895 hazards found, displaying on 30 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
28428 Jan 2007deep potholeFixed
169613 Feb 2007PotholeFixed
36168 Mar 2007Terrible potholes all over this junctionFixed
664624 May 2007Manhole cover missingFixed
830730 Aug 2007Large pot-holeFixed
1052828 Jan 2008Pothole at edge of manhole coverFixed
1065531 Jan 2008Road surface is breaking up, the edge of the road has been embanked and a puddle forms in wet weather which largely obscures the defective surfaceFixed
1373310 Jun 2008Very large very deep pothole. Hit this at speed and you're off to A & E and the bike is off to the nearest skip!!!!! Lethal.Fixed
202741 May 2009A rut in the road surface at the start of a short section of dual carriageway, serious enough to need avoiding it is at a place where vehicles are increasing speed. Too close to the kerb to go aroun…Fixed
3040325 Feb 201030403Large pothole adjacent to road drain. Very likely to bring a cyclist off at night as no street lighting.Fixed
3895121 Aug 2010Sunken drain forcing cyclists into trafficFixed
3957126 Sep 2010Pothole at junction of Hilltop and Hilltop Close. Resulting from poor initial repair.Fixed
397452 Oct 2010Sunken drain on eastboundFixed
407008 Nov 2010Big hole been getting bigger over the last few months. Fixed
4096916 Nov 2010Roadworks on abridge road, bridge strengthening caused traffic lights which are makin long queues along the abridge road. Fixed
456331 Feb 2011Deep pothole on the nearside of the inside lane just as one arrives at the roundabout (sausage shaped) on EastMayne southbound at the junction with Cricketers Way.. The pothole is deep enough to cau…Fixed
458802 Feb 2011Numerous potholes and bad joins in road repairs. The entire width of the street and over 10 feet in length ! Is big enough to cause wheel damage to cars ! The water you see in the photos is not su…Fixed
4912725 Feb 2011Massive pothole that made me crash!Fixed
4936627 Feb 20111758100Large pothole by manhole in the-middle of truncationFixed
500422 Mar 2011Since bad weatherFixed
500432 Mar 2011Caused by snow Fixed
500452 Mar 2011Caused by snowFixed
500462 Mar 2011Caused by snowFixed
500492 Mar 2011Deep potholes , several along Mercer RoadFixed
541095 Apr 2011Drain cover missing,exposed drain hole approx 3 ft deepFixed
590722 Aug 2011Manhole cover missing,npw covered with paving slab which is now brokenFixed
626226 Jan 2012Deep pothole opened up. Deep enough to cause a 'bang' on my car suspension. Dangerous for cyclists. Road to busy and to close to a junction to be able to stop and inspect it properly. Fixed
648606 Mar 2012Long thin pothole, very deep is making drivers swerve to avoid it which is dangerous as it is approaching a junction where the lanes split for the right hand filter lane. Fixed
6520712 Mar 20123 potholes in close proximity almost like a rut / gullyFixed
6585828 Mar 2012Very deep potholeFixed

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