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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
14298722 Aug 2017Grays Inn Road junction with HolbornPothole on northbound of junction Grays Inn Road and HolbornReported
14221513 Jul 201710-15 potholes averaging about 1 foot in diameter and 4 inches in depth.Reported
14189429 Jun 2017A400Sunken gully traversing the width of the road, badly sunken in areas and with three lanes of traffic in central London this can be hazardous to cyclist.Reported
14189329 Jun 2017A400Sunken gully traversing the width of the road, badly sunken in areas and with three lanes of traffic in central London this can be hazardous to cyclist.Reported
14072319 May 2017Russel Square (NE side)Very deep pothole, hidden by rain last night. It sent me flying - I'm very lucky it wasn't a lot more serious.Reported
1402846 May 2017Very bumpy section of road, on left of road where cyclists go. Challenging for cyclists because typically drivers attempt to overtake them at this point, resulting in the cyclist being forced to go o…Reported
1392734 Apr 2017Fleet roadIn the left hand lane entering fleet road the surface is incredibly uneven and broken up making it very risky to ride acrossReported
13838017 Mar 2017Highgate West HillVarious Potholes just before speed bump.Reported
13827215 Mar 2017dangling traffic lightReported
1378598 Mar 2017Lamb's Conduit StreetUneven edge where two different road surfaces meet is creating a jolting step between the two rather than smooth ramp. Poor transition is worsening as stone border is warping - hit too fast or at wr…Reported
1378578 Mar 2017Holborn junction with Grays Inn RoadPothole has re-appearedReported
1374724 Mar 2017Pothole from poor road repair. 15cm deep. 35-40cm in diameterReported
1372911 Mar 2017Kentish Town RoadLots of large and small potholes making in dangerous for cyclists turning at junction.Reported
1362309 Feb 2017Deep pothole Reported
13531326 Jan 2017Width restriction too narrow for normal estate car. Also kerbs around the restriction protrude and cause damage to wheels when passing through. Needs a complete rethink and redesign before someone su…Reported
13528225 Jan 2017Huge holeReported
13401716 Dec 2016Tottenham Court RoadThere is a bus lane line which has cracked and created a lip in the road, and because it is along the line you can't see it. Tuesday night I was cycling and went absolutely flying when my bike just s…Reported
1331893 Nov 2016sinking trenchReported
13298217 Oct 2016East Heath RoadSeveral big potholes on downhill section of East Heath Road London NW3 between Heath Street junction and Hamsptead Heath train section, which is very dangerous for cyclists especially in dark conditi…Reported
13214525 Aug 2016The sunken roadworks appear at a nasty point on the junction especially for cyclists approaching at speed. Reported
13214425 Aug 2016A dip or rut goes a across the length of the road. It looks like sunken roadworks are the cause. The rut is opposite the TV Studios. Reported
13214325 Aug 2016One of a number of potholes on the junction that are really dangerous especially for cyclists. Reported
13213924 Aug 2016Bus Lane a disgrace with several potholes Reported
1317523 Aug 2016Pothole and regular large puddle resulting from heavy traffic during construction of the Crick institute. Reported
13157426 Jul 2016Holborn junction with Grays Inn RoadPothole in roadReported
13133814 Jul 2016gray's inn road.Massive pot hole on the gray's inn road. Between gilford street and sidmouth street (going north)Reported
13131113 Jul 2016Dropped drain grillReported
13072120 Jun 2016theres always a puddle!Reported
13072020 Jun 2016every time it rains this happens!Reported
13062416 Jun 2016Tarmac caved in and very bumpy around and past a metal plate.Reported

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