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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
6895814 Jun 2012Massive dent in road from Tarmac which hasn't dried and a bus has driven through it Reported
6898115 Jun 2012Provan RoadThe entire T junction is a mess around this area with several potholes varying in size and depth.Reported
6898715 Jun 2012Stanburn RDBadly damaged road due road side potholes not being properly repaired resulting in a sunken roadside drain that is completely blocked when it is rainingReported
6907818 Jun 2012Balmier roadDrain cover missing. Significant hazard for cyclistsReported
6909518 Jun 20122 potholes on uphill side of speed bumpReported
6936027 Jun 2012Dixon Rdmultiple defects / potholes. Impossible to avoid as they span the entire width of the road.Reported
6936127 Jun 2012Muirskeith Rdmultiple defects / potholesReported
695304 Jul 2012Dangerous join in road surface leading to deep hole next to manhole.Reported
695314 Jul 2012Poorly joined section in road leading to long rut in road.Reported
695324 Jul 2012Pothole caused by poor repair to roadReported
695605 Jul 2012A814, Broomielaw between York Street & Robertson Street.Deep pothole forming around metalworkReported
695846 Jul 2012polmadie roadLarge potholeReported
695907 Jul 2012Dangerous pavement breaking apartReported
695917 Jul 2012Dangerous broken pavement Reported
6983315 Jul 2012Deep and wide pothole around 80x60cm, 10-15 cm deep. At narrow part of road so difficult to avoid. Surrounding road surface breaking up and in very bad condition. Reported
6985115 Jul 2012norval streetbig hole in the roadReported
6986316 Jul 2012London RoadThere is a large square footage section on London Road that has multiple potholes/ruts. I cycle home along that route, and often vehicles quickly change lanes to try to avoid this section. This is a …Reported
7022625 Jul 2012Hillington Rd SouthAdvanced stop lines at junction not repainted after replaced road surfaceReported
7028828 Jul 2012vickerfield street,govanseveral potholes on this roadReported
7033729 Jul 20122 dangerous potholes broken out around manholesReported
7035630 Jul 2012Crow Rdsunken road surface round drain. Has been coned off " temporarily" for weeks by 3 or 4 cones with no work being done.Reported
704363 Aug 2012Saracen StreetI cant believe Im writing this again. I have to report this every few months and when it gets fixed it only lasts a few weeks. The potholes stretch across the whole of Saracen street but is particula…Reported
704383 Aug 2012Dobbies LoanLocated In between the Safe storage warehouse and Junction 16 exit where cars stop at the traffic lights of the M8. Covers the whole lane going into town. Need to slow down to a crawl and after getti…Reported
704393 Aug 2012Bilsland DriveRaised and sunken manholes mixed with potholes at the left hand side of the road going towards Botanic gardens direction. Hazard. If my tyres burst Im claiming from the council.Reported
705257 Aug 2012Hope StreetVery large pothole, now exposing underground pipework .Reported
7069815 Aug 2012A726A giant pothole. In addition the road surface as you travel through the traffic lights through the inside lane is disgraceful and it has been that way since the junction was excavated a few years …Reported
7081321 Aug 2012Victoria RoadVictoria Road, under the new M74 is a horror - i have lost 4 bolts from my bike over the last few weeks. Cyclist have to go onto the middle of the road to avoid potholes and missing bits of road surf…Reported
7090026 Aug 2012A879 Balmore RoadMissing drain cover extremely dangerous hazard to road usersReported
7094128 Aug 2012Lunderston Drive/Overtown avenueA few potholes at corner of Lunderston Drive and Overtown Avenue (G53 6BU),debris coming out of holes could cause injury or damage to cars/people.Reported
7095729 Aug 2012Two large potholes at kerb beside bus stop 609026. Reported

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