469 hazards found, displaying on 16 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatussort icon
3572527 Apr 2010ELM 84988Silchester RoadThe drain irinworks appears to be broken and fallen into the hole that it covers. Additionally, the area of tarmac that surrounds it has sunken, leaving a large depression. It has been there for many…Reported
3574527 Apr 2010ELM 85089Oxford Street, NewburyHazard Ref 31611 was fixed on 27 Apr 2010Reported
360025 May 2010ELM 85161unnamed roadHole in roadReported
3677128 May 2010ELM 85734WakemansLarge stones and gravel on road surfaceReported
3740415 Jun 2010ELM 86179A4 Bath RoadThere are a series of ruts running accross the carriageway in both directons. Due to the fast moving traffic they are difficult to avoidReported
3762222 Jun 2010ELM 86204A34 Bath Road at junctin with Mill LaneA couple of holes in the road just by the traffic light stop lineReported
3762722 Jun 2010ELM 86208Compton - Ilsley RoadMultiple potholes / uneveness with lipped edges, sufficiently deep to cause punctures to bicycle tyres / rim damage. Avoidance requires moving out 2m from nearside kerb into fast traffic flowReported
3767024 Jun 2010ELM 86282Compton - Ilsley RoadArea of approx 10m sq. containing two or three holes / ruts/ grooves on a bend under dense shade of trees. These holes are really hard to spot exactly and avoidance forces cyclists out into the mid …Reported
3767224 Jun 2010ELM 86284Un-named, W. Ilsley to E. Ilsley Road100m long stretch of badly decayed patching over pipeworks in the road. Surface is uneven, contains holes and ridges, forcing traffic (cars and cyclists) out over the mid line of the narrow single ca…Reported
379446 Jul 2010ELM 86506Heath LaneExtremely poor road surface all along Heath Lane in ThatchamReported
379456 Jul 2010ELM 86515UnknownThis whole road has almost ceased to be a road. It is now a rutted track. In DESPERATE NEED of resurfacing.Reported
379466 Jul 2010ELM 86516Thatcham BroadwayVERY poor road surface, lethal to cyclists and motorbikes.Reported
3812115 Jul 2010ELM 86788Bulpit LaneSeveral holes the biggest well over 2 feet across and up to 4 inches deep,Reported
385062 Aug 2010ELM 87163Admoor LaneVery uneven surface and loads of piles of loose stones on very steep hills - will cause a serious injuryReported
3885416 Aug 2010ELM 87389Ilsley RoadDeep hole/crack running parallel to direction of travel, a real "wheel grabber" likely to cause incident.Reported
397903 Oct 2010ELM 88450When dispalced by a vehicle the wstrr pooled in this crack in the road, jetwashes passing pedestrians - v powerful jet of water!Reported
4022215 Oct 2010ELM 88774Andover RoadIn the middle of the road a manhole has sunk causing cars to steer close to the kerb in order to miss itReported
4023717 Oct 2010ELM 88780Pothole in old repair Reported
405382 Nov 2010ELM 89076Pothole alongside drain v dabgerous to bikesReported
4107220 Nov 2010ELM 89593kiln roadlarge indentation in road surface after speed humpReported
4110421 Nov 2010ELM 89592Rag HillLarge potholes, gravel on road and poor road surface.Reported
4110621 Nov 2010ELM 89595A4Large pothole forming on A4 at loaction of fatal motorcycle accident.Reported
418373 Jan 2011ELM 90366The Henrys ThatchamAs you turn left into The Henrys from Park Avenue, there is quite a large deep hole in the middle of the road. As you have to avoid parked cars on the road you nearly always have to go over the poth…Reported
4231010 Jan 2011ELM 90535A4 (London Road)A series of potholes has opened up along a stretch of the A4 between the Gables Way rnbt and the Berkshire Arms Hotel. There are probably around a dozen holes approximately 250-300mm in diameter and …Reported
4231210 Jan 2011ELM 90536Back LaneDeep pothole on inside of sharp cornerReported
4291514 Jan 2011ELM 90818New RdPothole at edge of roadReported
4323317 Jan 2011Hatch LaneLarge pothole in Hatch Lane RG7 6NX. Very dangerous and could cause severe damage to vehicles/cyclistsReported
4323417 Jan 2011ELM 90902Junction Hatch Lane and Carbinswood lanevery large dangerous holeReported
4326417 Jan 2011ELM 90992Brimpton LaneThis area of the road is 'pockmarked' with many holes of various sizes across the entire width of the road.Reported
4330718 Jan 2011ELM 90926A4 London RoadSeries of potholes. Reported last week and later filled (Thursday ?). Infill lasted 3 days and almost all potholes are back as they were.Reported

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