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IDAddedAuthorityRoad Namesort iconDescriptionStatus
4090314 Nov 2010West SussexTurners Hill Road postcode RH19On the B2110 Turners hill Road postcode RH19 just past the Saint Hill Cross Roads travelling from East Grinstead to Turners Hill - badly uneven road surface across whole of road plus another area on …Reported
4462025 Jan 2011West SussexTurners Hill Road postcode RH19A large potholeReported
17363419 Feb 2020HampshireTurners WaypotholeReported
320719 Mar 2010SouthwarkTurney RoadMajor pot hole on Turney Road right at the lights at the junction with Dulwich Village (on south bound carriageway) It could easily knock you off your bike if you didn't see it.Reported
73602 Jul 2007BuckinghamshireTurnfurlongMost of that stretch of Turnfurlong, which is an on road road cycle way is very uneven and pot holed. To avoid these hazards one has to move out of the cycle way and face the danger from vehicles.Fixed
9944 Feb 2007BuckinghamshireTurnfurlong LaneThe road is very uneven to the left and has lots of potholes in.Reported
2936315 Feb 2010Buckinghamshireturnfurlong laneMassive gully in middle of road where cyclists turn into Westmoreland Ave plus several potholes on or around area to left of carriageway heading north.Reported
1620415 Feb 2019HounslowTurnham Green TerraceCut-out square of asphalt extending 15 cm all around square manhole cover is breaking up, exposing sharp metal rim of manhole frame.Reported
1692427 Nov 2019HounslowTurnham Green TerraceA nasty, dangerously-located hole/trench has opened up where roadworks were evidently backfilled with too-weak material and motor vehicle traffic weight has broken it up. It's right at the entry to a…Reported
287218 Feb 2010HounslowTurnham green Terrace with Bath RoadRaised surface with manholes and other off-camber hazards make this junction extremenly dangerous as they are unsuitable as a braking surface just where pedestrians are prone to run across the zebra …Fixed
3771725 Jun 2010Staffordshireturnhurst roadas you are cycling up towards harrishead lane from pennyfeilds road there are a lot of potholes,dips that have caused alot of damage to my back wheel and its hard to miss them if you are coming down …Reported
361018 May 2010BuckinghamshireTurning from Ledborough Lane into Sandelswood EndSmoothed slippery manhole vover and series of ruts, holes and uneven surfaceReported
378642 Jul 2010HillingdonTurning from Rushdene road to Eastcote RoadDeep set of potholes across roadReported
3357329 Mar 2010Cambridgeshireturningtree rdlarge potholes, on turningtree rd whittlesey. Road crossing which looks like a service route. Tarmac has been breaking up leaving 3 bad areas. Road has various large holes and dips near kerbside whic…Reported
571419 Apr 2007South LanarkshireTurnlaw RoadTwo trench repairs across road have not been properly filled in and resurfaced. Been present for several years. One is near exit to East Greenlees Road, other is a couple of 100 metres towards Turn…Reported
571519 Apr 2007South LanarkshireTurnlaw RoadMud and loose debris strewn across a considerable length of this road. Have previously reported to council (over a year ago) who agreed to sweep road but no action has been taken. Also the road sur…Reported
5981431 Aug 2011South LanarkshireTurnlaw RoadSomebody has completely blocked the road with a large pile of tyres.Reported
1949710 Apr 2009DerbyshireTurnlee Rd., Glossop, High Peak, Derbyshire.Deep pothole in carriageway forcing cyclists into road centre and into path of traffic.Reported
905729 Oct 2013EssexTurnors CM20 1EFA wide Asphalt area surrounding a drain cover. area has become a large pot hole getting bigger.Reported
3060827 Feb 2010HaringeyTurnpiek Lane, N8the manhole cover has sunk a lot and water is collecting in itReported
2919812 Feb 2010SomersetTurnpike LaneRoad badly worn on both sides due to passing traffic using full width of carriageway and poor drainage - depth of gully is now getting worrying for normal cars.Reported
862206 May 2013Transport for LondonTurnpike LaneGreat ridges of pushed up road surface, impossible to cycle safely on, together with large stones and gravel strewn over road surface and broken up tarmac plus pot holes. This is a bus lane at a busy…In progress
1343475 Jan 2017HaringeyTurnpike LaneA sunken / rocking double manhole cover.Reported
15175228 Mar 2018Haringeyturnpike laneLarge pothole with water pouring outReported
1214236 Jan 2016HertfordshireTurnpike Lane, IcklefordThe entire length of Turnpike Lane, along the left hand side when going from Ickleford up to the Bedford Road, is full of ruts, cracks, potholes and gullys. The other side of the road is starting to …Reported
1984419 Apr 2009Haringeyturnpike lane, N8sunken manhole coverReported
316245 Mar 2010LancashireTurnpike RoadFrom the kerb to 650mm into the road, rectangular 650 by 400 by 100 deep holeReported
923242 Dec 2013CornwallTurnpike RoadSeveral longitudinal patches exist in the east bound carriageway of Turnpike Road, the result of traffice calming work and alterations to junctions where new properties have been built. Yesterday I g…Reported
14566419 Jan 2018SuffolkTurnpike RoadVery large unavoidable pothole. Will cause damage to cars.Reported
4725512 Feb 2011Boltonturon roadPot hole on side of drain cover in main area for cyclistsFixed
7025026 Jul 2012LambethTurret GroveVery unsafe road surface with multiple potholesReported
3496216 Apr 2010LambethTurret Grove, SW43 potholesReported
4706411 Feb 2011SuffolkTurret LanePotholeReported
7677022 Jan 2013SuffolkTurret LaneThere are several very large potholes here where the buses go.Reported
8167611 Mar 2013SuffolkTurret LaneLoads of deep and dangerous potholes on Turret LaneReported
5470411 Apr 2011BuryTurton RdLong stretch of road (50m or so) of very poor quality, top layer disintegrating, lots of debris on the road causing chips & facial injuries to cyclists (like me!!). Worst stretch of road in the Bolt…Reported
251323 Feb 2007BoltonTurton RoadCarriageway collapsed around gullyFixed
4725412 Feb 2011BoltonTurton Roadhuge holesd in the road surfaceFixed
6656217 Apr 2012BoltonTurton RoadPotholes around grid cover and manholeFixed
267126 Feb 2007BoltonTurton Road, BoltonLarge pothole around a drain - extremely hazardous for a cyclist, especially in the dark or when full of water.Rejected
2416815 Dec 2009BoltonTurton streetA previously reinstated section of road surface, following previous roadworks, has subsided leaving a pothole. This hole lines up with the wheels of most vehicles using this route on a morning rush h…Fixed
2240520 Aug 2009BirminghamTurves Greenlarge sunken area in tarmacReported
13958511 Apr 2017StockportTurves Rda few potholes developing at the turves rd traffic lights, high through fare for all the schools traffic, will only be time before these get worseReported
1057429 Jan 2008StockportTurves RoadSunken drain.Reported
1436324 Jul 2008StockportTurves RoadLarge manhole cover. Road surface surrounding manhole is broken and poses a serious hazard to road users. Cyclists have to move out to the center of the road to pass the hazard. The problem is …Fixed
1656420 Jan 2009StockportTurves RoadLeading up to a roundabout, directly in line with cycle or motor cycle traffic. It is a deep pothole, with a general poor road surface around the area.Fixed
1668925 Jan 2009StockportTurves RoadBig hole at the side of road with lots of gravel washed out as well.Reported
4752114 Feb 2011StockportTurves RoadSeries of four sunken manholes and erosion leading upto traffic lightsReported
5789626 Jun 2011StockportTurves RoadSeries of four sunken manholes and erosion leading upto traffic lightsReported
647431 Mar 2012StockportTurves RoadBroken road surface around drain coverFixed
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