418 hazards found, displaying on 14 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1780019 Feb 20091363028Grundisburgh RoadDeep pothole right by drain coverFixed
1788121 Feb 20091363055church strret Groton suffolkdeep potholeFixed
1792322 Feb 2009Spinney Hill/Flowton Roadlarge potholeFixed
1796223 Feb 20091366981broad roadnumerous pot holes allong roadFixed
1796323 Feb 20091366975unknown minor roadpot holesFixed
1796423 Feb 20091366974red dock lanepot holesFixed
1808726 Feb 2009Freehold Road, IpswichRectangular area of badly restored surface, now sunken to leave sharp edged holeFixed
181622 Mar 2009Problem Report 1371412Station Road, BlaxhallSeveral potholes across the road on the corner of a road junctionFixed
181662 Mar 2009Problem Report 1371345Low RoadExtremely slippery road surface. Whilst out on a ride, one rider fell (dry road, 8'C), but a rider about 10m back slipped without warning and is still in Addenbrookes hospital after being airlifted.…Fixed
183618 Mar 20091381013Silver Street, WithersfieldVery deep pot hole in road, dangerous to all road users, have no idea of size and I have not looked at it close, just to Drive by, but if your car tyre was to drop in the hole it would do a lot of da…Fixed
183628 Mar 20091381022Silver StreetDeep pot hole, dangerous to all road usersFixed
1860014 Mar 2009Duke StPothole in Duke StFixed
1860114 Mar 2009Holywells RdPotholes and general poor conditionFixed
1860214 Mar 2009Cromer RdPotholes and general poor condition of roadFixed
1863916 Mar 20091470567B1069old roadworks have eroded and broken up leaving grooves in the road that catch bicycle wheels, especially the ones which are diagonal. In the wet these cause the wheel to slip. Riders have to swerv…Fixed
1865716 Mar 20091389519Playford RoadDeep potholeFixed
1894127 Mar 20091398312Ashfield Roadnasty pothole on a blind bend - some drivers drive in the middle of the road to avoid it, which is highly dangerous because of the blind cornerFixed
1900930 Mar 20091398863Furze Close4 or 5 potholesFixed
1906931 Mar 2009Clapgate LanePotholesFixed
1950611 Apr 20091420975Chapel StreetDouble drain cover, collapsing into gully.Fixed
1961415 Apr 2009Manor RoadHoleFixed
1968316 Apr 2009Nacton RdPotholeFixed
1968516 Apr 2009Clapgate LanePotholeFixed
1988920 Apr 2009angel link halesworthtwo pothole on roundaboutFixed
1992121 Apr 20091421652Flixton Road8 foot long , by side of road cutting into road by about 12 inches,2 to 3 inches deepFixed
2010427 Apr 2009Britannia Road IpswichLine of holes in centre of the roadFixed
2010627 Apr 2009Britannia RoadHoles in road after repairsFixed
202691 May 20091441173Mill LaneSeveral potholes on the left hand side when travelling away from Fen Lane. Could easily cause a cyclist to fall off their cycle.Fixed
203204 May 20091445260Poplar Close / Spindle RoadSeveral areas of broken road surface, including potholes precisely on the junction.Fixed
203224 May 20091445245Spindle RoadPothole 3 feet from the kerb and on a bend. Easily deep enough to throw a cyclist or motorcyclist off and casuing road users to pull over, on the bend to avoid it.Fixed

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