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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
4507827 Jan 2011Newport roadAn old repair on the opposite side of the road to the other pothole has stared to break up, worsening quicklyReported
4508027 Jan 2011Newport roadRoad surface starting to break up because of old repairs, these are in the form of small potholes cracked and crumbling road surface and sunken road surface around manhole next to the bus stopReported
4557431 Jan 2011Station RoadThis is a very deep potholeReported
457091 Feb 2011Newport RoadSeries of potholes adjacent to the pedestrian lights, gravel from the holes is scattered across the road and the holes are getting worse.Reported
457431 Feb 2011Heol y Delyn, Lisvane, Cardiff, CF14Heol y Delyn, Lisvane, Cardiff - very poor road surafec with previously applied top layer of grit lifted right off, leaving fine gravel all over the road surface and numerous ruts/potholes - some at …Reported
458612 Feb 2011Clive StreetWide area pot holeReported
458622 Feb 2011Clare StreetSmall area but quite deep pot holes on the North side of the pelican crossingReported
458632 Feb 2011Ferry roadSunken manhole cover with tarmac being ripped up around itReported
459233 Feb 2011Cyncoed RoadLine of potholesReported
459243 Feb 2011Pentwyn RoadPotholeReported
459453 Feb 2011Very poor surfaces, uneven and potholed. Reported
459493 Feb 2011Ty Nant Roaddeep pothole at cycling distance from kerb. I have hit it twice and nearly fallen offReported
460214 Feb 2011Pentwyn DrivePothole in road and getting bigger. It's on the tyre track on the kerbside of the road as you head to Glyn Coed Road. Other potholes seem to have been fixed in the area but this one is over lookedReported
465488 Feb 2011fairwater roadwide hole in the centre of the road on the approach to speed humps. also, on a hill, on a bend, unlit at night. as a cyclist i have to cycle between the humps otherwise i would come off the bike. …In progress
465548 Feb 2011Mardy Road Rumney CardiffThere are several pot holes along this road.Reported
467829 Feb 2011Cowbridge Road East (junction with Cathedral Road)Pothole in the middle of pedestrian crossing - causing tripping hazard for pedestriansReported
4709011 Feb 2011Old repairs breaking upReported
4709211 Feb 2011Large potholeReported
4743914 Feb 2011Near corner of Keppoch Street and Plasnewydd Place, Roath, Cardiff.I cycle to every school in Cardiff during the course of my work and although the roads are uneven throughout the city due to the recent weather, Keppoch Street is one of the worse. I am reporting thi…Reported
4746614 Feb 2011Forest Farm RoadForest Farm road is still in a terrible state, some half hearted repairs have been mad to the section immediately by the houses in last few weeks, but the section from the houses up past the rugby cl…Reported
4761415 Feb 2011Three potholes and failing repairs. Reported
4763215 Feb 2011Big dip in paving and failed manhole. Reported
4802417 Feb 2011A48 Eastern Avenue, CardiffSeries of 5 deep potholes approx 200mm deep 350mm wide on the exit ramp from the A48 Eastern Avenue (Westbound) for University Hospital Wales. They are extremely dangerous to motorcyclists and are ve…Reported
4806117 Feb 2011Hadfield RdPothole near previous road repair, Hadfield Rd, Near Everseal, Eddershaws & EnterpriseReported
4815518 Feb 2011Slip RoadThere is a pothole and also the road surface is very bad in general on the M4 exit slip road at Coryton Junction 32 - this is the designated lane for A470 northbound (left hand lane). Not far from th…Reported
4828819 Feb 2011b4262 ty nat roadnumerous potholes around the exit from the roundaboutReported
4829119 Feb 2011b4262 ty nant road roundabout onto yns bridge to a470road surface disintegrating around roundabout leaving a rutt in road also large amount of gravel and larger stones appear to be off Quarry Lorries going onto a470Reported
4843620 Feb 2011Clive Streetsunken area of restored road with scooped out debrisReported
4852021 Feb 2011Ball RoadBall Road Cardiff opposite house number 314. Located right on a traffic calming measure that demands cars to swerve erratically and importantly located on a school route.Reported
4853721 Feb 2011bryn derwyn roada large section of both carriageways have broken down into potholes and ruts across the full width, some potholes are deepReported

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