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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
2539819 Jan 2010NetherexeLarge pothole at the junction of lanes.Fixed
2510817 Jan 201010319421b3195Three potholes roughly in the middle of the roadFixed
245495 Jan 201010315805Crossroads at Holsworthy Beacon ( No road names )Large pothole which has developed very quickly since the onset of the recent very cold weather. The surrounding road surface also appears to be starting to break up, but the pothole is particularly b…Fixed
2409810 Dec 2009Rydon Lane A3015Shared-use cycle path presents hazardous manoeuvre at road crossing. Width of path is restricted to 1 metre or less between grass bank and pole with crossing-request button. A 90 degree turn has to b…Rejected
2360318 Nov 2009NORT09305097un named road , from Petrockstowe to Buckland Fillieghdeep pothole, covered in waterFixed
2333629 Oct 2009A361 barnstaple to braunton roaddrain has sunken and there is a very deep pothole next to the drain cover where the surface has started to break up and is down to the base coarseUnpublished
2317915 Oct 20099299535Broad Street / The squareThe road joint in Broad Street has opened up, meaning that traffic entering the square has to cross through a chain of potholes. This is unpleasant for cyclists turning right (coming from Coles) and …Fixed
230617 Oct 20099298091Oil Mill LaneA sunken drain which has had water coming out of it all summer. Apart from the water hiding the depth of the drain the road has gone green and is slippery. It will be much worse in the winter.Fixed
230061 Oct 2009bridge over tamar at tamarstone/kingsmill.damage to bridge just below capping stones. Has broken out some stonework, doesn't look critical but guess winter wont help. Tractor?Rejected
2252629 Aug 20099292230No road nameA section of road surface is breaking up badly and rather deeply. This road is part of National Cycle Network No. 3 and being on a downhill section of road is a danger to cyclists and other road user…Fixed
2252529 Aug 20099292243No road name.A deep pothole that has developed quickly and is a danger to cyclists due to its positionFixed
221233 Aug 2009Holsworthy to Bradworthy RoadTwo potholes in close proximity, in a cyclists riding line and therefore considered dangerous should a cyclist accidentally ride into them or if they swerve round them on a fairly bust road.Fixed
221082 Aug 2009East 09287730Station roadVery large potholes covering the whole road, with ridges between. It is only just possible to walk past on the edge when there is water in the holes. Cars scrape on the ridges and cyclists will proba…Rejected
2178412 Jul 2009Exeter Roadpothole 30cmX30cmX10cm (deep)Fixed
2134212 Jun 2009A303Extremely poor road conditionFixed
211914 Jun 2009A 3072large pothole in area of subsidenceFixed
211793 Jun 2009A388 Holsworthy to Bideford ( No road name )A surface water grid is sinking and a deep pothole has developed on one edge of the grid surround.Fixed
2061713 May 2009RoystonA string of 8 potholesFixed
204488 May 2009A303Poor road condition! WatchRejected
204156 May 20099271740Hole where two tarmac surfaces join.Fixed
2023430 Apr 2009potholeFixed
2020830 Apr 20099270924Pynes HillVarious holes and ruts in the road where previous road works have deteriorated due to traffic wear and tear.Fixed
2012027 Apr 2009A303 trunk road (no local name)Very bad section of road surface with several areas of the road's 'top layer' completely missing, causing vehicles including cyclists to swerve into path of other trafficFixed
2003523 Apr 2009Old Rydon Lane, ExeterSettlement in centre of road outside exit from St Bridget Nursery, Old Rydon Lane, ExeterFixed
1996722 Apr 2009access road through County hall (unrestricted for cycles at all times)large potholeFixed
192053 Apr 2009DCC Highways Ref No 9267175No nameHuge pothole which is usually hidden by a puddle and hence very easy to ride into by mistake.Fixed
191773 Apr 2009DCC Highways Ref No 9267178metcombe hilllarge pothole in middle of section of road that has turned mostly to gravelFixed
1903731 Mar 200909266673Knoll knappPotholes all along road, very deepFixed
1894227 Mar 2009DCCSuccession of deep potholes on unclassified road Would cause loss of control especially in poor light or darkness as on a long shallow inclineFixed
1880521 Mar 20099264940No nameFour potholes - one very largeFixed

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