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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
13069419 Jun 2016Ardley road, BucknellLarge pot holeReported
13068619 Jun 2016A40, Oxfordshire, England, OX29 towards Oxford two potholes, I swerved to avoid them and gave the geezer coming the other way quite a fright, sorry dear chap but Oxfordshire road conditions are a cha…Reported
13066818 Jun 201643-45 Market Square, Oxfordshire, England, OX28 6AG outside boots, more like two troughs than a simple pothole, protruding drain that could have a motorcyclist or cyclist off, how can you let a high …Reported
13066618 Jun 201678 High Street, Oxfordshire, England, OX28 6HL pothole on junctionReported
13066318 Jun 2016Sunderland drive, bicesterUneven worn road with multiple potholes. Dangerous for bikes, pedestrians and carsReported
13066018 Jun 2016Main Road, Oxfordshire, England, OX20 Towards Woodstock, Pothole RH Wheel Track, reported weeks ago, getting bigger with every hit. If we have the decency to report, can Oxford Council have the dece…Reported
13061116 Jun 2016Cumnor HIllexposed metal work in deep holeReported
13061016 Jun 2016B4044Large hole taking up half of carriagewayReported
13047211 Jun 2016A4130 ( High Road)The road surface surrounding three sides of a kerb drain has completely broken away, exposing a sharp metal edge inside a hole.Reported
13042910 Jun 2016golden ball roundaboutTall grass blocking view of oncoming traffic.Reported
1303989 Jun 2016London Road A420A Thames Water inspection cover protruding from road surface with pothole all around itReported
1303888 Jun 2016huge tyre popping pothole Reported
1303878 Jun 2016huge tyre popping potholeReported
1303868 Jun 2016hole at side of road quite near the bench. Reported
1303337 Jun 2016748169Deep hole arising from previous repairs. Reported
1301942 Jun 2016A40Overgrown verges on the A40 cycle paths between Oxford and Eynsham (maybe beyond) are making them increasingly difficult to use now that the rain has bent the grass over and weighed down tree branche…Reported
1301571 Jun 2016747367Main Road, Oxfordshire, England, OX20 towards Woodstock pothole is wheel track, reported before a few weeks ago, can u at least have the decency to fix issues before they cause damage, Oxfordshire do…Reported
12994924 May 2016746687Broken roadReported
12986622 May 201638–40 The Slade, Oxfordshire, England, OX7 past the shop towards the dip, previous naff repair opened up again, why repair once when you can do twice Reported
12986522 May 2016746244Pothole, nasty just past the pub, dangerous, very narrow Reported
12979920 May 2016Sunderland driveA mixture of potholes and worn Tarmac in numerous places along a stretch of road in a busy suburb. The road serves a primary school, special needs school and children's centre and is on a bus route (…Reported
12978320 May 2016Fermi AvenueVery large pothole which could damage a car or seriously injure a cyclist. It's located just after a roundabout where the road narrows.Reported
12977320 May 2016745789Icknield wayA series of holes on sustrans path 544, along a farm track on the Icknield way in South Oxfordshire.In progress
12975519 May 2016drain cover whose surrounding roadwork has disintegrated. This was "repaired" about 2 weeks ago. what was the point? Highly dangerous, since it's obscured by parked buses.Reported
12963116 May 2016Chinnor RoadA continuous stretch of holes and cracks, as well as surface debris where the road surface is rapidly failing. This is an area where one side of the road always has parked cars so the oncoming traffi…Reported
12962916 May 2016Urgent repair needed - series of highly dangerous potholes in cycle pathReported
12962816 May 2016Serious hazard to cyclists urgent repair needed before someone is killedReported
12962716 May 2016745090Badly damaged patch of road due to building works. Serious danger to cyclists. Urgent repair needed Reported
12950213 May 2016744841A40 cycle trackSeverely damaged road surface at edge of old reinstatement worksReported
12948813 May 2016Crawborough Road, Oxfordshire, England, OX7 Charlbury, the road is like a slalom course. There are several potholes but one really bad one near the school. It is all dangerous as drivers we are con…Reported

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