2,422 hazards found, displaying on 81 pages (click column headings to sort).

IDsort iconAddedHA Ref.RoadDescriptionStatus
1116506 Feb 2015401642 deep potholes down to the cobbled road beneath. 60mm deep!!Reported
1115224 Feb 2015PEM 1312735Higher LaneBlocked drain(?) causing flooding across the entire road, and subsequent black ice, at the bottom of a fairly steep descent immediately before a main road junction. I was lucky to be able to pull up …Reported
1114453 Feb 2015PEM 1312427Garstang RdWheel beaker pot hole in the secondary position for a cyclist.Reported
1114253 Feb 201539420Dark LanePothole, rutted & crumbling road surface.Reported
1114243 Feb 201539411Derby StreetPotholes, rutted & crumbling road surface.Reported
1114213 Feb 2015Derby StreetPotholes, rutted & crumbling road surface.Reported
1112621 Feb 2015potholes in road from crag bank to middle of carnforth carnforth Reported
1112601 Feb 2015PEM 1311933Pothole has formed as a result of a poor repair following utility road works. Reported
11120931 Jan 201539039williamson rd2 potholes in the middle of the road down to the cobble layer belowReported
11120531 Jan 201539025Pothole in the middle of Tower Hill as the road bends, causing traffic to create Rick when avoiding.Reported
11120431 Jan 201539019Pothole in middle of T Junction - badly repaired previously - now even worse.Reported
11118230 Jan 2015whalley roadEdges of a drain fallen away creating a potholeReported
11112729 Jan 2015Several pot holes are on the road.Reported
11112229 Jan 2015ackurst wayAbout a foot and half square- water filled - not easy to see about 2 feet from kerbReported
11083627 Jan 2015Lea RdRut on roundabout at Cottam Way and Lea Rd. Thrown cyclistReported
11082927 Jan 2015Ghants LanePothole due to eroded Tarmac on Ghants Lane, HambletonReported
11081126 Jan 2015A59pothole !!Reported
11080926 Jan 2015Pothole in roadReported
11075726 Jan 2015Slyne Roadrectangular road Manhole cover loose and noisy.Reported
11075626 Jan 2015Lowgill laneBreak up of road surface. After rain, water pours out of holes, between the tarmac layer and the sub strata. Due to location, little warning of poor road surface from either direction. Reduced visib…Reported
11070826 Jan 2015Uneven road surface including 100mm deep pot holeReported
11065525 Jan 2015PEM 1309662Pothole appeared in hole repaired twice before. Reported
11064425 Jan 2015Gully several metres long about a metre from the edge of the road. This caught my wheel and came very close to throwing me off my bike.Reported
11064225 Jan 2015Wheat laneLarge pot hole. Caused two flat tyres in last week alreadyReported
11062225 Jan 2015The section of road is badly worn and needs resurfacing.Reported
11044522 Jan 2015PEM 1308906A6 north bound carriageway opposite Lancaster University from traffic lights at Lancaster University’s main entrance to junctionPotholes on A6 north bound carriageway opposite Lancaster University from traffic lights at Lancaster University’s main entrance to junction of A6 and Bailrigg Lane.Reported
11042521 Jan 2015PEM 1308613Rutted patchwork of old repairsReported
11042221 Jan 2015Clitheroe road2 deep potholes have appearedReported
11035919 Jan 2015Aldcliffe Roadlarge potholeReported
11034019 Jan 2015Hyndburn road, whalley roadpoithole in middle of the roadReported

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