Windsor and Maidenhead

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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
12667 Feb 20071266A329A wiggling rut and poorly restore surface after trench work exist for around 1500ft from the pub entrance to the entrance of the car park to Windsor Great Park. It''s causing cyclist's wheels to lo…In progress
1038926 Jan 2008Woodlands Park RoadSeries of potholes on verge side of road, causing cyclists to veer towards middle of road.Reported
109257 Feb 2008waltham roadThere seem to be joints across the road in several locations on the northbond section of the road. THese joints are erroded so there are deep and wide gaps in the road. Since these are very wide, t…Reported
1127620 Feb 2008Burleigh laneRoad surface breaking up with two deep potholes about 6inches in diametreReported
140764 Jul 2008Mill LanePotholeReported
1574519 Nov 2008CS 616982ST marks roadVERY slippery drain cover St Marks Rd sloping into Portlock rdReported
158741 Dec 20082 manhole or drain covers that have broken away from the surrounding road surface and are braking the road. Also making a great deal of noise. Could cause cyclist to lose control of bike.Reported
158751 Dec 2008ChobhamHole in footpath. Dangerous to people walking along pathReported
162511 Jan 2009Cox Green RoadPotholes and sunken manholes right by Speed humps. To left of speed hump is where cyclist must go to avoid swerving to centre of road and this is where the holes are!Reported
1648816 Jan 2009London Road, A329Long pothole forming as road surface breaks up along route of previously dug surface.Reported
1986320 Apr 2009Sylvester RoadLarge hole in middle of residential roadReported
2018830 Apr 2009Quarrey Wood RoadThis road was recently closed for 3 days, specifically to repair its many holes. The closure was more than sufficient to resurface the entire road, yet only some of the holes were filled!! The marg…Reported
211924 Jun 2009A329Sunken manhole cover forcing cyclists further into the centre of road and traffic travelling at up to 60mph, just before a left hand bend with poor visibility.Reported
2178111 Jul 2009Straight RdGenerally along this newly surfaced road, there are many sunken manholes.Reported
221243 Aug 2009A308A308 / Straight Road in Old Windsor (travelling from Windsor to Staines) is quite possibly the worst road (even after resurfacing) that I've ever riden on in my life. Its like ridening a bucking bron…Reported
2283918 Sep 2009drift roadside of road fallen awayReported
240709 Dec 2009Stanwell RoadRubberised Road Hump, lifting from road surfaceReported
244322 Jan 2010Westmeadit is a fairly large hole on a cornerReported
245575 Jan 2010Stanwell RdRoad Hump, delaminatingReported
2479513 Jan 2010London RoadTwo large potholes in main A30 road westbound side in 40mph speed limit section immediately before Sunningdale station level crossing.Reported
2493715 Jan 2010South RoadLarge potholeReported
2513117 Jan 2010Station Road (B383)The Pothole that formed after the poor reinstatement when the Air Valve cover was raised for the resurfacing works has reoccurred.Reported
2513217 Jan 2010A30 London RoadExtensive uneven, breaking, cracked and potholed surface on the A30 West bound in Sunningdale from the Junction with Bedford Lane through to the junction with Chobham Road. The damage is both perpend…Reported
2516418 Jan 2010Winkfield RoadSmall potholes between bridge under racecourse and High StReported
2550520 Jan 2010Brockenhurst Roadmany potholes of various sizesReported
2559121 Jan 20102 places on a roundabout in Windsor Junction of Imperial Road, A332, A308 and B3024.Reported
2560821 Jan 2010Oakley Green RoadAwful collection of potholes. Think it was resurfaced after roadworks but the fixes which were poor before the snow have turned the entire 20m or so stretch into a complete mess.Reported
2564621 Jan 2010Dry Arch RoadSeveral potholes, which appeared after the snow cleared, in this stretch of road. (Dry Arch Road, SL5) The road is heavily used (access to the nearby school) and should be repaired before accidents s…Reported
2582021 Jan 2010Rise RoadVery deep pothole large enough to take half a wheel of a small car. Large enough to do serious damage to suspension if hit at speed.Reported
2625921 Jan 2010Stanwell RoadRubber Road Hump Delaminating, securing bolts now sticking out about 2"" into path of traffic.Reported

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