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IDAddedAuthorityRoad Namesort iconDescriptionStatus
2786331 Jan 2010Ealinguxbridge roadpot hole occur on old patch (something more profoundly bad below?)Reported
2937915 Feb 2010Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge RoadDeep pothole on the Uxbridge road, dangerous to cyclists especially who could easily write off a wheel if hit at speed.Fixed
2973119 Feb 2010EalingUxbridge RoadIt's a deep pothole near the gutter. So deep in fact that I nearly came off my bike when I hit it last night.Reported
3812415 Jul 2010EalingUxbridge RoadAsphalt had collapsed in a place under its own weight. It is almost invisible (especially at night) when you traveling down hill and got speed of 20mph. Also before that there is a bit of asphalt wh…Reported
385744 Aug 2010EalingUxbridge RoadSunken drain cover which has previously been repaired now in a very poor dangerous state. Hitting this whilst commuting to work on bicycle almost throws me off onto road.There are actually two hazard…Reported
4011712 Oct 2010Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge RoadPothole just before pedestrian crossing by the shop Damas Gate. Easy to hit, particularly in the dark as contours are not eaily identified (it has a shallow entry and a very steep exit - just right …Fixed
407188 Nov 2010EalingUxbridge RoadUneven reoad surface and potholesReported
4167130 Dec 2010Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge RoadRoad surface has decayed around manhole, leaving steel manhole 3 inches exposed, on the inside of a tight corner.Fixed
4857821 Feb 2011EalingUxbridge RoadArea around drain cover broken up creating a dangerous hazard to cyclists.Fixed
5529619 Apr 2011HarrowUxbridge RoadSinking road repair causing a big sharp bubp in the road.Reported
5558323 Apr 2011EalingUxbridge roadsunken manhole and damaged surrounding tarmacReported
5753216 Jun 2011HarrowUxbridge RoadVery rough and pot-holed area of road located in a busy area of road outside Hatch End Station. I can only assume that resurfacing has been delayed until after parking bays have been installed acro…Reported
6197014 Dec 2011HarrowUxbridge RoadSunken road surface where a trench has been repaired.Reported
6332625 Jan 2012EalingUxbridge RoadElongated hole not far from kerb.Reported
6332725 Jan 2012EalingUxbridge RoadManhole cover in bad state of repair and drain in close proximity also needs repairing.One is just as you emerge from under the railway bridge and one is at the crossing just past the first hazard at…Reported
6406913 Feb 2012Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge RoadSmall, but deep hole in the road. My wheel caught in it and because of the shape, didn't come out again, so I came off the bike, in the middle of a busy road. Luckily no traffic immediately behind me…Fixed
672852 May 2012HarrowUxbridge RoadDeep hole in road adjacent to a surface water drain gratting.Fixed
6993718 Jul 2012HarrowUxbridge RoadDrop in road surface.Reported
6993818 Jul 2012HarrowUxbridge RoadNasty trench in the road surface just where cyclists have to ride.Reported
7070515 Aug 2012EalingUxbridge RoadHole in the road!Reported
7121012 Sep 2012HarrowUxbridge Roaddeep hole - pot hole - at side of roadway. Danger to cyclists.Reported
7157830 Sep 2012EalingUxbridge RoadA number of bad repairs , uneven road .Reported
781504 Feb 2013HarrowUxbridge RoadOld trench repair subsiding causing a drop in the road surface. This is right in the line of travel of cyclists.Reported
8028822 Feb 2013EalingUxbridge RoadPothole eastbound on uxbridge road just after the junction with 'The Common' just as the bus lane startsFixed
8271920 Mar 2013Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge RoadLeft hand side of road by Shepherd's bush green, numerousFixed
935735 Jan 2014HillingdonUxbridge RoadLarge trench forming out from Pole Hill Road onto and across Uxbridge Road.Reported
9533223 Jan 2014Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge RoadLarge PotholeFixed
9607630 Jan 2014EalingUxbridge RoadRidge in middle of bus lane where tarmac has moved. Dangerous as you can be forced onto it by traffic, and if you hit it it could easily cause a fall.Reported
9838919 Feb 2014HillingdonUxbridge Roaddeep pothole, really scary when you hit it unawaresReported
9874622 Feb 2014EalingUxbridge RoadPothole on the road, where the surface has come away. The surface of the road here is very poor quality. The cycle lane markings and surface have eroded away. The Advanced Stop Line has been incorrec…Reported
9936128 Feb 2014Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge RoadLarge PotholeFixed
999216 Mar 2014Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge RoadDeep pothole in the primary position for cyclingFixed
1038477 May 2014HounslowUxbridge RoadThree pot holes have opened up on the line in the road where previous potholes and works have been. These are and will open up very quickly like last time.Reported
10438819 May 2014Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge Roadsunken collapsed manhole coverFixed
10869214 Nov 2014EalingUxbridge RoadPothole that I previously reported a year or so ago. It has now resunk quite badlyReported
1187918 Sep 2015Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge roadSeveral deep potholes on the approach from the west from Uxbridge road approxing the Holland park aroundabout - very dangerous for cyclistsFixed
11940410 Oct 2015Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge RoadLarge hole around drain has formed AGAIN!Fixed
12605014 Mar 2016Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge RoadA huge pothole, going west along the Uxbridge Road. It's a huge danger to cyclists and has been there for at least 5 months.Fixed
15023415 Mar 2018Transport for LondonUxbridge RoadLarge deep pothole on east-bound Uxbridge road at junction with A314Reported
16014421 Nov 2018EalingUxbridge roadImmediately as you turn left under the iron bridge there's a really deep pothole that not only is dangerous to your wheels but is just after you turn so most people don't see it and automatically swe…Reported
16231212 Feb 2019EalingUxbridge RoadPotholes just after the junction heading east on A4020Reported
1692135 Nov 2019EalingUxbridge RoadVery large pothole on westbound carriageway next to garage.Reported
156199 Nov 2008EalingUxbridge Road (A4020)To get on to cycle path on the approach to the traffic lights at the Iron Bridge you have to cycle over raised kerb stones which are a hazard, especially in the wet as they are not level with the car…Reported
1206759 Dec 2015Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge Road (A4020)Deep pothole in the right-hand wheel tracks of the bus stop, westbound Uxbridge Road (A4020).Fixed
245024 Jan 2010Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge Road , about 30 metres before the pedestrian crossing ouitside SB stationa deep small pothole , that is hard to see and even if you do , difficult to avoid because it is in the middle of busy 4 lane eastbound traffic stream just before westfield shopping centre, Shepherd…Fixed
10439019 May 2014Hammersmith and FulhamUxbridge Road - eastboundPothole repaired very poorlyFixed
144601 Aug 2008EalingUxbridge Road - SouthallA very large and deep pothole at a point in the road that is narrowed by a cetral divide, riders have to either ride through it or move to the centre of the lane.Fixed
4819218 Feb 2011EalingUxbridge Road - The Vale , ActonRoad eroded away from one corner of manhole frame leaving 2" vertical steel edge.Reported
5886928 Jul 2011BuckinghamshireUxbridge Road / Church LaneQuite big and deep pothole in-between two lanes,on crossroads,on traffic lights.Someone can kill themselves if on motorbike.It is really big as for bikers.Fixed
341326 Apr 2010EalingUxbridge Road / Church Road/St.Georges RoadIn the middle of the crossroad is a few potholes some of them deep to about 5 inches. Also a lot of smaller cracks. It is difficult to avoid them and also stay safe on that bussy road.Reported
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