737 hazards found, displaying on 25 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
582155 Jul 2011116070Gidlow Road SouthThe condition of Gidlow Road, especially Gidlow Road South is terrible. There are potholes and loose debris along the whole length which is especially hazardous on a bike. Any repairs that have been …Reported
581131 Jul 2011Blackrod AvenuepotholesReported
581121 Jul 2011Speke Church RoadpotholesReported
581111 Jul 2011Woodend LanepotholeReported
581101 Jul 2011Woodend Laneseveral potholesReported
581091 Jul 2011115616Woodend LanepotholesReported
581081 Jul 2011All Saints RoadpotholesReported
5807630 Jun 2011267912Smithdown Lane2 potholesReported
5807530 Jun 2011St Domingo Roadseveral potholesReported
5807430 Jun 2011115594Diana StreetpotholesReported
5807330 Jun 2011115595Western AvenuepotholesReported
5807230 Jun 2011115597Queens DrivepotholeReported
5807130 Jun 2011115596Queens DrivepotholeReported
5805630 Jun 2011115602Elmswood RoadpotholeReported
5805530 Jun 2011115604Mossley Hill RoadpotholeReported
5805330 Jun 2011115603Mentmore RoadpotholeReported
5805230 Jun 2011115605Leeds StreetpotholeReported
5804930 Jun 2011115600Mackets LanepotholeReported
5804830 Jun 2011115599Mackets LanepotholeReported
5804730 Jun 2011115601Mackets Laneseveral large potholesReported
5804630 Jun 2011115598Mackets LanepotholeReported
5802930 Jun 2011115606Mackets Lanenumerous large and deep potholesReported
5801430 Jun 2011115593A580 East Lancashire Roadseveral potholes, one is surrounding a blocked gridReported
5801330 Jun 2011115590Queens Driveseveral large potholesReported
5801230 Jun 2011115591Heyworth StreetpotholeReported
5801130 Jun 2011115592Walton Lanesunken manholeReported
5799129 Jun 20115247206Breeze HillpotholeReported
5798729 Jun 2011115587Childwall Valley RoadpotholeReported
5798629 Jun 20115247187Montreal Roadlarge rut at the junctionReported
5797629 Jun 2011115607Caldway Drivelarge ridges of tarmac on the cycling lineReported

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