2,459 hazards found, displaying on 82 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.sort iconRoadDescriptionStatus
723494 Nov 2012Road repair breathing down into potholeReported
723504 Nov 2012Manhole breaking outReported
724097 Nov 2012Seaward Street cycle/footpathCyclepath overgrown with shrubs so that only footpath is passable.Reported
724669 Nov 2012fifty pitches roadvery deep pothole in a change of tarmac surfaceReported
7251811 Nov 2012Pothole. Dangerous for cyclistsReported
7255213 Nov 2012Road subsidence on raised cobble junction with deep hollow and raised sharp edge, giving severe suspension shock on cars & dangerous to cyclistsReported
7262515 Nov 2012Brockburn Road, access to residential road opposite 219.Significant pothole at the access point to the residential part of Brockburn Road (opposite No. 219). The pothole is on the side that cars use to access the main road and is now so significant that c…Reported
7264616 Nov 2012Tantallon RoadBadly worn service track right on the cycling line.Reported
7265917 Nov 2012Broken manhole cover on pavement at crown rd north queens place junction close to Notre dame primary school. Part of route to primary school by many children. Reported
7273320 Nov 2012Hardgate road2 very large potholes, one on either side of the road, cars have to swerve to avoid them. Whole of Hardgate road is very pitted and rutted with gullies.Reported
7281523 Nov 2012Carmunock By PassLarge pothole This is a re occurence now for the third time. So it would appear the repairs being done are clearly not working.Reported
7286525 Nov 2012Springhill parkway to Easterhouse roadIn several areas the damage is almost through to the base layer, I.e. through the binder layer! Oddly, a section of road on Easterhouse road was recently repaired, aka 20m of surface course which did…Reported
7304628 Nov 2012Highburgh RoadThree huge potholes and associated debris at site of previous repair.Reported
7304728 Nov 2012Junction of Byres Road and Highburgh RoadDeep pothole at site of previous repair -- you can see under-road cabling now.Reported
7304828 Nov 2012Bryes Road / University Avenue junctionSet of three small drains now raised above surface because road surface around them has disintegratedReported
7304928 Nov 2012Byres Road junction with Highburgh RoadLarge hole at site of previous repairReported
7305028 Nov 2012Hyndland RoadPreviously reported but never fixed and now considerably worse, whole of inside lane is rutted, uneven and full of raised/sunken drains surrounded by sharp-edged potholes. Particularly dangerous for …Reported
7305128 Nov 2012Cleveden Road, just before Cleveden Drive junctionHuge hole with what is now a raised manhole in the middle -- sharp edged and on a steep climb.Reported
7305228 Nov 2012Broken drain cover outside front door to no 249 Byres rd on busy pavement. Revealing drop of 1m+.Reported
7306328 Nov 2012Port Dundas RoadRoad sign knocked overReported
7311329 Nov 2012Paisley Road WestLarge Pothole on the Bus / Cycle lane before bus stop at Lourdes Secondary School on Paisley Road West.Reported
731692 Dec 2012Golspie StreetTwo potholes, one particularly huge and very dangerous, around the cycling distance from the kerb.Reported
731702 Dec 2012Eglington Street / Nelson StreetVery wide, dangerous potholeReported
732605 Dec 2012Carmunnock RoadDeep Pothole on the north carriagewayReported
733247 Dec 2012Thornliebank RoadVery deep pothole in the middle of the roadReported
7349412 Dec 2012Crow Road NorthPothole around triangular drain, deep and with debris across road surface now.Reported
7360016 Dec 2012Long gully forming due to degradation of road surface approx 2-3 cm deepReported
7364717 Dec 2012Pothole on south bound stretch of road exactly where near side wheel of cars will be. Very dangerous for cyclistsReported
7366317 Dec 2012Balmore RoadSeveral (5-6) potholes on Northbound lane. Very deep and all but impossible to avoid. Immediately after a slight uphill, so very difficult to notice in advance.Reported
7389221 Dec 2012Renfield StreetLarge area of broken and sunken surfaceReported

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