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IDAddedAuthorityRoad Namesort iconDescriptionStatus
7690224 Jan 2013Scottish BordersUn-namedCollection of holes and broken road surface. enough to cause susspension and tyre damage, or injury on a bike or motorbikeReported
8543023 Apr 2013Central BedfordshireUn-namedExtensive deep potholing and debrisReported
8543223 Apr 2013Central BedfordshireUn-namedPotholes and debrisReported
8700321 May 2013GloucestershireUn-namedLarge pothole on bend where recent repair has failed. Also hole at the edge of road where old and new tarmac meet.Fixed
876045 Jun 2013SwanseaUn-namedShort section of road with several potholes. The top surface has failed, with holes breaking through to a surface underneath. These holes are sharp edged and dangerous. The road is popular with …Reported
9537323 Jan 2014East Riding of YorkshireUn-namedSeveral large potholes are obscured by flooding over the complete width of the road; this location and the frequency which this hazard occurs concerns me. I know the road and know where the potholes …Reported
9868121 Feb 2014StaffordshireUn-namedLarge pothole in Lower Cowley. Both my wife and a friend have recently wrecked a tyre on this pothole. It has been there since November and not been repaired. It is so large now that it is almost imp…Reported
10765024 Sep 2014GloucestershireUn-namedPothole (largest one of 3) 12 x 18" on road heading into EastleachReported
11433623 Mar 2015GloucestershireUn-namedPotholeReported
1590246 Sep 2018FifeUn-namedPiece of road between A92 and B995 for the whole length has ruts down each side and surface is uneven throughout.Reported
15911012 Sep 2018Hampshireun-namedString of potholes along the 'give way' markings. This makes it hazardous for cyclists to look right onto the major road for oncoming traffic, whilst trying to avoid being thrown sideways, or off th…Reported
16154718 Jan 2019Cumbriaun-namedLarge pothole next to verge. 100 metres north from the crossroads shown on the map.Reported
16907828 Oct 2019Haringeyun-namedno obvious surface. combination of mud, gravel , water-filled potholes at east of cycle route through Alexandra Park. This stretch of the path has been untouched since I started cycling that route in…Reported
2987921 Feb 2010Central Bedfordshireun-named (runs North from Northwood End Rd to Bedford Road)Multiple potholes, debris on road, poor surface etc. - entire length of unclassified road - various sizes and depths of holes/ruts on entire length of road - although gets worse towards the Northern …Fixed
3525619 Apr 2010LincolnshireUn-named (Westville, between Bunkers Hill/Frithville road and Shorts corner on Frithville to Carrington road)Several patches of work have gone on, on this road to improve sunken road surface. The work is so poorly blended in with the existing road surface and so poorly finished it makes very dangerous to c…Reported
9304129 Dec 2013Hertfordshireun-named - road from Haultwick to Rush Greenthere are 3 extremely deep potholes in this location. Two on the side nearest to Keepers Cottage and one at the junction of footpath 18 with the road. These potholes are over 1 foot in depth and wh…Reported
16599713 May 2019CumbriaUn-named - the road has no designated name but is quite busy.Several potholes spread about on road between Newby and the A6. Located approx. half way along road near a plantation of trees.Reported
457962 Feb 2011NorthumberlandUn-named back lane to the rear of Stanley Street, Blyth.Road surface unsafe for any mode of transport due to years of roadworks & neglect. Even a pedestrian risks injury in this back lane.Fixed
12198016 Jan 2016SunderlandUn-named bus link between Parkway and police stationDrain or somthing similar creating a deeping trench running the width of the road.Rejected
15452721 Apr 2018Cornwallun-named but continuation of Pengover Road E from Pengover GreenSince August 2012, when an 'Uneven Road Surface ' sign was erected on my lane - (since then, it has fallen down and been covered by grass in verge), perhaps three potholes have been filled 3 times, b…Reported
2099327 May 2009Isle of Angleseyun-named country laneMany large potholes and uneven surface on several hundred metres of the lane.Reported
11454327 Mar 2015NottinghamshireUn-named country laneRoad is almost impassable, so many pot holes and ruts along full length of road.Reported
7925313 Feb 2013Hertfordshireun-named laneLargish area of tarmac missing on fast downhill section of this lane.Fixed
14769111 Feb 2018Hampshireun-named lane at GR 277104, Near Minstead, New Forest.South of A31.Dangerous pothole on blind corner of narrow lane, an especial danger to two-wheeled road users ! This is on a narrow single track lane, between Minstead village & road from A31 to Emery Down & Lyndh…Reported
8787012 Jun 2013Buckinghamshireun-named lane between Swan Bottom & St. Leonardssections of broken surface of old patch approaching a blind righthand bend in very narrow lane, forcing cyclists to ride in the middle of the carriageway.Reported
4745214 Feb 2011West Sussexun-named minor road from Liss/Rake southbound into Rogate.Massive hole in carriageway as you enter braking zone coming downhillReported
6537615 Mar 2012DerbyshireUn-named minor road NW of Earl Sterndale villageSeries (approx 8) of deep potholes in narrow road in "wheel track" such that they are a major hazard to cars and cyclists alike, risking significant damage and possibility of cyclist falling offReported
9138430 Oct 2013Hampshireun-named narrow lane south west of Minstead.A series of about 20 potholes over a 50-100 yard stretch of laneReported
16452725 Mar 2019DorsetUn-named or numbered road.Pothole on cycle riding lineReported
12379913 Feb 2016GloucestershireUn-named Poulton to QueningtonLarge potholeFixed
780333 Feb 2013GloucestershireUn-named Quenington to Poulton Fields / Ampney St. PeterLarge pothole at road edgeFixed
13097829 Jun 2016OxfordshireUn-named Rd between East Lockinge and BettertonPot hole x 2Reported
7966716 Feb 2013HampshireUn-named Rd from Farley Mount to AshleyLarge and deep pothole,uncomfortably takes a vehicle wheel.Reported
5522018 Apr 2011Surreyun-named rd, Smithers Lane ?numerous potholesReported
1520529 Sep 2008West Berkshireun-named roadBreaking up of road surface, either side of Pitt Kings Farm, between Winterbourne and Bagnor.Fixed
1520629 Sep 2008West Berkshireun-named roadBreakdown of road surface on eastern side of norrow lane.Fixed
226427 Sep 2009Cumbriaun-named roadtwo large potholes, debris on road, further potholes towards farm entranceFixed
3250515 Mar 2010West Berkshireun-named roadHafway up hill on south side of unlit road.Fixed
3250715 Mar 2010West Berkshireun-named roadTop of hill above isolated house. Collapsed repair leaving two holes, one each side of unlit road.Fixed
3250815 Mar 2010West Berkshireun-named roadhole in North side of unlit unlit road.Fixed
3833526 Jul 2010Kentun-named roadlong stretch of poorly surfaced roadwayReported
563325 May 2011Oxfordshireun-named roadThis is a stretch of road between the A40 oxford road near Stokenchurch and a village called Nettlbed in Oxfordshire, part of the road is in Buckinghamshire. I have contacted the Oxfordshire highways…Reported
6026621 Sep 2011KentUn-named roadpotholes/broken manhole surroundsReported
6026721 Sep 2011KentUn-named roadpotholes/rutsReported
9577627 Jan 2014DurhamUn-named roadPot hole/sunken man hole...not sure which as I've only ever felt it,driving to work in the early hours in the dark this hole is large enough to rattle the hell out of a Land Rover .Fixed
10683918 Aug 2014Merthyr Tydfilun-named roadRuts where later tarmac joins existing tarmac. Mainly alongside length furthest away from crash barrier. There are also some holes outside the vicinity of the above.Reported
1078296 Oct 2014GloucestershireUn-named roadPotholeReported
12098921 Dec 2015Vale of Glamorganun-named roadpotholeReported
15473423 Apr 2018FalkirkUn-named road2 Very large potholes approximately 200 meters apart. These potholes represent a particular danger to cyclists, being at the bottom of a hill just after a corner. Their size, position and width of t…Reported
1570452 Jun 2018Lincolnshireun-named roadPothole having a vertical exit point capable of causing serious damage to cars and potentially life threatening to cyclists and other 2 wheeled usersReported
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