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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
6906517 Jun 201240840Charing Cros RoadThe edge of a road repair, near the curb, is sticking up about the level of the rest of the road. This means there's a big bump, about 15 cm high, right where you'd want to cycle. This is on a very b…Reported
6886813 Jun 2012Drain blocked causing large puddle with is in fact a large depression and pot hole Reported
6886713 Jun 2012Drains are blocked up with rubbish and debris becarefull in e Heavy rain for aqua planning Reported
687057 Jun 2012Oxford StreetThe pothole is at the junction of Oxford Street and Soho Street. There is a massive pothole in the road and, when I was cycling home last night I crossed over Oxford Street from Rathbone Place, hit t…Reported
686152 Jun 2012A3212 Milbank meeting Abringdon StVery ragged surface including potholes and gullys at pedestran crossing on Millbank neat Houses of ParlimentReported
6803216 May 201240143Westbourne terrace bridgebroken road surface in middle of roadReported
6803116 May 2012Westbourne Terraceabout 20mm tarmac surface has removed from road leaving very uneven surface. OK for vehicle, but not for cyclist or motor cycle, fills with water an can be diguised as a resultReported
6706928 Apr 201239512Several deep ruts and bumps in the surface of the road on the northbound carriageway of Lisson Grove at the junction with St Johns Wood Road, extending onto the westbound carriageway of St Johns Wood…Reported
6706028 Apr 201239514Maida ValePothole in centre of junction between Maida Vale, Elgin Avenue and Abercorn Place, London W9. Encountered when cycling from Abercorn Place towards Elgin Avenue. Large enough to buckle wheel and throw…Reported
6696427 Apr 201239246Previously reported and then temporarily filled this is now a HUGE hole, twice the size of the one pictured in my previous post (#62468). Would cause unwary cyclists serious injury if they hit it. S…Reported
6688325 Apr 201239247seymour place / walmer placevery huge pot hol at seymour place close to walmer place. been there for some time / council contacted a couple of months ago and still no reaction. you can fall off your bike if you don't anticipateReported
6687725 Apr 201239426Waterloo bridgeHuge pot hole on the northern end of Waterloo Bridge, London on the west side. This pot hole seems to get filled in preiodically but soon sinks again and it is a real danger when cycling especially …Reported
6679423 Apr 201239246Waterloo BridgePothole on the north side of Waterloo Bridge (as you're traveling north). It gets filled in once a month and then gradually crumbles again over the period of a week or so. This has been happening for…Reported
6649314 Apr 2012Soho St/Soho SquareRoughly circular pothole where top surface of road has been removed. Sharp edges/transitions, so that causes pinch flats if it is hit. Not possible to avoid as vehicles tuning right into Soho St forc…Reported
6638812 Apr 201238711Charing Cross RdPothole across left hand side of roadReported
6637511 Apr 201238714Marylebone road and baker street intersectionIn my 12 years of cycling in London, this pothole is one of the most notorious I have seen, also a hazard to smaller motorbikes. And of all places its in the middle of the intersection of marylebone …Reported
6576125 Mar 2012Leinster GardensA series of potholes and very poor road surface near to the middle of the road.Reported
6572024 Mar 201238275The StrandPothole opening sunken road in pothole shapeReported
6555420 Mar 2012york streetpothole caused by failed repairReported
6540916 Mar 201237892Waterloo bridgeThere is a deep defect in the road suface, pothole next to a drain, extending across a width of the road-edge which is the same width as the recently-ended bicycle lane. This is the width that overt…Reported
6520312 Mar 201237713Lower Regent StreetOn lower Regent street, in the middle of one of the lanes is a sunken manhole cover. I've almost come of my bike a few times as it's also really slippery (especially when wet)Reported
6517312 Mar 201237682Eastbourne MewsA pothole that is located in Eastbourne Mews in the north tunnel over 40 Eastbourne Terrace. The location is badly lit at night and the pot hole is very difficult to see. Due to the location of the…Reported
649998 Mar 2012Lupus Road, PimlicoDeep potholes as one travels from east to west of Lupus Road past the Pimlico Academy, after crossing over the traffic lights. The road also needs repair as one one travels from west to east of Lupus…Reported
648736 Mar 201237568Buckingham Palace Roadsiezable trough in middle of busy junction making it hard to avoid when crossing from South to North, where hazard runs horizontally across the carriageway.Reported
648666 Mar 201237567Market Placeonly 1/3 of holes treated but even so not correctly done. serious questions over conduct of the contractor or the comissioning process that Westminister have followedReported
6460927 Feb 2012park lanepothole in the left hand carriageway bang on the line a cyclist would take to head up the lowered kerb onto the cycle laneReported
6460827 Feb 2012Market Placethe road surface in uneven and potholed becoming dangerous for all trafficReported
6460627 Feb 201237213Hanover Stroad surface is uneven, potholed, sunken temporary repairs and breaking upReported
6452926 Feb 201237212A40 elevated section - Westway - EastboundA deep rectangular pothole possibly around 8" deep. It looks like a previous repair in which half the repair has lifted. Whilst posing little risk of injury to car drivers, this is a fast road freque…Reported
6444223 Feb 2012QUEEN'S GATE AND KENSINGTON ROAD JUNCTIONSeries of joined-up small and medium sized but deep potholes,Reported

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