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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1113362 Feb 2015Road surface breaking up and becoming a holeReported
11006612 Jan 2015Monmouth StreetRut and uneven surface forming a dip which creates a raised central area of the road surface, numerous loose cobbles stonesReported
1098598 Jan 2015Carey StreetVery large and deep pothole surrounding manhole cover. Badly damaged back wheel this morning, as hazard was submerged in water. Appears to have been poorly repaired a number of times.Reported
1097926 Jan 2015Deep holeReported
1097544 Jan 2015Roadwork has not been repainted over rendering advanced stop box at busy junction useless. Reported
10958324 Dec 2014Carey Street, WC1Dangerous pothole surrounding manhole - very deep and sheer. Would probably cause accident if wheel caught and not visible on approach. Needs to be fixed urgently.Reported
10930610 Dec 2014Shoot-up hillmultiple potholes/poor surface condition getting worse and are causing cyclists to take dangerous evasive action.Reported
1092348 Dec 2014Sunken manholeReported
1091252 Dec 2014Pothole around the drain on westbound A5\nDangerous for bikes\nReported
10861812 Nov 2014Southampton RoadVery uneven road surface, near the edge, with deep fissures. Ideally sized and placed to cause a biking accident.Reported
1084265 Nov 2014This has been reported before (given ref 107253) & needs some urgent attention; manhole/drain covers are raised & road surface is uneven - forces cyclists out into the road which is quite narrow & fa…Reported
10836431 Oct 20144th time I have reported this. Every time it is repaired the hole repairs very soon. Reported
10834731 Oct 2014Erosion Reported
10831029 Oct 2014Zoom into picture to see what the problem is. Manhole has sunk on one side leaving an uneven surface and is very slippery when wet. Have been thrown sideways due to uneven surface and slipperines. Th…Reported
10817524 Oct 201400004491Shoot-up Hill / Kilburn High RoadLarge hole around the edge of manhole cover.Reported
10763223 Sep 2014Broken and jagged manhole in road outside entrance to park - could injure or even kill a childReported
10755319 Sep 2014Camden St.This is a new pothole, but at the same place a number of pot holes used to be a year ago. At the time the pothole were fixed quickly, but it seems the solution was only temporary.Reported
10748616 Sep 2014Prince of Wales rdRaised bump across the roadReported
1072536 Sep 2014Raised ironworks (manhole covers) on westbound lane at entrance to Raymond Bldgs/Grays Inn - surrounding road surface collapsing.Reported
10704527 Aug 2014Alain repair not done properly Reported
10684819 Aug 2014Pothole dangerReported
1059313 Jul 2014Regent's Park RoadDamaged brick-lined speed bump. The bricks are uneven and very difficult to cycle across.Reported
10554218 Jun 2014HolbornArea around a couple of large man holes coveres has worn away in centre of main junction of Holborn & Gray's Inn Rd, LondonReported
10547516 Jun 2014a400Tarmac around drain missingReported
10522310 Jun 2014Uneven road surface and large pothole from poorly maintained road Reported
10492631 May 2014Sunken new road surface around manholeReported
10458224 May 2014Beside manhole cover Reported
10450321 May 2014Pothole next to manhole coverReported
10425815 May 2014Theobalds RoadUneven road surface around manhole covers, a gully and cracks. This is on an extremely busy road full of bicycles, buses, cars and taxis, where swerving to avoid the unevenness is very dangerousReported
10400010 May 2014Damaged surface Reported

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