117 hazards found, displaying on 4 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
2567721 Jan 2010CORNWALL COUNCILChyandour CliffPotholeFixed
288779 Feb 2010A39Probably the worst stretch of road I've ever had to drive in my life. Council is warning it is a 'temporary road surface' but with numerous potholes stretching from the junction from Crealy Great Adv…Fixed
2957517 Feb 2010A3058 in the direction towards St AustellVarious manhole covers - of which one appears to have sunk. Next to the bollards in the middle of the road. Causing drivers to swerve to the middle of the road and the bollards in order to avoid th…Fixed
2957617 Feb 2010Barton Lane. FraddonSide of this road has fallen away leaving a substantial camber towards the edge of the road. Extremely hazardous to cyclists travelling in the direction from Whitecross to Fraddon.Fixed
2957817 Feb 2010A3058 in the direction towards St AustellDropped manhole, on the Hawkins Motors side of the road towards to St Austell direction.Fixed
2957917 Feb 2010New Road, Fraddon (old A30)Pothole on the Hoopers Lorry side of the main roadRejected
2969118 Feb 2010New Road, Fraddon (old A30)Two areas of damage to the road surface -Fixed
2969218 Feb 2010A3058 in the direction of St StephenContinual flooding at side of road on a bend.Rejected
3001922 Feb 2010Barton Lane, FraddonSide of road has fallen away with pothole etc. Flooding (which regularly happens) masks and hides the hazard.Fixed
313563 Mar 2010Roundabout at the meeting of My Lords Road & New Road, FraddonVarious potholes and damage to road surface on and around mini roundabout outside St Margarets Nursing Home, FraddonFixed
3546122 Apr 2010Stamps Hill near Treviscoe, St Dennis, St Austell, Cornwall.Pothole/slipage of theroad surface, hole is at least 12" across.Fixed
3569426 Apr 2010Urban TerracePothole devloping quickly on this slope. I supect as cars brake towards the junction, it is likely to get bigger very quickly. Already has sharp edges and is in the road position a cyclist would useFixed
3752819 Jun 2010A30stone chippings glass and debris on road surface in cycle lanesFixed
3768524 Jun 2010B3315pothole 18" long, 12" wide and 2" deep. it put my son into A&E on Sunday 20th- he has sever lacerations to face, head, shoulder, legs, hands, and a broken arm. and this is on the so-called National…Unpublished
3841229 Jul 2010a39 main roadPotholesFixed
3841329 Jul 2010A39 main roadVarious potholesFixed
4006010 Oct 2010NancevallonPothole in middle of roadFixed
418814 Jan 2011a3058 between St Stephen and High StreetQuite a deep pothole has developed just by the manhole cover in the direction towards St Austell.Fixed
420256 Jan 2011Gwindra Road St StephenpotholeFixed
420266 Jan 2011a3058 at High StreetpotholeFixed
457531 Feb 2011Penventinnie lanemultiple potholes, road nealy totally destroyed by frost/waterFixed
464137 Feb 2011N/aIncredible amount of mud on this section of road. It's depth in the middle of the road is such that car bumpers are shaving the top of it off - it must be 30cm deep in places. It's very dangerous for…Fixed
506807 Mar 2011Chainwalk Drivelarge pothole with smaller ones nearbye. as the size exceeds the parameters laid down by the Council presumably this will be dealt with as a matter of urgency !Fixed
5177116 Mar 2011Road between Hersham Cross and StrattonPothole towards middle of country lane. getting larger each dayFixed
5261922 Mar 2011Unclassified road near Coswarth, MountjoySeveral areas of road surface completely deteriorated at various points on a hillFixed
562784 May 2011HAIL 13158469A30Excessive white line - cross hatching line thickness, ambiguous lane layout and road lane descriptionRejected
599335 Sep 2011a3058Gravel / grit from China Clay lorries has been strewn over the junction and has been for over a week.Rejected
6034626 Sep 2011a39 travelling southDip along the width of the A39 main road travelling southFixed
6337426 Jan 2012B road between Tregrehan Mills & TrethurgySmall diameter but approx 75mm deep only repaired a few months ago & already opened up.Fixed
6343427 Jan 2012Bal Lane / Trewithen TceA hole has appeared at the junction marked on the map below. The danger is that a cyclist would be watching for traffic coming over the brow of the hill to the right and not see the hole until too la…Fixed

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