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IDAddedAuthorityRoad Namesort iconDescriptionStatus
504825 Mar 2011SurreyTrumpsgreen RoadPothole next to the kerb as you turn left onto Trumpsgreen Road/Bridge LaneReported
661685 Apr 2012SurreyTrumpsgreen RoadRoad surface broken and missing surrounding drain cover.Reported
8529020 Apr 2013SurreyTrumpsgreen RoadThe surface around a drain cover has collapsed and a nasty pothole with sharp metal exposed is developingReported
937847 Jan 2014SurreyTrumpsgreen RoadFailure of road surface due to collapse around manholeReported
11413018 Mar 2015SurreyTrumpsgreen RoadPothole, sunken surface around drain.Reported
9933827 Feb 2014NorfolkTrunch Road MundesleyHole around drain cover - nasty sharp edges and very difficult to avoid if traffic is approachingReported
1020942 Apr 2014LewishamTrundley's RoadBroken speed cushions with ruts and gullies the length of Trundleys Road, forcing cyclists to swerve even more than is forced by the speed cushions.Fixed
10114019 Mar 2014LewishamTrundleys RoadThe side of the road is full of potholes from the start at Sanford Street to the junction at Bush Road. The road is narrow which makes the situation very dangerous for cyclists.Fixed
13253519 Sep 2016LewishamTrundleys RoadThe surface of the whole length of Trundleys Road, including where it meets Sandford Street is so damaged that it is impossible to cycle without weaving in and out which makes it extremely dangerous.Fixed
1336015 May 2008HampshireTrunk RoadA series of potholes and rough surface.Fixed
1564311 Nov 2008HampshireTrunk Road2 potholes. The surface of the roughened concrete has broken up in two places. The area and the depth of the holes is increasing.Fixed
2538719 Jan 2010Redcar and ClevelandTrunk RoadCycle lane with solid line is often parked in by vehicles.Rejected
13650113 Feb 2017HampshireTrunk roadDeep hole on the road, as you're driving it's on the passenger side. Not wide but quite deep.Reported
13950810 Apr 2017Redcar and ClevelandTrunk roadlarge amounts of glassFixed
8817221 Jun 2013Redcar and Clevelandtrunk road (A1085)I have hit this a few times now but it is getting bigger along with a few others in the same areaFixed
515831 Mar 2007SurreyTRUNLEY HEATH ROADPOTHOLEReported
4716011 Feb 2011Surreytrunley heath roada pot hole at edge of road that has appeared, myself and other cars drove over it and i believe it has damaged several cars as it is such a serious hole several motorists stopped to try to see any vi…Reported
10067712 Mar 2014Haringeytruro roadlarge potholeFixed
11614511 May 2015West SussexTruslers Hill LaneSunken drain that hides in the shadowsReported
359654 May 2010Hammersmith and FulhamTrussley Road2 potholes on approach to road narrowing under Hammersmith & City Line bridge on Trussley Road, W6 (western side of bridge). This was the scene of a recent incident involving a motorcyclist.Fixed
5803530 Jun 2011Hammersmith and FulhamTrussley RoadTwo potholes that you could fit a football in.Fixed
5804030 Jun 2011Hammersmith and FulhamTrussley RoadTwo large potholes at pinch point beneath bridge atFixed
140563 Jul 2008CornwallTruthwall Road - part of NCN Route 3Combination of stripping of surface, potholes and poor repairs.In progress
459583 Feb 2011GloucestershireTryes RoadIn TRyes Road in CHeltenham there are about 5 large potholes, three at the top end and two at the bottom end.Reported
8218515 Mar 2013GloucestershireTRYES rOADSeveral large potholes at either end of the roadReported
10317724 Apr 2014GloucestershireTryes RoadTHere are at least twp large potholes in Tryes Road, one at the bottom end near the road centre and another in fronot of number 12.Reported
11459929 Mar 2015GloucestershireTryes RoadThere are several potholes in the road, two outside number 14 and two outside number 12Fixed
11973829 Oct 2015GloucestershireTryes RoadThree potholes in Tryes Road, one in the middle of the road outside number 12, the other two or three are at the Shurdington Rad end.Fixed
1277519 Apr 2016GloucestershireTryes RoadThere is a hole appearing between numbers 12 and 14 Tryes Road. If a cyclist rides in the gutter he or she will suffer badly falling down this porhiole.Reported
14386320 Oct 2017GloucestershireTryes RoadA fairly large pothole has appeared in this poorly surfaced roadReported
14990212 Mar 2018GloucestershireTryes RoadThere are three or four potholes in Tryes Road. since the snow.Reported
1789526 Sep 2020GloucestershireTryes RoadThere are three potholes outside number 14 Tryres Road in addition there is a sunken roadway between numbers 14 & 16 Tryes RoadReported
9412210 Jan 2014GloucestershireTryes Road CheltenhamThere are three potholes at the bottom end of Tryes Road. These were poorly repaired some 4 months ago, but the filling has come out. There is also one pothole at the top end of the road too.Reported
16230712 Feb 2019GloucestershireTRyes Road CheltenhamThere are three potholes in Tryes Road. Two at the Chip shop end and one in the middle of the Road, outside number 18.Reported
1649043 Apr 2019GloucestershireTryes Road CheltenhamII sent in a report with four potholes mentioned, The council filled three but left the biggest. This is in the middle of the rado outside number 16 Tryes Road, CheltenhamReported
1713388 Jan 2020GloucestershireTryes Road CheltenhamPothole outside number 12, another at the end of the Road at the junction of Shurdington Road. Also some smaller holes outside number 14.Reported
9105220 Oct 2013GloucestershireTryes Road Cheltenham GL50In Tryes Road the surface is badly potholed, with uneven pavements and in all a hazard to cyclists and pedstrialns.Reported
1664414 Jun 2019GloucestershireTryes Road Cheltenham GloucestershirePotholes in Centre of road. One I reported one some months ago has still not be attended to and a further one higher up the street has now appeared. Original reference was 16904Reported
10862612 Nov 2014GloucestershireTryes Road, CheltenhamThere are three potholes in Tryes Road, in the part of the road not upgraded.Reported
605759 Oct 2011GloucestershireTryes Road, Cheltenham GL50Tryes Road in Cheltenham is a hazard with at least four potholes, debris in roadway and uneveness in the road surface.Reported
6339126 Jan 2012GloucestershireTryes Road, Cheltenham GL50 2HDTryes Road in Cheltenham is a hazard for cyclist due to an very uneven road surface with road humps, pothoiles and sunken parts of the road. The team who repaired the last lot of pothoi;les said t…Reported
5687323 May 2011Wolverhamptontrysull rdvery deep unevenness as though road has sunk. very hard to see until you ride over it!Fixed
5687523 May 2011Wolverhamptontrysull rdseries of several small potholesFixed
11945012 Oct 2015WolverhamptonTrysull Rd/ bradmore rdBig pothole and raised iron works in same location. Main rd.Reported
10525510 Jun 2014Wolverhamptontrysull roadThere are various potholes and ruts in the road, some due to poor repair from road worksnbetween the traffic lights and junction with Oxbarn avenue. This make cycling down from the lights hard as it …Reported
4250711 Jan 2011BromleyTubbenden LaneSeries of potholes on both sides of the road that require yoiu to swerve round to avoidFixed
16745228 Jul 2019BrentTubbs roadHuge pothole on Tubbs Rosd, NW10. It is so big people have put several bricks in it to try and fill it in as it’s not been mended for months.Reported
11520413 Apr 2015LincolnshireTubHill between fen road and back lanepath used by pedestrians and cyclists obstructed by dead vegetation and long blackberry briars.Reported
11520513 Apr 2015LincolnshireTubHill between fen road and back lanepath used by pedestrians and cyclists obstructed by dead vegetation and long blackberry briars.Reported
16666514 Jun 2019Bath and North East SomersetTucking Mill LaneDeep pothole at crossroads in Midford villageReported
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