Vale of Glamorgan

75 hazards found, displaying on 3 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.Roadsort iconDescriptionStatus
2896710 Feb 20102118490St Brides RoadLarge area of Uneven and rutted road with potholesFixed
5099110 Mar 2011St Brides Road2 pot holes at join in surface between St Brides Road and Road from Ewenny Cross (turn towards Bridgend).Fixed
458782 Feb 2011Stallcourt AvenueAround 19 holes, mostly along the edge of a previous "repair".Fixed
3812015 Jul 2010Stalling downLarge pothole on an unlight roadFixed
340415 Apr 2010The ButtsSeveral potholes and uneven road surface.Fixed
314314 Mar 20102131556The length of Paget Road hill down to the Portway roundaboutSurface is uneven and broken up over extended area. Particularly a hazard to cyclists as the road is a steep decline so speed is also a factorFixed
9426112 Jan 2014Tredogan RoadLoose post for new road direction sign. The nuts on the studding holding the stanchion down to the concrete base are all loose.Fixed
4520028 Jan 2011Unnamed laneDeep pothole currently with a traffic cone in it. Only about 4/5 of the cone is visible due to the size of the holeFixed
4147515 Dec 2010Unnamed road between Brookside and Yr Efail in Treoes.Two small potholes have appeared where the road has previously been dug up. Other potholes in the village have been marked up in yellow, presumably for repair, but these have not.Fixed
4374119 Jan 2011Unnamed road from A4222 to NewtonA deep pothole submerged under standing water and therefore not visibleFixed
3874811 Aug 2010Victoria RoadLarge pot holes present along stretch of road.Fixed
479324 Mar 2007Westward RiseSurface dressing breaking up along length of road resulting in potholes and debrisFixed
4968628 Feb 2011windsor roadroad service breaking upFixed
2063514 May 2009Windsor Road in CoganAn area of cracked road, from which foul-smelling liquid exudes. Whether this very bad smell indicates raw sewage or not, I do not know, but it is a cause for concern with regards to public health. T…Fixed
3571627 Apr 2010wordsworth avenueMany potholes at the end of wordsworth avenueFixed

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