376 hazards found, displaying on 13 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatussort icon
278128 Feb 2007400 metres of appallingly severe potholes between SJ 726016 and 734016In progress
919425 Nov 2007SCC HIGHWAYS CENTRAL DIVISION C BLOWER SENIOR HIGHWAY TECHNICIANNoneVery poor surface approximately half-way down steep slope, across the entire width. There is a continual trickle of water that runs across the road here - the residual surface water freezes in cold w…In progress
1988120 Apr 2009Park Lanemetre square hole in road ,, ,bad for cars , terrible for bikes .... getting worse by the week.In progress
2229714 Aug 2009bridgnorth road."tarmac waves". The tarmac look to have melted then gotten pushed up to form hefty lumps in the road in areas that have been badly repaired before.(poor quality tarmac and workmanship).These are at …In progress
2320117 Oct 2009Whitcliffe RoadTwo piles of loose grit on road edge.In progress
387159 Aug 2010Lower HordleyThe hole road is full of potholes, for at least half a mile.In progress
11531515 Apr 2015CAS 709074-G9K4W7No nameSeveral pot holes and poorly repaired pot holes over approx a 1/2 mile stretch. The lane is a council approved cycle route, used also by children riding to the infant school. The pot holes and uneven…In progress
204017 Feb 2007Surface breaking up & potholes covering approx halfway across roadReported
204117 Feb 2007Multiple potholes & surface breaking up halfway across roadReported
204217 Feb 2007Pot holes & surface breaking up halfway across road.Reported
204317 Feb 2007Pot holes & surface breaking up halfway across road.Reported
204417 Feb 2007Pot holes & surface breaking up halfway across road.Reported
204517 Feb 2007Pot holes & surface breaking up halfway across road.Reported
204617 Feb 2007Pot holesReported
204717 Feb 2007Pot holes & surface breaking upReported
204817 Feb 2007Edge of road breaking up & slurry/mud on road caused by farmer filling slurry tanker in roadside ditch!Reported
205017 Feb 2007Verges broken down & spreading across road, mud on road caused by tractors continually driving on verge, spilling slurry & not cleaning up.Reported
205117 Feb 2007Long cracks on surface in direction of travelReported
205217 Feb 2007Road sinking, potholes & surface breaking upReported
205317 Feb 2007Potholes, surface degradation, 10cm hard mud 1m wide up centre of road for past 2 years, hedgebanks broken down into road.Reported
205417 Feb 2007Pot holes & surface breaking up across road.Reported
205517 Feb 2007Hard rutted mud across road for past 2 years + potholes & surface degradationReported
205617 Feb 2007Pot holes & surface breaking up halfway across road.Reported
205717 Feb 2007Pot holes & surface breaking up halfway across road.Reported
215219 Feb 2007lane northwards just off eastern end of City Lane2 large and deep potholesReported
216819 Feb 2007Road is un-named lanePothole at edge of road on outside of bend.Reported
252323 Feb 2007Bransley LaneThe largest Pothole is approx400mm across and about 75mm deep. There are two large and two small potholesReported
252523 Feb 2007B 45555Pothole approx 30 cm x 20 cm about 0.5 m from edge of roadReported
261826 Feb 2007Road between Coreley & milsonThere are 2 potholes on the Northern side of the Road.Reported
33015 Mar 2007debris fro m previously filled potholes etcReported

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