798 hazards found, displaying on 27 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionsort iconStatus
685781 Jun 2012 Poor repairReported
7118710 Sep 2012 pothole previously ignored by repairersReported
705457 Aug 2012Harris Avenue1 very large and 2 smaller potholesReported
12459124 Feb 2016main road heol goch2 large potholes and 1 sunken manholeReported
695806 Jul 2012Main road from Radyr to Pentyrch2 large potholes around drain covers close to Viaduct Road. Approx 1 m from kerb. I have to swerve on my bike to avoid. Area has recently been re-surfaced, but big holes have appeared againReported
6509810 Mar 20122 missing drain covers on southbound, 1 missing cover on northbound.Reported
3348029 Mar 2010A41192 pot holes, shoddily repairedReported
413629 Dec 2010harris avenue2 potholes largest listed belowReported
3782730 Jun 2010Ty Mawr Road, Llandaf North, Cardiff2 potholes on Ty Mawr Road, Llandaff North, Cardiff, under the railway bridge.Reported
5806030 Jun 2011kincraig street2 sunken hollows in road- hazardous due to depthReported
8077227 Feb 2013A482 Sunken Manhole/Drain covers very near each other in the left hand lane heading Westbound towards Cardiff.Reported
3363730 Mar 2010Glossop Road2 very large unmarked holes in the road outside CRI. Encountered this morning (30th March 2010) at about 8am. I hit these at speed so the details may be a little sketchy. They nearly caused a very…Reported
699612 Jun 2007greenwich road2 X potholes has developed outside the entrance gates.Reported
280892 Feb 2010Penarth Road (A4160)25mm wide cut right through road surface, parallel with kerb; filling has sunk in places to create great danger for cyclists.Reported
966294 Feb 2014St Mellons Road3 foot long hole on side of laneReported
14168121 Jun 2017Sanquhar Street400 metre area is in a very bad condition with 5 ruts across the road and some very large potholes. It is impossible to ride in a safe controlled manner without riding on the side of the road with o…Reported
3349029 Mar 20103490Avondale RoadA "hump" of raised tarmac in a section refilled some time ago.Reported
966074 Feb 2014a469A big gaping holeReported
14090724 May 2017Newport road Rumney cardiffA bit bloody holeReported
9077811 Oct 2013A48a channel about 2 cm wide runs for about 1 km just inside the white line by the edge of the main carriageway (A 48 westerly direction from A48M join to A4232 jn). This is where I cycle for safety. Th…Reported
4884023 Feb 2011Heol pant-y-goreda constantly reappearing bunch of potholes.Reported
6132014 Nov 2011B4239 (Wentloog Road)A deep and long pothole, right where you cycle - especially when you cannot pull out because you#re being overtaken by a very large lorry. The real problem is the length, because your front wheel…Reported
9436813 Jan 2014Churchill WayA deep pothole in the middle of the right hand lane around 8m before the junction of Churchill Way and Adam Street. It is about 60cm wide, 50cm long and 5cm deep with varying depth. It looks as thoug…Reported
3939614 Sep 2010Llantrisant RoadA deep pothole which has rapidly expanded in the last month.Reported
8789313 Jun 2013Iron Bridge RdA fairly standard hole in the road.Reported
4884123 Feb 2011Cardiff road/a4119a few holes are apperaing on the junction and are very hard to avoid.Reported
5746414 Jun 2011Western AvenueA flood on Sunday 12 June and any other time of heavy rain. I fail to understand why a Western European Capital city can't make rainwater drain away from a road in the 21st century!Reported
43429 Jan 2007Rover WayA hole about 2" deep right in the line of cycling. At night impossible to see. I hit it, it damaged my wheel and broke my rear light. This road is so bad that must of the boxes could be ticked. Onl…Reported

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