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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatussort icon
1921677 May 2022Shropshire?Potholes/road breaking up.Reported
1921687 May 2022DevonB3227Sunken drainReported
1921698 May 2022BoltonPothole developed and is a particular hazard to cyclists\nReported
1921708 May 2022Highlandpothole in centre of lane Reported
1921718 May 2022Highlandpothole in centre of lane Reported
1921728 May 2022PlymouthUntrimmed ivy overhanging the pavement pushing pedestrians into the road.Reported
1921738 May 2022WandsworthGayville RoadGayville Road SW11 6JP the end towards Thurleigh Road has a big pothole and its a cyclist and car hazard.Reported
1921748 May 2022CumbriaLarge and deepReported
1921758 May 2022CumbriaSeveralReported
1921768 May 2022CumbriaLargeReported
1921778 May 2022EssexB1256Pothole at side of road (right where cyclists ride) about 8cm deep with vertical sides. Very dangerous for cyclists. It’s about 50cm in circumference although the shape is irregular. It is on the l…Reported
1921788 May 2022HertfordshireBramfield Road.MULTIPLE potholes on one side of this road !!! Very dangerous. Please repair asap.Reported
1921798 May 2022ShropshireCastle ForegatePotholesReported
1921808 May 2022Telford and WrekinPot hole Reported
1921819 May 2022WarwickshireSeveral potholes previously repaired!Reported
1921829 May 2022KirkleesPiles of rubble on either side of the road Reported
1921839 May 2022KirkleesDumped rubbish Reported
1921849 May 2022BuryGladstone Street BuryRocking manhole cover. This iron manhole cover makes a loud 'clank clank' each time a motor vehicle is driven over it. It was reported via during March 2022 as hazard #191389. The…Reported
1921859 May 2022KentRut in the road which goes across the width and is deep and very dangerous to cyclists. Will have someone off their bike soon if it hasn’t already and will cause damage to bicycle wheels. Needs urg…Reported
1921869 May 2022KentPothole on junction of Hampton pier avenue and west cliff drive. Reported
1921879 May 2022KentAt entrance to Maritime Avenue in the middle of the road Reported
1921889 May 2022KentMultiple pot holes in both directions causing danger to motorists and cyclists due to the need to swerve to avoid them in both lanes. Reported
1921899 May 2022DorsetRecent resurfacing of Church Rd appears incomplete. The entire junction had been marked but the resurfacing has only been completed up to the junction, and not even completed neatly. \nReported
1921909 May 2022West Dunbartonshiredeep pothole Reported
19219110 May 2022KentPothole in he middle of swalecliffe roundabout Reported
19219210 May 2022Transport Scotland\nLarge pot hole, enough to throw motorcyclist of their bike or cause damage to tyres and wheel rims. Reported
19219310 May 2022Transport Scotland\nLarge pot hole, enough to throw motorcyclist of their bike or cause damage to tyres and wheel rims. Reported
19219410 May 2022Bradfordmarley streetvery large hole in the middle of the roadReported
19219510 May 2022Bradfordsun streetvery bad state of the cobbles you can only use this road at cralling pace as it is in such a bad stse of repair and is dangerousReported
19219810 May 2022LincolnshireWillingham Rd, East BarkwithMultiple (20+) potholesReported
19219911 May 2022BuryBradley lanePotholes ruts bad road surface all over for road We road cyclists have to ride in middle of road to try avoid the ruts. very dangerous as close to getting hitcby cars needs fixing asapReported
19220011 May 2022BurySunken man holes in middle of road This road is dangerous . Hit this on motorcycle Gonna kill someoneReported
19220111 May 2022BoltonPrince streetSpeed bump deterioration Causing issue to safety Needs fixingReported
19220211 May 2022DevonVery poor road repair Reported
19220311 May 2022WarwickshirePackwood lanelarge drain grate has sunk into the road approximately six inches below the tarmac and is obscured when it rains. Lethal for cyclists as the road is narrow.Reported
19220411 May 2022SolihullNeedlers End LanepotholeReported
19220512 May 2022StirlingPothole by large road patch Reported
19220612 May 2022North YorkshireKeldgate Rd/West dike rdBoney unsurfaced Road with potholesReported
19220712 May 2022DevonReally poor surface for cyclists especially in evenings Reported
19220812 May 2022Central BedfordshirePothole on side of road Reported
19220912 May 2022Central BedfordshirePotholes on side of road Reported
19221012 May 2022Central BedfordshirePothole Reported
19221112 May 2022ManchesterMultiple potholes Reported
19221312 May 2022GloucestershireUnclassified road St John's Lock - ClanfieldA pothole at the vergeReported
19221412 May 2022Highways Englandgloucester rdThis is a very dangerous sunken drain, as it is very hard to avoid as you are unable to go around it safely. This has been like this for a while. It's located on the cycle path under the motorway b…Reported
19221512 May 2022Telford and WrekinManhole broken \nReported
19221612 May 2022LincolnshireRosebery Avenue, Boston. LincolnshireSunken areas left by telecommunication company in several patches where not restored properly causing uneven surface to a busy road leading to primary school, college and sports centre. Dangerous to…Reported
19221713 May 2022DorsetPetersham LaneDangerous road surface to 2 wheeled bicycles, motor scooters, mopeds and motor bikes.Reported
19221913 May 2022GloucestershireTwo gully’s where road repair has failedReported
19222013 May 2022GloucestershireSeries of pot holes on blind bendReported
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