254 hazards found, displaying on 9 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1025169 Apr 2014Sunken manhole on entry to railway tunnelReported
1024799 Apr 201418459PotholeReported
10181328 Mar 201418204Crumbling road around ironworks leaving hole and exposed corner of metalReported
10181228 Mar 2014Crumbling potholeReported
10161724 Mar 201418096Large patch which is frowning in size currently caused £45 worth of damage to my bike wheel. Approx 3ft x1ft. 2 inch deepReported
10051311 Mar 201417834Patch around ironworks breaking downIn progress
10051211 Mar 201417835Temporary repair breaking up. Trench in roadIn progress
10051111 Mar 201417831Large section of crumbling road surfaceIn progress
998685 Mar 2014Thurston HouseDeep pothole near just outside a walled gateway. Reported
9934528 Feb 201417591Large pothole as previous temporary repair breaking down. In progress
9869221 Feb 2014Milnrow Rd Smallbrook Rd junctionnumerous potholes on a junctionReported
9869121 Feb 2014Shaw Road Newheythe road around the edges of the manhole has broken up reulting in a hole up the sie and the leading edge of the coverReported
9747811 Feb 201417202Lees new roadThe whole of the surface of the road, the red stuff with ripples on it is full of gullies and is completely disintegrating forming huge lines of pothole like destructionIn progress
9736610 Feb 201417176Temporary repairs crumbling. In progress
9736510 Feb 201417177Temporary repairs crumbling. Uneven road surface. In progress
9736410 Feb 2014Large section of road repaired poorly after utility works now crumbling badly. Deep holes, loose gravel. V dangerous. Reported
967845 Feb 2014Featherstall Road SouthPothole and uneven surface hazardous to cyclistsReported
967835 Feb 201417054Featherstall road southTarmac appears to have sunk making road hazardousIn progress
9590528 Jan 201416920A672 Ripponden RoadLarge pothole, increasing in size, on the inside line of the road whilst travelling southIn progress
9557526 Jan 2014Surrey Ave and Bedford AveThree or four areas of the road have sunk where previous repairs have been carried outReported
9518221 Jan 2014Featherstall Rd NorthUneven surface where tarmac has been damagedReported
9518021 Jan 201416731Manchester Street OldhamManchester Road Oldam - cycle lane markings almost worn out leading to motor vehicles driving in cycle laneReported
9495418 Jan 201416692When you turn leftoff grimshaw lane onto greengate, the potholes dont feel good on my carIn progress
9453514 Jan 201416659Holden Fold LaneVarious potholes which were last repaired about 12 months ago but have appeared againIn progress
9425511 Jan 2014kew roada long area out from the gutter approx 3 inches deep and 3 feet wide in places. please fix whilst the tarmac eqipment in in the area repairing wimbledon road merely 200 hundred yards awayReported
933072 Jan 2014Massive pothole on the left hand side of the road. It is already responsible for a puncture in my front left tyre which happened in the dark and wasn't noticeableReported
9321531 Dec 201316424Windsor RoadWindsor Road, poorly surfaced after roadworks, potholes all over the road, mainly in the middle of the road from the junction of werneth hall road to chamber roadIn progress
9316530 Dec 201316421The pothole looks to have been filed with stone but the rain has washed the stone out. The pothole is very deep and nearly damaged our car.In progress
9315130 Dec 2013Several deep potholes on narrow lane causing safety hazardReported
9314430 Dec 201316415Pot hole as you turn on to road very dangerous In progress

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