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IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
11109829 Jan 20155329965Gaps are the width of a cycle tye - cuclist came off here on Tuesday eveningRejected
11197311 Feb 20155361383Potholes across the junction from various repairs Rejected
11743629 Jun 20155624133Cover missing from small manhole. Rejected
11786723 Jul 20155662672 Gaps between stones can trap cycle wheelsRejected
342787 Apr 20100ak,lanepot holes all sizesFixed
536651 Apr 2011323072826 St. Benedicts Street Norwich, Norfolk NR2 4AQpothole outside don pepe's restaurant - 26 St. Benedicts Street Norwich, Norfolk NR2 4AQFixed
1078929 Oct 20145127464A11 Newmarket RoadHi, there’s a pothole on the A11 Newmarket Road in the bus/cycle lane which goes into Norwich. It’s dangerous because whilst cycling in this lane you regularly have buses driving only inches from…Fixed
11906523 Sep 20155760640A140Edge around a manhole badly crumbled. Hazardous for cyclistsFixed
4466926 Jan 20113123042A140 Daniels Road, NorwichLarge hole around a drainFixed
3658825 May 2010A146when cycling towards mansfield lane turning right off the A146 there is a pot hole in the road. This would not be obvious to cars but to cyclists this is a hazard as it just before you cross the onco…Fixed
1605117 Dec 2008Agricultural Hall PlainRoad surface sinking and cracked around manhole.Fixed
650579 Mar 20123720719Agricultural hall plainMultiple potholes / subsided road sursface at junctionFixed
399026 Oct 2010Alexandra RoadTwo potholes in Alexandra Road Norwich in carriage way o/s nos 59 & 71 approxFixed
2488115 Jan 20102552477All saints GreenSuface is braking up along the stop line for the traffic lights leaving pot holes in placesFixed
4308516 Jan 20113106234All Saints GreenThe road surface that was resurfaced about 18 months ago is breaking up in lots of placesFixed
3073828 Feb 20102616401Angel RoadLarge hole from kerb to about 0.5m into road starting at corner of Angel Road/Philidelphia Road corner runing for about 10-15 meters.Fixed
7209123 Oct 2012Avenues, NorwichSeries of potholes, rapidly growing/changing. A danger to cyclists at night, during rain and once the leaves will come down. Busy cycle route to the university.Fixed
8512418 Apr 20134291708Aylesbury CloseWe reported poor road surfaces in our close last year which have been repaired. however, one area of repair has become loose and has broken up and will soon be misplaced by traffic. We had a group o…Fixed
2891910 Feb 20102589402Bank Plain/Redwell StreetLots of deep holes in Bank Plain in Norwich. I have reported them twice over a three week period but nothing has been done. Cyclists and other vehicles coming to Bank Plain would not see the holes …Fixed
4486427 Jan 20113126381Barrett RoadUneven surface around manhole cover that makes cycling treacherous particularly as there is a central reservation at this point forcing cars that attempt to overtake close to cyclists.Rejected
502554 Mar 20113175678bedding lane nr3lots of big potholes in bedding lane, norwich, nr3Rejected
8931810 Aug 20134455099Beecheno RoadA kerb upstand on Beecheno between Beecheno Road and Earlham Green Lane coming up to Dereham Road. This is a signed cycle route and this kerb / upstand should definitely be ‘flush’ or a smooth dr…Rejected
2488015 Jan 20102552474Ber StreetPot hole forming arround a cover in the roadFixed
2911412 Feb 20102592716bignold road, norwich norfolk ukthere are that many potholes ranging from 2 inches upwards there are 27 all together on just this one road it is a nightmare i have had to have my wheels ballenced again and im sick of paying my tax …Fixed
4931126 Feb 20113175394Bishop GatePot holes out side the side entrance to the Great Hospital.Fixed
5507115 Apr 20113255854Bishop GateSunken road surfaceFixed
115173 Mar 2008Bluebell RoadHole at joint between two sections of tarmac.Fixed
3935912 Sep 2010Bluebell RoadBroken-apart pothole patch on left car tyre driving line near junction.Fixed
4897324 Feb 20113169375Bluebell RoadDeepening pothole affecting left-side tyre line causing cars to take evasive action near a hill brow and bend.Fixed
6135916 Nov 20113561198Bluebell RoadUnavoidable sunken manhole cover and sunken square road section.Fixed

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