How can I store my contact details, so I don't have to fill them in every time?

If you create an account you can add your contact details, and these will be used for each report you submit by default. You can always change the contact details for an individual report, if needed.

Why create an account?

If you create an account you can view all your reported hazards in one place, and update them without needing to use the update links we sent you by email.

You can also add your contact details, which will be used in the hazard report form by default (but you can change the details for each report, if needed).

If you represent a highway authority, creating an account will enable you to update any of your authority’s hazards. Logging in will also enable you to view all the authority’s open hazard reports in one place, with the option to update several hazards at the same time.

I work for a highway authority, how can I update hazard records?

There are several ways that local authorities can update our records:

  1. Log into this site using your account1: you can then update any of your hazards directly.
  2. Click on the hazard update link we include in all hazard notification emails: you can then update the hazard directly.
  3. Reply by email to the exact email address we sent the hazard notification email from.

The first option is the best, as it doesn’t require authorities to keep track of the hazard update links, and the update is quick and direct.

Is there an Android app?

Thanks to funding from the Department for Transport an Android app has been developed and is now available from Google Play.

You can search for "FillThatHole" in Google Play on your Android device, or view the details online via this link:

How do hazards get marked as fixed?

There are two main options:

Without creating an account on FillThatHole

If you are the original reporter, you can use the link we sent in the confirmation email to you.

If you represent the responsible highway authority, you can use the link in the report email we sent to you.

Otherwise please use the contact form and let us know the hazard ID and its status, with any useful comments you might have.

With a FillThatHole account

Is there an iPhone app?

Yes, have a look at the details page.

You can download it for free from the UK App Store:

What does the law say?

The laws relating to highway maintenance are mainly contained in the Highways Act 1980. The following links go direct to the government's website and the actual wording of relevant parts of the Act:

Can I claim compensation for damage or injury?

A highway authority has a statutory duty under section 41 of the Highways Act 1980 to maintain the highway.

I can't log in!

Here are some things to check:

  1. Check that you haven’t got the CAPS LOCK key on by mistake.
  2. Make sure that you’re using your username and not your email address in the Username box. If you request a new password, your username will be mentioned in the email Subject and at the start of the message.
  3. If you have asked your web browser to reject cookies for some sites, make sure that cookies are enabled from

Why hasn't my pothole been fixed yet?

Some potholes are fixed within a day or two, where the council team can find the hazard quickly and the weather is good enough for a fix. Others can take longer.

Wet or cold weather can prevent a long-lasting fix, so the highway maintenance team may fill the hole as a temporary measure. They will then return when the weather has improved to effect a more permanent and high-quality fix.

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