1,183 hazards found, displaying on 40 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedsort iconHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
9938528 Feb 2014A31 Farnham By-PassA series of potholes and other defects on the surface of the road, likely to damage tyres/wheels if hit at speed. These are mostly across the centre of the road between the inside and outside lanes.Fixed
9935228 Feb 2014Massive pothole filled with water very hard to see. Fixed
9918326 Feb 2014Bad potholes from water erosionFixed
9916826 Feb 2014Pothole, on bridge opposite ironworks on Tilley lane. Fixed
9910425 Feb 2014Pothole forming at a manhole cover. Fixed
9909725 Feb 2014A325 Farnborough RdPothole in right wheel track.Fixed
9899924 Feb 2014Pothole with associated breaking up of the nearby surfaceFixed
9871122 Feb 2014Far bourough Rd / Frimley BypassPot hole.Fixed
9871022 Feb 2014B311 Chobham RdPothole. Hidden on a raised pedestrian crossing.Fixed
9870922 Feb 2014Bakeham LaneNasty deep pot hole. Impossible to see in the dark and wet. Close to left kerb.Fixed
9782015 Feb 2014B311 Chobham RoadPotholeFixed
9756012 Feb 2014Woodfield Lane, Ashtead,Large deep pothole plus other smaller ones nearbyFixed
9743511 Feb 2014Large pothole Fixed
972639 Feb 2014Barnett Wood Lane, Leatherhead,SurreyPothole by gulley at road humpFixed
965173 Feb 2014A320The roundabout, and the A320 on either side, is more of an assault course than a road now. The top layer of road is coming away in many places, leaving potholes and a very uneven road surface. It's n…Fixed
964672 Feb 2014Regular reappearing deep pothole towards middle of road in track of front offside wheel of most cars Fixed
963562 Feb 2014Pothole just north of railway bridge and junction, in driving lineFixed
962601 Feb 2014Potholes periodically from left hand bend to clubFixed
9618831 Jan 2014Deep potholeFixed
9610630 Jan 2014Holmbury RoadMost of the above apply. A drain with water coming up it instead of down that has washed the surrounding road away. The road has many other potholes and it is covered in debris.Fixed
9600329 Jan 2014Driving line of side opposite church car park. The road is narrow here and this pothole causes vehicles to swerve into oncoming traffic. Concealed by puddles regularlyFixed
9594329 Jan 2014Pothole n carriageway Somersbury Lane in driving lineFixed
9564126 Jan 2014Pothole on near side of northbound carriageway. Fixed
9517721 Jan 2014Pothole is approximately 18 in.² and 3 inches deep. It is located 2 feet from the curb in the main carriageway. The road currently has wrote a text on the opposite carriageway meaning that both lane…Fixed
9466915 Jan 2014B311 Chobham Rd.Trafic calming hump breaking up, leaving severe pothole in righthand wheel trackFixed
9452714 Jan 2014hersham roadLarge hole around a drain at edhe of road on a corner (where a cyclist would be cycling) Approx 8 inches deep (20cm)Fixed
9444813 Jan 2014Greville Park RoadPotholeFixed
9409710 Jan 2014Prior Rd.Very deep pothole. Extremely difficult to see in the dark and rain. perfect for wrecking right hand wheels.Fixed
938968 Jan 2014Two potholes in line three foot apart on left hand side of road as you go towards junction Fixed
938948 Jan 2014Pothole on entrance to alma way on junction line Fixed

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