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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
6591 Feb 2007not sureOn the junction turning into the university, a grid is positioned right in the middle of the turn. A cyclist with thin tyres (doesn't have to be super thin, just not not mountain bike thick) turning …Reported
36128 Mar 2007potholes have developed over a 50 yard stretch of road where the farm has virtually taken over the road which is frequently also deep in cow manureReported
1049727 Jan 2008B4333formed against sideo manhole Water damage to road surface braking upReported
2066314 May 2009A485erosion of surface dressingReported
2588421 Jan 2010Main road into Penrhyn-coch village from Plas GogerddanDeterioration of the road surface, with a sizable pothole in the centre.Reported
2656822 Jan 2010B 4337series of pot holes on B4337 between Cribyn and LlanwnnedReported
3521319 Apr 2010B4343number of potholes, poorly filled past holes and general uneven surface. Long stretch of road has numerous holes on the south travel side of the road - difficult to avoid as you meet them just as yo…Reported
3554823 Apr 2010Queen's RoadMultiple holes in road, one big one causes puncture if you get cuaght by it!Reported
3959928 Sep 2010tan y foelsmall hole which is getting worse and noisyReported
4555831 Jan 2011dol-y-bontroad surface uneven and slumped towards side.Reported
4817218 Feb 2011Minor road - no road number.Several (approx 6) large and deep potholes at this specific location, but the whole road is in need of repair from the turn-off in Bronant to the smallholding Tanyresgair.Reported
508849 Mar 2011MaesglasThe pothole is elongated and is at the edge of the road which when I reverse my car out of the garage I make contact with it .Reported
636561 Feb 2012Fairy LanePothole.Reported
637715 Feb 2012Unmarked road opposite the school, Bronant, Ceredigion SY23 4TGThe road has been previously repaired. The frost has recently lifted the road surface. The Council road-sweeper has removed sizeable sections of tarmac.Reported
711569 Sep 2012Bryn Hir / Longdown StreetA number of serious deep, hazardous, potholes and un - even surface. Poorly laid previous tarmac with numerous sunken sections. This road is an accident waiting to happenReported
733809 Dec 2012A485Serious defect in road surfaceReported
733839 Dec 2012Silian 200m west of GlandenysBlocked drainReported
785497 Feb 2013Link road between A487 and Gogerddan Crossroads A4159This pothole, at the edge of the road between two adjacent layings of tarmac, is unfortunately just the same width as a car tyre and so there is a real risk of a car's steering being knocked out of a…Reported
8900624 Jul 2013Vicarage Road, Silian, LampeterPotholes and road sinking towards the side of the road.Reported
9076911 Oct 2013U1255 from junction with C1110 to TanyresgairThe whole length of the minor access road to Tanresgair is in dire need of repair. It has multiple potholes and places where the edges have broken away. If it is not fixed before winter then it will …Reported
914462 Nov 2013Big hole approx 30cm diameter Looks like hole into a drain / drain collapse On left hand side of roadReported
9184914 Nov 2013 Pothole next to manhole cover Reported
10104117 Mar 2014Extremely poor road surface condition inc potholes, debris, grass centre. Extremely dangerous to cycles. Requires resurfacing, on entire road down to AberffrwdReported
10196631 Mar 2014Pothole arising from badly restored roadworksReported
10310823 Apr 2014Ciliau Aeron to Dihewyd RoadTwo large potholes at the point where our driveway meets the road. We have both had multiple punctures and expensive issues with suspension. On 4x4 vehicles.Reported
1071502 Sep 2014Cwm RheidolVery large and deep pothole in Cwm Rheidol Road almost opposite ford crossing at far end.Reported
1134236 Mar 2015Eglwysfach a487Sunken area which needs resurfacingReported
12169111 Jan 2016Road between Cwm Rheidol and AberffrwdLarge, deep pothole.Reported
12998325 May 2016Deep indent in road surface arising from badly finished road work and subsequent apparent subsidence. Dangerous to cycle across and dangerous if needing to swerve outwards to avoidReported
13124710 Jul 2016Multiple pot holes, dangerous ditchesReported

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