixed
11372611 Mar 2015Corner of Rectory Lane and New StreetMissing surface water drain coverFixed
13208822 Aug 2016missing grate over drainFixed
420717 Jan 2011A414Missing covers to several surface water gullies.Fixed
360125 May 2010Subway under A1060 ParkwayMissing / displaced drain channel cover in subwayFixed
3015523 Feb 2010Nayland RoadMASSIVE pothole.Fixed
11294128 Feb 2015massive pothole, couple of hundred metres before junction with boxted straight roadFixed
10709829 Aug 2014Derwent RoadMassive pothole! really deep!Fixed
4912725 Feb 2011Massive pothole that made me crash!Fixed
13531526 Jan 2017Nayland RoadMany potholes, this section of road is getting into a poor state of repair.Fixed
10146722 Mar 2014Coach RoadMany potholes, some big.Fixed

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