573 hazards found, displaying on 20 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
10547516 Jun 2014a400Tarmac around drain missingReported
10522310 Jun 2014Uneven road surface and large pothole from poorly maintained road Reported
10492631 May 2014Sunken new road surface around manholeReported
10458224 May 2014Beside manhole cover Reported
10450321 May 2014Pothole next to manhole coverReported
10425815 May 2014Theobalds RoadUneven road surface around manhole covers, a gully and cracks. This is on an extremely busy road full of bicycles, buses, cars and taxis, where swerving to avoid the unevenness is very dangerousReported
10400010 May 2014Damaged surface Reported
1035511 May 2014totteham court roadlarge potholeReported
10327726 Apr 2014Shoot-Up Hill nw2Damaged manhole and general potholes in the vicinityReported
1025199 Apr 2014Very large crack resulting from roadworksReported
1020902 Apr 2014Monmouth StreetAstonishly poor cobbled surface. The entire road has big dips when the surface supporting the cobbles has sunk. This started to be noticable around December, but now it is actually hazardous to cyc…Reported
1020872 Apr 2014Monmouth StreetA trench about 3 cobbles wide and stretching across teh whole road has been left open for over 3 months (maybe 6 months)Reported
10178827 Mar 2014Grays Inn roadHoles around drain cover/unevenessReported
10178627 Mar 2014Rochester Squarelong pothole in middle of roadReported
10090115 Mar 2014Uneven manhole and potholeReported
1003529 Mar 2014One of the largest, deepest holes I have ever seen. Probably 2m across and 4" deep. Right on the junction.Reported
1000667 Mar 2014tottenham court roadreally bad road surfacing, very uneven and lots of potholes, very dangerous for cyclingReported
1000186 Mar 2014Earnshaw Street / New Oxford StreetRoad surface at the junction between Earnshaw and New Oxford Street is horribly mangled, pot holes galore, uneven, very dangerous for cyclists.Reported
998745 Mar 2014Royal College StreetOne of the large plant-holders which segregates the north-bound cycle lane on Royal College Street appears to have been smashed, and debris is obstructing the cycle laneReported
998735 Mar 2014Cleveland StreetLarge pothole in middle of Cleveland Street W1, near the King & Queen Pub. Very difficult to turn onto Cleveland St from Foley St while on a bicycle without going straight into this pothole, which is…Reported
998575 Mar 2014Very deep potholeReported
9896924 Feb 2014Gray's Inn RoadMany manhole issues and potholes across the crossroads.Reported
9817818 Feb 2014Just after Minster rd bus stopReported
9809117 Feb 2014New Oxford StreetVery uneven surface and becoming dangerous for cyclists, especially when wet.Reported
9808617 Feb 2014Charing Cross RoadRoad is deformed and hazardous to cyclists, espcially in the wet as there are now ruts and gulleys opening inches wide.Reported
9753712 Feb 2014York WayLarge chunk of the road missing on York Way very close to Tileyard Road. It is just in the line for overtaking parked cars on a busy and narrow section of york way, heading north towards Camden Road,…Reported
968485 Feb 2014Regent's Park RoadRaised manhole at least 10 cm up from the normal level of the road.Reported
965483 Feb 2014Theobalds RoadSmall deep hole like someone dropped a steel ball from a great height.Reported
9574227 Jan 2014The large double manhole at the traffic lights has sunkIn progress
9543124 Jan 2014A4201Sunken drain just before traffic lightsReported

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