310 hazards found, displaying on 11 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
12390814 Feb 2016potholesRejected
12390014 Feb 2016failed roadRejected
12389914 Feb 2016failed roadRejected
12386514 Feb 2016Multiple potholes on both sides of roadRejected
1234138 Feb 2016Very deep pot hole on the outside of the corner. Dangerous even for cars...Fixed
12112428 Dec 2015763331Failure. On edge of previous repair Fixed
12112328 Dec 2015763333Failure around previous repairFixed
12112228 Dec 2015763330AreA around repair sink in to form pothole\nFixed
12112128 Dec 2015763327Pot hole formed around repairFixed
12112028 Dec 2015763329Multiple failures in road surface growing to form a cluster of potholesFixed
12111928 Dec 2015763228PotholeFixed
12092918 Dec 2015Northamptonshire County Councilhole on unlit Road is a hazard to cyclistsRejected
11957718 Oct 2015756678Pot hole in middle of road\nRejected
11904722 Sep 2015Road between Wormleighton and BoddingtonA number of potholes creating a very poor road surface, over a distance of around 10-20 metres.Rejected
11745030 Jun 2015Not sure. Just massive. Fixed
1167722 Jun 2015744228Pothole in middle of road \n40x50x2 cmFixed
1167712 Jun 2015744234Pothole in middle of road close to other pothole\n\n30x20x2cmFixed
1167491 Jun 2015Narrow potfole, dangerous for cyclistsFixed
11662627 May 2015As approaching roundabout from hardwick rd, Very deep Pothole around edge of drainFixed
11659326 May 2015743319PotholeFixed
11659226 May 201574332050x30x3cmFixed
11659126 May 2015743182Various failures around repair Rejected
11659026 May 201574332150x40x2cmFixed
11658926 May 2015743322Pothole in middle of road on bendFixed
11658826 May 2015Failed patch middle of road 60x30x2cmFixed
11658726 May 2015\nNear side 50x20c3 cmFixed
11658626 May 2015Pothole 60 x 30 x 3cmFixed
1160679 May 2015Hardy driveSporadic holes running down the road in close proximity.Rejected
1160669 May 2015Hardy driveLarge vertical sided holeRejected
1160659 May 2015Tate groveScattering of potholes across an entry to a road. Unsafe entry for a cyclist.Rejected

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