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App quits unexpectedly after system software update - 2 (18 March 2011)

We're seeing a few reported problems with v 4.3 of the iOS for the iPhone, causing the app to quit unexpectedly. Please mail us if you've seen this problem, describing what happened and including your iPhone model number and what you were asking the iPhone to do at the time. Please bear with us whilst we work on this issue.

App quits unexpectedly after system software update - 1

If you're using Apple's system software, iOS version 4.2.1, and version 1.0 of the app, you may have found that the app quits when you try to add a pin to a map. The good news is that we've resolved this issue with version 1.11 which you can download right now.

Finding location is slow

We've had some reports that sometimes Fill That Hole on the iPhone can be slow finding a location on a map, particularly for the first time. If you find this, please be patient as the problem may correct itself. If the problem continues, please drop us an email at the support address on the iPhone app.

Email Address

If you'd like to have an email confirmation of a report that you've submitted to the Fill That Hole website, you need to fill in your email address in the field found by going to iPhone Settings > Fill That Hole > Email. If it looks like your email address will not fit in the space available, just keep typing!. The iPhone will record your full address even if it cannot display it all at one time. Touch and hold over the text to see a magnified version.

I can't add a pin to the map

The iPhone adds a blue circle to the map at the point where it thinks it is located, and then you can add a pin maually to the map at that location. Therefore if you're in the south of the UK and you've moved the map to see Scotland in detail, when you add a pin it will be off the edge of the screen. If this happens, simply pinch the map between thumb and forefinger to zoom it out to where you can see the pin. Then you can drag the pin around if that's what you need to do.

Will the app work on other Apple devices?

We had to think carefully about the usability of the app, and decided that we had to specify it needs all of GPS, a camera and a phone connection before it will run. It's therefore brilliant on the iPhone, but not available for the iPod Touch or iPad.

If you need more help, please email the support address on the iPhone app.

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