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IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
1115875 Feb 201531/1311940yiiyryFixed
203324 May 2009290103Worn out road. The continuation of Levens lane through Levens Village is totally worn out and full of potholes and cracks. The attached Photo shows one in the centre of the village.Fixed
212386 Jun 2009Yottenfews Lane U4044Worn out road surface - vibrations caused compenetry to be thrown from bicycleFixed
11426921 Mar 2015Whole section of road with broken down edges and numerous potholes. Poor drainage, running water and loose gravel and hardcore on the surface. This could be lethal for a cyclist descending the hill a…Fixed
3035825 Feb 2010390688burneside roadWhere there has been a very bad repair there is debris all over the roadFixed
1318096 Aug 2016water leak under roadFixed
1318106 Aug 2016water leakFixed
4325717 Jan 2011493219Mountbarrow roadWater filled pothole on nearside wheel line of traffic. Cannot be avoided if oncoming traffic.Fixed
567017 Apr 2007LowgateW2W sign missing at this corner (south). This is not an obvious turn and weary travellers risk becoming lost.Fixed
12114029 Dec 2015Very very deep pothole. A danger to all road users. There are also a number of other areas nearby where the surface has been removed by the poor weather. Fixed
1181829 Aug 2015Very very deep pothole along edge of roadside. It's a big danger to all vehicles, cyclists and motorcyclists. Fixed
8676317 May 2013A590Very substantial potholes and areas of uneaven road surfaceRejected
144621 Aug 2008214450A 6Very Rough surfaceFixed
44730 Jan 2007Burneside RoadVery poor road surface with numerous ruts and pot holes.Fixed
3572927 Apr 2010409986Swartle near Lanercost CumbriaVery poor road surface with numerous holes/depressions of varying depths. In addition, surface is broken and now consists of large(ish) sharp gravel.Fixed
4698110 Feb 2011Park RoadVery poor road surface under the trees between Milnthorpe and the bridge over the river Lune. The stretch of road affected is about 10 metres in length. It is dangerous on a bike as you are jolted ar…Fixed
892145 Aug 2013cyclewayvery overgrown cyclewayFixed
892155 Aug 2013CyclewayVery overgrown cyclewayFixed
1983719 Apr 2009285025Very large potholes which could easily cause serious damage to a bike or a crash, causing serious injuryFixed
1983619 Apr 2009285020very large pothole directly on road junctionFixed
1014723 Jan 2008very large pot hole in Rake Lane ulverston cumbria la129sq area..just across from the entrance to the Coppice..several other smaller holes also on this narrow road, making it hard to miss but lethal …Fixed
1014823 Jan 2008very large pot hole in Rake Lane ulverston cumbria la129sq area..just across from the entrance to the Coppice..several other smaller holes also on this narrow road, making it hard to miss but lethal …Invalid
11196211 Feb 2015Very deep pothole. Fixed
2905011 Feb 2010381900Road to Wetheral from ScotbyVery deep pothole with vertical edges. I wrecked my bicycle back wheel and nearly fell off. I know you are inundated with work after the bad weather, but this hole is exceptionally dangerous and wo…Fixed
8931510 Aug 2013B5292Very deep gravel washed down from the hill on the road on a bend.Fixed
720324 Jun 2007A593Very dangerously deteriorating road surface. It is on a fast descent and the only way to miss it is to use the wrong side of the road. I have seen a cyclist injured by falling at this point. I and…Fixed
359362 May 2010411819Unnamed on my map Natland to SedgwickVery dangerous hole beside collapsing gully. I noticed this over a week ago but didn't report it then as it was already marked with white paint. Today it was still not fixed even though your website …Fixed
2137214 Jun 2009Very bad surface, potholes & unevennessFixed
4312716 Jan 2011492917Not knownVarious small holes and generally poor standard of surface between top of Corby Castle hill and Cumwhitton road end- been bad for some time, by continuing to disintegrate after recent freezeFixed

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