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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
14041811 May 2017Bridge Road B054Holes round manhole coverReported
1362299 Feb 2017Trencreek RoadPothole next to railway lineReported
1359186 Feb 2017Broad roadlarge potholeReported
1337201 Dec 2016Many potholes of various sizes \ncreating very uneven road surface to cycling along, for about 2 metres after train track along Broad Road, between level crossing and Kilm Road. \n\nReported
1290962 May 2016Rusper Road Horsham West Sussex.At Littlehaven Station Rusper Road Horsham. I THINK SOMEONE WILL BE KILLED IF IT IS NOT FIXED.Reported
11656925 May 2015Trencreek RoadDrain cover missing on approach to railway crossing leaving an open gulley.Reported
11054923 Jan 2015New Station StreetSunken manhole cover with broken tarmac around it. Manhole cover makes a loud noise whan buses drive over it (route to bus station)Reported
1049962 Jun 2014Station Road Leighton Buzzard LU7 7LYSeveral potholes in Station Road Leighton Buzzard LU7 7LY. Some just by the entrance to the 1st car park, and several more by the station entrance.Reported
10341528 Apr 2014Station road2 really big (and deep) pot holes in the middle of the road.Reported
9776814 Feb 2014Kendal Rd Level CrossingThe gaps & levels between panels at Staveley LX are well outside standards. These are the original design (OMNI) made by Goodyear in US and imported in 1980's. There is a safety bulletin from Novemb…Reported
9751012 Feb 2014sWidon Lanelevel crossing is crap! surface failedReported
968025 Feb 2014Potholes on the crossing itself added to the unevenness of the rails make it a very rough ride, even at walking pace. Reported
9545924 Jan 2014Prune HillLarge and deep pothole in road at Level CrossingReported
9536023 Jan 2014Station RoadPot hole on crossing causing a hazardReported
9187414 Nov 2013Pothole formed next to metal cover just north of railway line approx size 400mm x 275mm and over150mmm deepReported
9107920 Oct 2013Brielle WayRailway tracks crossing main road prove hazardous to cyclists. Numerous accidents have happened due to uneven surface and slippery track. The track is now disused although I understand that it is unl…Reported
8546823 Apr 20133548742no name - Its the approach road to Leagrave Station Car Parka large potholeReported
8206514 Mar 2013Several potholes across width of the road Reported
779272 Feb 2013JustbeforelevelcrossingReported
753506 Jan 2013A508fairly deep 80-100mm hole in tarmacReported
746371 Jan 2013Kingston RoadBroken road surface around drain coverReported
745841 Jan 2013Station roadTarmac fillet at Narborough railway level crossing has started to disintegrateReported
605397 Oct 2011Station RoadSeveral major potholesReported
605055 Oct 2011Trench Lane (minor road from Droitwich to Huddington, Worcs)A gap between two paving slabs adjacent to railway lines on level crossing. The slabs form the carriageway over the crossing and shut butt closely together.Reported
5741912 Jun 2011David LanePoor concrete road surface adjacent to railway lines. Network Rail has replaced the rigid 'tarmac' panels between the railway lines. However, there are concrete strips (parallel to the rails) which h…Reported
572637 Jun 2011Stocks LaneNewland Level Crossing, Worcs. Dip in tarmac abutting iron slab protecting right hand rail of the up line. Reported verbally to the Signalman on 6 June.Reported
564929 May 2011Victoria RdTwo holes in the midle of the roadReported
563154 May 2011Spring Bank West, Hull.Springbank West level crossing. Rut at concrete trough between dual rail lines. Cyclists already have to cross against rails and trough at 45 degrees to carriageway, either by moving into the busy …Reported
5501715 Apr 2011Kendal Rd StaveleyYet again this crossing is in a dangerous state for cyclists and motorcyclists. The panels are uneven and do not meet the required standard. The junction between the panels and the adjacent road surf…Reported
5254822 Mar 2011David LanePoor concrete road surface adjacent to railway lines. Network Rail has replaced the rigid 'tarmac' panels between the railway lines. However, there are concrete strips (parallel to the rails) which h…Reported

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