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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
18908123 Oct 2021LincolnshireFailed patch repairsReported
18908223 Oct 2021PortsmouthCorner of St Helens Parade and Festing Roada deep pothole that has the potential to throw a cyclist as they turn left at a busy cornerReported
18908323 Oct 2021Richmond upon Thamessubsided road surface leaving deep depressionReported
18908423 Oct 2021Richmond upon Thamessubsided road surface leaving deep depressionReported
18908523 Oct 2021LincolnshireA big beauty, must be all the recent hard frostsReported
18908623 Oct 2021FifeA very rough bit of tarmac given poor roadwork repair.\n\nThis is extremely rough on a bicycle and potentially hazardous.Reported
18908723 Oct 2021FifePothole developing on this road.Reported
18908823 Oct 2021FifeSeveral potholes in this location hazardous to road cyclists who regularly use the stretch of Road.Reported
18908923 Oct 2021FifeMultiple potholes hazardous to road cyclists within this area. These potholes extend over 100 m from this location.Reported
18909023 Oct 2021FifeMultiple potholes hazardous to cyclists as you come in to Saline. These must be repaired promptlyReported
18909123 Oct 2021FifeThree potholes and delaminated tarmac as you come out of BowersHall on the way up towards Crieff.\nHazardous to cyclists and should be repaired immediately.Reported
18909223 Oct 2021FifeMultiple potholes at the junction, many hazardous to cyclists. In need of urgent repairReported
18909323 Oct 2021LutonAshburnham road Luton LU1 1JLTo go through this pothole as a cyclist would end in damage to cycle and worse to the cyclist . This is witnessed in the dark every morning . As I have good lighting I can spot it but I know that …Reported
18909424 Oct 2021DarlingtonSchool sign knocked over and laid in footpath\nAbout time DBC introduced Lyn around both schools Fixed
18909524 Oct 2021SolihullStation RoadSunken / loose manholeReported
18909624 Oct 2021SolihullWhitnash ClosepotholeReported
18909724 Oct 2021Somerset5ft by 3ft 3inch deep on north side of road\nFixed
18909824 Oct 2021FifeMultiple deep potholes in front of & behind this photograph that needs serious attention. Hazardous to road cyclistsReported
18909924 Oct 2021BexleyMultiple potholes - dangerous for all road usersReported
18910024 Oct 2021Transport for LondonTraffic island has been heavily damaged Reported
18910124 Oct 2021ManchesterLoose and wonky paving stones. Trip hazard Reported
18910224 Oct 2021YorkLarge pothole in need of repairReported
18910324 Oct 2021NorfolkUnknown - please use grid referenceround and sharp-edged pothole on 'wheeltrack srea' of road, so exactly where a cyclist could hit it. It needs fillingReported
18910424 Oct 2021NorfolkThe Street Kellinground and sharp-edged pothole on 'wheeltrack srea' of road, so exactly where a cyclist could hit it. It needs fillingReported
18910524 Oct 2021NorfolkStaiton Road North WalshamPotholes that have been there for months and have been white-marked. It's useful (white marking them) to make them a bit easier to spot, but it doesn't fix them!Reported
18910624 Oct 2021NorthumberlandA series of potholes of various sizes and depths which can cause serious injury or harm to all road users especially cyclist and equipment. Rejected
18910724 Oct 2021FlintshireBrunswick roadA large pothole just before a drain, near the kerb. If a cyclist would accidentally hit this hole it could be a nasty accident. To avoid it, cyclists need to go in to the car path.Reported
18910825 Oct 2021Scottish BordersA699Two potholes on the A699 at approximately map reference NT 71726 33915, not possible to safely stop there, so measurements not taken, but both holes push traffic outwards on a blind corner.Reported
18910925 Oct 2021HampshireSouthdown RoadTop surface missing and deep holes around ironwork.Fixed
18911025 Oct 2021Shropshire?Many potholesReported
18911125 Oct 2021Brighton and HovePotholeIn progress
18911225 Oct 2021East SussexGoldsmiths Avenue, Crowborough, East Sussex. TN6 1RJSunken manhole cover adjacent to raised tree root protruding from kerbReported
18911325 Oct 2021Fifea917pothole on left side of carriageway right where wheels would be going over in normal driving position within lane.Reported
18911425 Oct 2021CumbriaA595Two potholes at Duddon Bridge.Reported
18911526 Oct 2021EdinburghWhole street covered in potholesReported
18911626 Oct 2021EdinburghPotholes on cornerReported
18911726 Oct 2021Devonvery dangerous drain repair Reported
18911826 Oct 2021ManchesterMultiple potholes Reported
18911926 Oct 2021ShropshireSundorne RoadThe pedestrian crossing traffic lights on Sundorne Road, adjacent to the Sports Village, are not working.Reported
18912026 Oct 2021EssexBraxted RoadSunken drain at side of road. Difficult to spot due to shade of trees and impossible to avoid if there’s oncoming traffic. Just buckled my NSF alloy in it. Location 51°48'24"N 0°40'46"E · 31.9 mReported
18912126 Oct 2021CumbriaPoor road surface condition with several large potholes.Fixed
18912226 Oct 2021NorfolkTungate RoadA crater that bottomed out the suspension on my car and the jolt made me feel sick! Must be absolutely huge, but in the pitch dark was not visible. If a cyclist or motor-cyclist hits this they will s…Reported
18912326 Oct 2021HampshireFoyle Parkpotholes (x2, very close). Estimated dimensions of larger one have been givenReported
18912427 Oct 2021SurreyPotholes ruts heavy gravel uneven surface. Suffered blow out and dented wheel rim because of heavy surface debris covering potholes. Reported
18912527 Oct 2021Highways EnglandM25large pothole in the outside lane of the clockwise direction of the M25 between junction 9 and 10Reported
18912627 Oct 2021North TynesideRake LaneQuite deep pothole, just off centre of road on A191 Rake Lane on approach to roundabout with Billy Mill Lane. The pothole is more or less opposite the entrance to farm land on the other side of the …Fixed
18912727 Oct 2021HounslowPotholes from bad repair Reported
18912827 Oct 2021HounslowPotholes from bad repair Reported
18912927 Oct 2021HounslowPotholes from bad repair Reported
18913027 Oct 2021HounslowPotholes from bad repair Reported
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