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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
910614 Nov 2007Seaview Road, Saltcoats.Concrete road surface is breaking up with multiple large potholes, footpath is the same, not fit for bikes or walkers,Reported
1421812 Jul 2008B1394 Station Road-Hale Road.Very bad surface and uneven. An accident waiting to happen.Reported
1776318 Feb 2009268835Kendal Road, StaveleyDangerous Surface at Level Crossing. See Photos. There are several holes in the tarmac at the edge of this crossing resulting in a raised edge of the first crossing panel. This is very dangerous to C…Reported
2188820 Jul 2009Drayton laneRecently british Rail Renews the infill plates at the level corssing at drayton lane near Chichester (W Sussex) plates have become misplaced and raised above the road surface. Reported on behalf…Reported
2248026 Aug 2009Kendal Road StaveleySee Photos: There are deep holes where the edge beam of this crossing has been replaced by tarmac which has now sunk. also several of the rubber pannals are depressed and uneven leaving a raised edge…Reported
2363921 Nov 2009330751Marston LaneCattle Grid has parted where it is joined in the centre of the road. The gap is 30mm wide and 70mm min deep allowing a cycle wheel to drop into it. This was originally reported Sept: 11th and was see…Reported
2476813 Jan 2010Gypsy LaneIce and snow on railway crossing, that is closed to traffic but not pedestrians and cyclists. If someone were to have a slip here because of the hazard it could be fatal if a train is approaching. Be…Reported
2517618 Jan 2010A30 London RoadRoad surface has broken out from the edge of a metal frame for the road surface sections that form the A30 at the level crossing at Sunningdale.Reported
2558021 Jan 2010Kimbridge road across the River TestI frequently cross the railway level crossings at West Dean, East Dean and Kimbridge. whilst the Dean crossings are flat and comfortable to drive over the Kimbridge crossing is extremely uneven and g…Reported
2559021 Jan 2010Whitworth AvenueTop layer of the road in several places has been worn away. This is leaving multiple potholes and loose gravel.Reported
2928814 Feb 2010David laneA pothole.Reported
2962718 Feb 2010Road leading to staveleybroken road by level crossingReported
3000822 Feb 2010Ruan High Lanes to PhilleighCluster of holes accross most of west going lane of the road. Difficult to avoid for that reason.Reported
309081 Mar 2010Battersby level crossingpot holes running across the road at join with level crossingReported
309731 Mar 2010Elmdon LaneHuge pothole!Reported
3333226 Mar 2010A24 crossing in middle of road to access London Road, Dorkinggash in road at busy and important road crossing of major A roadReported
3367430 Mar 2010Holes next to railway lineReported
3551022 Apr 2010Kendal Road StaveleySee Photos: There are deep holes where the edge beam of this crossing has been replaced by tarmac. Several panels move under traffic & are depressed leaving the track raised. It's very dangerous as t…Reported
3567726 Apr 2010Titchfield LaneNuminous potholes over a 3-5 meter stretchReported
3570926 Apr 2010Station RoadTraffic calming kerb not marked !Reported
378692 Jul 2010Layhams Rdmanhole surroundReported
3824220 Jul 2010Station RoadPothole in the middle of the roadway, close to the traffic controlled junction. The pothole is on the line of a trench which from the pothole to one side of the road has begun to sink. Whilst cycling…Reported
3881813 Aug 2010Station RdBadly worn road surface on railway crossing next to Oakworth Railway StationReported
3904727 Aug 2010\London RoadGaps exceed maximum, surface uneven with dangerous vertical misalignments to knock wheels sideways. Panels move under passega of motor vehicles.Reported
3969230 Sep 2010Level crossing very uneven Reported
399557 Oct 2010Hole forming due to the drains collapsing. Reported
4037626 Oct 2010David LaneRough road surface at level crossingReported
406295 Nov 2010Kennishead Road, Glasgow - Glasgow City CouncilPotholes on the road, that big can cause damage to cars, and accidents when trying to avoid the pothole.Reported
4102718 Nov 2010West Barnes LaneTrench between 2 concrete bars in middle very busy level crossingReported
4318417 Jan 2011camberwell groveTwo holes on line with wheel base one either side of car. Sited on weight restricted access over railway bridge.Reported

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