117 hazards found, displaying on 4 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
8042 Feb 2007blowinghouse hillSeries of semi linked potholes several metres long about 1 metre out from the kerbFixed
10565 Feb 2007B3254Pothole in tarmac surface. From Liskeard direction it is just round a blind bend and forces cyclists out into the road.Fixed
30643 Mar 2007Penryn stDeep Potholes and uneven surfaceFixed
407712 Mar 2007Minor RoadRoad surface quickly deteriorating into a series of interlinked potholes. Soon they will become a super potholeFixed
432516 Mar 2007A390There are many, many potholes and very poor road surface which is doing untold damage to cars and cyclists, especially as it is the main part of the ring road -Fixed
432616 Mar 2007HighertownStill the road which was resurfaced once has been taken back down again and still nothing seems to be happening with raised manholes of about 6 inches or more and debris all around with traffic restr…Fixed
432716 Mar 2007HighertownStill the road which was resurfaced once has been taken back down again and still nothing seems to be happening with raised manholes of about 6 inches or more and debris all around with traffic restr…Fixed
508029 Mar 2007Kings Hill (A3073/A39)Deep pothole at road junctionFixed
510129 Mar 2007From Godolphin Cross to Balwest.There is a pothole developing on the left hand side of the road nearly opposite the lane to Carsluick.Fixed
561415 Apr 2007Ref 071583282 17/4/07 A374Branches from the tree in the island overhang the secondary riding position on the Torpoint-bound side of the road at cyclist head-heightFixed
642615 May 2007small pothole in center of laneFixed
645816 May 2007church roadtwo pot holes within 100 yards of each other near to kerbside. they've been there a long time and are getting biggerFixed
645916 May 2007west endlarge pothole near center of the roadFixed
716521 Jun 2007B3254Previously reported, repaired, now just as bad, pot holeFixed
74154 Jul 2007West StreetCollapsed road drain has left large hole. Very dangerous to walkers, horse riders and cyclists, especially during the hours of darknessFixed
829929 Aug 2007UnamedTarmac surface washed out.Fixed
977512 Jan 2008Station RoadDeep, sharp sided potholeFixed
1533911 Oct 2008B3274Hole on apex of corner, dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists alike.Fixed
1579724 Nov 2008N/aThis very poor section of broken up road and potholes appeared 12 months or so ago and is getting worse. Six months ago yellow paint was put round it and it looked like it would be fixed. Still there…Fixed
1599213 Dec 2008kernick road pwnryndeep holeFixed
162673 Jan 2009#16267Chyvelah RoadLarge rectangular pothole close to the side of the road. Dangerous hazard to cyclists. Difficult to see in the dark.Fixed
1685628 Jan 2009Chyvelah RoadPrevious hole patched (hazard ref 16267) now re-opened around edge. Also 2 further potholes opened near Victoria Inn.Fixed
1729311 Feb 200917293a3072surface drain cover lifted off (Storm?)Fixed
2024030 Apr 2009potholeFixed
2024130 Apr 2009small but forming pothole close but other side of road to earlier report.Fixed
217247 Jul 200921724pengover rd, liskeard cornwall, PL1412"x12", 2" deep hole 3 feet from edge on a bend , on the line that cyclists takeFixed
230071 Oct 2009b3252two small potholes on join of two surfacings on both carageways, both getting larger.Fixed
2310610 Oct 2009fuggoe croft carbis bay st iveswhole of road has either potholes or ruts as never been surfaced following building of housesRejected
239526 Dec 2009No nameWall has partially collapsed onto the road together with a tree stumpFixed
239536 Dec 2009No nameHuge chunks of hedge cuttings all over the road, some of which are 2.5cm in diameter and many of which are sharp. Hazard to cars, bikes and horsesFixed

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