676 hazards found, displaying on 23 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1650617 Jan 2009257484Hole in road on bend often obscured by flood waterFixed
1653619 Jan 2009257486A592Approximately 8 Potholes on road surface with 3 car lengths on the northbound side of the road towards BownessFixed
1653819 Jan 2009257485A592Large Pothole on kerbside edge oppsite entrance/exit to car park at Beech Hill Hotel, Large enough for a car wheel to drop fully into (up to tyre edge)Fixed
1661822 Jan 2009A595A square, deep hole near the road edge, where replacment tarmac has come out.Fixed
1736612 Feb 2009266477Appleby Road?Big wide pot holeFixed
1741712 Feb 2009268218Clarence RoadLarge pothole, series of potholes - I saw someone fall off their bike there todayFixed
1776518 Feb 2009268836Briary BankPothole on cycling line, major hazard especially in the dark. There is a similar hole developing approx 100 yards further up the hill same side of the road.Fixed
1782619 Feb 2009268841Windermere Rd StaveleyTarmac broken up by large telecom manhole resulting in dangerous edges that could cause a cyclist to crash. See Photo.Fixed
1782719 Feb 2009452360Mountjoy BrowBroken tarmac round a Telecom Manhole resulting in dangerous edges particularly dangerous for cyclists on this fast downhill. Avoiding it forces cyclists out into the path of cars. Hitting it could b…Fixed
1782819 Feb 2009268838Mountjoy Brow?Deep potholes on both sides of the road. Very dangerous as the road is narrow and you can be forced into them by an oncoming vehicle. see Photos.Fixed
1782919 Feb 2009268837A5074Lots of potholes, ruts and other dangerous surface faults. See Photos.Fixed
1792923 Feb 2009269014A683Massive raised surface that damaged fork and front wheel on Sunday. The hazard is so significant that I could not avoid it as a car was overtaking me and my cycling partners.Fixed
1807826 Feb 2009271506A5922 large potholesFixed
1807926 Feb 2009271514A592Several Potholes on the northbound side of the A592, these have been reported before and a team were out working on the road, but maybe not on this.Fixed
181561 Mar 2009271511unclassifiedPotholeFixed
181571 Mar 2009271504B5299Road surface damage including numerous dangerous potholes which are difficult to avoid due to blind summits.Fixed
183246 Mar 2009273322Parkside roadHuge potholes and sunken road for 200m.Fixed
192846 Apr 2009282655A6070 Burton-in-Kendal to CrooklandsA6070 north carriage on the Burton-in Kendal to Crooklands road starting from a point just north of the Clawthorpe Hotel to the junction to Holme approimately one mile. This section of road is full o…Fixed
194078 Apr 2009283133B5292 Whinlatter PassThanks for your work during March to improve the gully at the top of the steep section of the B5292 Whinlatter Pass (Lorton Side) just above Scawgill Bridge. Unfortunately this has resulted in water…Fixed
194289 Apr 2009283277Burneside to Bowston roadPot holes for about 50m just after the entrance into Burneside Station on the way to Staveley, the road has been filled (very badly) and the surface is breaking up again the road section needs replac…Fixed
194299 Apr 2009283274A6poor road surfaceFixed
194309 Apr 2009283275windermereRoad is littered with uneven surfaces after pete Bland Sport up to where Woolworths used to be terrible condition have been dismounted once!Fixed
194339 Apr 2009283276?Significant pothole plus several areas in close proximity require attention. Serious hazard to cyclistsFixed
1964715 Apr 2009284523A5084There are several potholes in varying depth, diameter on a stretch of road about 200m long immediately after the junction of the A5084 off the A5092. This is an atrocious stretch of road with severa…Fixed
1964815 Apr 2009284522Hawkshead Old RoadSeveral potholes on this particular stretch of road - too numerous to identify separately. Present significant hazard to cyclists.Fixed
1983619 Apr 2009285020very large pothole directly on road junctionFixed
1983719 Apr 2009285025Very large potholes which could easily cause serious damage to a bike or a crash, causing serious injuryFixed
1984719 Apr 2009285010Marsh Lane?Large pothole on cycling line, serious hazard at night and after rainwhen it fills with water.Fixed
1986620 Apr 2009416957A6070Multiple potholes where the wearing course has broken up leaving holes through to the base layer. These are close to the edge of the carriageway directly in the line used by most cyclists. This resul…Fixed
2016429 Apr 2009289049not knownpotholes in road again this has been reported 3 x by phone to the helpline but no actionFixed

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