2,511 hazards found, displaying on 84 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
11706214 Jun 2015sharp ramp on mnhl cvrReported
11706114 Jun 201567759sharp ramp on mnhl cvrReported
11706014 Jun 201567761hole in surfaceReported
11705914 Jun 2015PEM 1342429hole nxt to mamnhole cvrReported
11705814 Jun 201567756 ngfReported
11696010 Jun 201567082Mill LaneVarious potholesReported
11695810 Jun 2015Vale LaneMultiple potholesReported
11695710 Jun 2015212237Curdale laneblocked drain and multiple pot holes and some very poor previous repairs from before making the road very rough and cyclist need to be near the centre of the road to avoid.Reported
11695510 Jun 2015Windmill lanea pair of pot holesReported
1169489 Jun 2015mill lanetarmac all breaking up, from kerb to kerbReported
1169479 Jun 2015dorchester roadrecently repaired hole, back againReported
1169288 Jun 201566815North road/Parliament Street Junction with A683 LancasterSign obstructing view of oncoming traffic. At the junction of North Road/Parliament Street and the Greyhound bridge approach there is a large direction sign low down on central reservation. When wait…Reported
11662927 May 201557922Deep potholeReported
11654325 May 2015PEM 13375016Singleton RoadOnly about 300 x 300, but very deep and will buckle a wheel if hit.Reported
11651523 May 201564349There are several potholes in close proximity to each other. Reported
11649323 May 2015Moss Side LaneMany Potholes over the first straight of the road for approx 100 yards, very hard to avoid due to narrow road, have been previously repaired in places but falling to bits againReported
11624715 May 201562682Poor previous repairReported
11616712 May 2015Chequer LaneRoad worn out many potholes on both sidesReported
1159794 May 2015holmefield roadA number of potholes down this road, mainly from when the road has been preivouspyndug up by utilities companies.Reported
1159404 May 2015crabtree avelarge hole in the roadReported
1158721 May 2015PEM 1331386A585A number of pot holes just before the roundabout which forces you into the right hand lane to avoid them.Reported
11586530 Apr 2015PEM 1331331Road has almost completely disintegrated for about half a mile along this stretch. I encountered punctures in both front and rear tires today almost resulting in what could have been a fatal accident.Reported
11581529 Apr 201559630Clitheroe roadSo called fixed pothole has opened up again.Reported
11581429 Apr 201559633King stBig deep,pothole on mini roundaboutReported
11579629 Apr 2015Park Hill Road in Garstang (near Preston)Pothole near the roundabout at junction of Park Hill Road and Moss Lane, near to Garstang Police station, in Garstang (near Preston).Reported
11573927 Apr 201559243Trough RoadPipes were laid across the road, after some time the road crosing has sunk leaving a deep depression. large vehicles driving over this sunken road crossing causes adjacent properties to vibrate.Reported
11572726 Apr 2015PEM 1330041B6480 Wennington RoadLots Of potholes all the way along the road from Wray To Wennington. These are mostly associated with an old trench line that appears to link what look to me to be BT manholes. Many of these potholes…Reported
11568425 Apr 2015PEM 1351453Cable Street LancasterFailing Manhole on Cable Street Lancaster. See attached Photo. The ironwork is breaking away from the surrounding tarmac and it appears to be sinking. Needs urgent investigation.Reported
11563624 Apr 201558739Ribby RoadBadly broken up road surface near kerb with a number of small but deep potholesReported
11561323 Apr 2015PEM 1329441New Road between Silverdale & WartonDeep narrow crack that is no problem for cars but is a serious hazard for cyclists as it could trap or deflect a wheel causing a cyclist to fall in front of an overtaking car with fatal results. See …Reported

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