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IDAddedAuthorityRoad Namesort iconDescriptionStatus
11825512 Aug 2015Transport for LondonWestminster bridge (road).Southbound on Westminster bridge is a drain cover with a large hole between the cover and tarmac. If I recall correctly it is about 5 metres on to the bridge in the bus lane. Is immediately noticeabl…Reported
54007 Apr 2007LambethWestminster Bridge RdHuge holeReported
2532219 Jan 2010LambethWestminster Bridge RdPothole - round, about 0.5 metre dia, and 7cm deep - close to kerb, just before traffic lights, under rail bridge on Westminster Bridge Rd heading towards Thames. It reappears every year.Fixed
10177627 Mar 2014Transport for LondonWestminster Bridge RdSeveral large holes clustered on the northbound carriageway of Westminster Bridge Rd (A302) at the southern area where the road goes under the railway. This is especially hazardous when cycling in th…Reported
13132414 Jul 2016LambethWestminster Bridge RdNumerous potholes and ruts across width of road especially East to West side of roadReported
153612 Feb 2007LambethWestminster Bridge RoadTwo badly sunken manholesFixed
33365 Mar 2007LambethWestminster Bridge RoadHuge potholeReported
53415 Apr 2007LambethWestminster Bridge RoadDeep pothole in dark locationFixed
556413 Apr 2007LambethWestminster Bridge RoadBrutal pothole, very abrupt edges, doubly dangerous because it is only visible at the last minute as one comes round the curve of the roadFixed
923830 Nov 2007City of LondonWestminster Bridge RoadLarge pothole at traffic lightsRejected
988816 Jan 2008LambethWestminster Bridge Road2 potholes - one sunken manhole, the other a pothole. I have reported the manhole one before and it was repaired - it has now fallen apart again and is dangerous to bikes, pedestirans and traffic.Reported
1135723 Feb 2008LambethWestminster Bridge RoadRoad deeply rutted and uneven.Reported
1337015 May 2008LambethWestminster Bridge RoadDeep pothole underneath WEstminster Road Raileway Bridge northerly direction. A nightmare to avoid.Reported
1375110 Jun 2008LambethWestminster Bridge Roadhuge deep pothole, extremely dangerous for cyclists as it is right in the kerb in a very poorly lit area (under a bridge) so it is very hard to see the pothole, NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTIONReported
181692 Mar 2009LambethWestminster Bridge Roadgrowing pothole which has previously been coveredIn progress
246238 Jan 2010Transport for LondonWestminster Bridge RoadSurface breaking up in several places on the junctionFixed
344419 Apr 2010Transport for LondonWestminster Bridge RoadLarge gully and holes several inches deep. On out side lane off Carriageway from Westminster Bridge to Parliament SquareReported
4008211 Oct 2010LambethWestminster Bridge RoadVery abrupt/deep hole in road where roadworks have been resurfaced, right in the area of the road that cyclists use!Reported
4099117 Nov 2010LambethWestminster Bridge Road2 large pot holes mean cyclists have to cycle in front of carsReported
4455925 Jan 2011LambethWestminster Bridge RoadPothole on pedestrian crossingReported
465588 Feb 2011Transport for LondonWestminster Bridge RoadPothole on Westminster Bridge Road. In front of the park plaza hotel the cars need to turn right, but buses and bicycles can turn left, and that's where the big pothole is on the left in the corner. …Fixed
5753716 Jun 2011LambethWestminster Bridge RoadPotholeReported
590081 Aug 2011Transport for LondonWestminster Bridge RoadReally massive pothole in the line of cyclists' travelling through this junction.Reported
6063112 Oct 2011Transport for LondonWestminster Bridge RoadBrokenm, sunken surface around metal coverReported
6191712 Dec 2011Transport for LondonWestminster Bridge RoadPotholeIn progress
7271319 Nov 2012Transport for LondonWestminster Bridge RoadSeries of potholes and poor road surface under rail bridge on Westminster Bridge Road (appproaching traffic signals under rail bridge) heading towards Thames. This stretch of road is heavily used by …Reported
7769931 Jan 2013LambethWestminster Bridge RoadSeveral potholes / very uneven road surface mean cyclists on the left hand side of the road (travelling toward Westminster Bridge) have to swerve at a narrow point under the bridge.Reported
8008519 Feb 2013Lambethwestminster bridge roadat traffic junction, just inside cycle box, middle of lane. large hole. the hole is so large if my wheel fell into it i would be off my bike in an instant.Reported
815139 Mar 2013Lambethwestminster bridge roadMany large pot holes and rutted surface approaching railway bridge and under railway bridgeReported
8207314 Mar 2013LambethWestminster Bridge RoadpotholeReported
8553924 Apr 2013Transport for LondonWestminster Bridge RoadReally bad and uneven road surface, in parts about 1metre from kerb, and in other parts in the middle of the lane, and also on the right side of the lane.Reported
8964727 Aug 2013LambethWestminster Bridge RoadLarge deep gaps around a metal cover - this is a bad oneReported
9138230 Oct 2013Transport for LondonWestminster Bridge RoadThis is a really dangerous, ever-increasing hole, at a junction in the middle of two traffic lanes, and it seems it is getting deeper and deeper every time I cycle past it.Reported
9856820 Feb 2014LambethWestminster Bridge RoadTwo potholesReported
9856920 Feb 2014LambethWestminster Bridge RoadString of connected potholes at bus stopReported
10691121 Aug 2014Transport for LondonWestminster Bridge RoadThis whole section of road leading up to and under the railway bridge is diabolical (especially heading north) It's got everything, potholes, uneven and protruding iron works and a mish mash of poor …Reported
10710029 Aug 2014Transport for LondonWestminster Bridge RoadLength of unevenness is about 4 foot by 1 foot and about 1-2 inches in the middle lane going from west to east over Westminster Bridge Road. Just before the road meets Belvedere RoadReported
10941417 Dec 2014WestminsterWestminster Bridge RoadIt's an old old hole which keeps opening up. Today it looked like it had collapsed and had bits that were well over 30cm deep. Currently VERY DANGEROUSReported
1099409 Jan 2015Transport for LondonWestminster bridge roadLarge pothole that has appeared after the temporary patch wore away.Reported
11003112 Jan 2015WestminsterWestminster Bridge RoadPotholeReported
11292727 Feb 2015LambethWestminster Bridge RoadLarge potholeReported
11709715 Jun 2015LambethWestminster Bridge roadFor a few months now, the road has become worse and worse and is now very uneven under the bridge and forces cyclists in the middle of the road where there is heavy traffic.In progress
13987121 Apr 2017LambethWestminster Bridge RoadFor about 100m the surface of the road is appalling. The road is rutted, potholed, and falling to pieces. The whole stretch needs resurfacing.Reported
13999025 Apr 2017Lambethwestminster bridge roadA large stretch of badly repaired road surface, potholes, ruts, gullies, fractured surface, loose gravel etc. It is a busy stretch but, due to the terrible road surface, one has to spend more time lo…Reported
16424920 Mar 2019LambethWestminster Bridge RoadPotholes and Uneven surface. All of the above really. All along the Westminster Bridge Road section from St George's Cathedral to the Plaza hotel. Absolutely awful surface for cyclists.Reported
18551023 Apr 2021LambethWestminster Bridge RoadAbsolutely awful surface on the entire road and dangerous for cycling - requires a lot of swerving into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting the potholes and uneven surface which is damaging to tyres.Reported
12361010 Feb 2016LambethWestminster Bridge Road (A302I reported potholes on this small stretch of road a month ago (CTC Hazard #121867), one has been filled but another pothole has not been fixed and has become even larger. It is dangerous for cyclists…Reported
400411 Mar 2007LambethWestminster Bridge Road (one way)large gap between edge of steel manhole cover frame and road base; manhole cover sunkenFixed
32785 Mar 2007LambethWestminster Bridge Road (roundabout)Severely sunken manhole with surrounding eroded pavement.Fixed
7035030 Jul 2012Transport for LondonWestminster Bridge Road / St George's RoadDangerous sunken manhole cover and pothole on very sharp bendReported
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