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IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
12027023 Nov 2015Buckshaw Cycle Way? (according to google street view!)Double sunken manhole cover on the approach to a busy roundabout. 40mph limit, As well as being sunken around the manhole, this also has left a large upright side portion of the manhole left…Reported
12026322 Nov 2015B5260 Singleton RoadSee Photos taken 22/11/2015 of a half completed gully replacement left in a dangerous condition. This gully has a partly filled cut out round it with a very dangerous upstand of almost three inches. …Reported
12022420 Nov 2015PEM 1387813Nickey lane, mellorLarge deep circular hole in road halfway down Nickey Lane MellorReported
12020519 Nov 20151387083tom finney wayLarge dip In the road about 2-3ft from the kerbReported
1198043 Nov 2015Church Browa 40 metre stretch of poor road surface, multiple pot holes, dips around man holes, very uneven will cause an accident It's basically the extent of Church browReported
11971128 Oct 2015Lathom LaneThree or four potholes at the edge of the carriagewayReported
11971028 Oct 201594869Castle LaneThree or four deep potholes at the edge of the carriagewayReported
11967825 Oct 2015Approx location broken stile on footpathReported
11950414 Oct 201591977Briars Lnpot hole rounf road drainReported
11950313 Oct 201591919A5209very rough road due to poor repair and is now failingReported
11949813 Oct 201591846Parrs LaneThe top dressing of the road as been destroyed and has formed a gully see photograph.Reported
1193688 Oct 2015PEM 1368694A683Loads of hedge flailings occupying the left edge of the road and forcing cyclists out. These need to be removed or they will wash down in heavy rain blocking the gutter and forming an even bigger and…Reported
1193678 Oct 201591006Walmsley Bridge laneDeep pothole at the edge of an old patch. See Photo. There is also lots of debris all along this lane that should be removed.Reported
1193668 Oct 2015PEM 1368709Not named on my map or GoogleA complete mess of botched up patches and potholes. On the approach to this bend there is a short section with over a dozen small potholes and many more filled potholes where the bitmac is standing u…Reported
1192632 Oct 2015Not named on Google MapsAlthough there is not much hedge on this lane what bits there are had been flailed spreading the debris all over the road with no attempt to clean up. We had great difficulty trying to pick a way thr…Reported
11917528 Sep 201588450Pot hole on edge of roadReported
11915926 Sep 2015PEM 1366246moss lane ThurnhamBadly broken up area with lots of ruts and potholes. I find it inconceivable that you closed this road and relaid a section at the bottom of the hill but ignored this much worse section outside the f…Reported
11915826 Sep 2015B5272 Garstang RoadVery deep pothole adjacent to Gully. Very dangerous. Would cause a cyclist to crash.Reported
11897618 Sep 2015PEM 1364852Cinnamon Hill Drive SouthRoad has sunk again next to drain. This has had tarmac put on top of it twice now and it keeps sinking. It needs a proper repair.Reported
11890113 Sep 201585409Today I set off up NCN Route 6 from Conder Green towards Galgate. I had to turn back on the hill because the hedges had been flailed and the flailings left all over the road. Some years ago LCC produ…Reported
11888813 Sep 2015Several potholes near start of public footpath. Hazardous to cyclists.Reported
11888712 Sep 201585353Greyhound Bridge Approach from Parliament StreetBlocked Gullies causing pedestrians to be soaked. Every time it rains a huge lake forms and vehicles charge through it drenching any pedestrians using the footway. See Photos on this hazard. Don't yo…Reported
11886611 Sep 201585257Signed bicycle route. Heavily potholed. Lots of fly tipping (sofas and bathtubs). Dangerous to cyclists.Reported
1187807 Sep 201584141Very long stretch of road in a very poor state, potholes and very difficult to cycle faster than a walking pace.Reported
1187506 Sep 2015Bradshaw LaneNumerous Very Deep Potholes. The Surface on Bradshaw Lane is atrocious with lots of very deep potholes and badly eroded edges. This makes it very dangerous for cyclists and potentially damaging for c…Reported
1187054 Sep 201583687Sidgreaves Lane junct with lea lane Nr preston.Road previously resurfaces with bitumen and aggregates 2 months ago. At junction of lea lane with Sidgreaves lane. Preston district. failed to remove loose chippings from junction which is a hazard …Reported
1186792 Sep 2015Spa LaneA series of potholes and broken carriagewayReported
11859529 Aug 201582816Midge Hall Lanethe recent various 'remedials' have been poorly executed and are more uneven than the adjacent original surface. As a cyclist I avoid the new works for fear of ending up under an overtaking vehicle. …Reported
11854227 Aug 2015PEM 1357383Preston Road, Spendmore Lane and New RoadTravelling down Preston Road ,around the Alison Arms, both sides of the road are broken and uneven. As you exit the roundabout onto Spendmore Lane the road is heavily broken and uneven. Continuing al…Reported
11849826 Aug 201581789naze lane eastpot holeReported

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