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IDsort iconAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionStatus
18597610 May 2021DarlingtonJoint in road surface breaking down Fixed
18597710 May 2021DarlingtonDisplaced kerb stone casing trip hazard Fixed
18597810 May 2021DarlingtonRoad surface breaking down Fixed
18597910 May 2021DarlingtonBlocked road drain Fixed
18598010 May 2021DarlingtonLoose gravel on road Fixed
18598110 May 2021DarlingtonLarge pot hole poses significant risk of injury to people cycling.Fixed
18598210 May 2021DarlingtonLoose gravel in road Fixed
18598310 May 2021DarlingtonPrevious repair breaking down Fixed
18598410 May 2021DarlingtonRoad surface breaking down Fixed
18598510 May 2021DarlingtonRoad margin breaking down Fixed
18598610 May 2021DarlingtonBroken paving slab. Uneaten and causing trip hazard Fixed
18598710 May 2021DarlingtonDisplaced curb stoneFixed
18598810 May 2021DarlingtonCurb edge breaking down Fixed
18598910 May 2021DarlingtonRepair breaking down in cycle lane, risk of injury Fixed
18599010 May 2021DarlingtonRoad repair breaking down Fixed
18599110 May 2021DarlingtonRoad repair breaking down Fixed
18599210 May 2021DarlingtonSunken and uneven access cover causing trip hazard Fixed
18599310 May 2021East RenfrewshirePotholes always developing again here due to temp repairs. This is at lights on Clarkston Road East Renfrewshire side.Reported
18599410 May 2021Neath Port TalbotSeveral in this area Reported
18599510 May 2021FlintshireThe new cyclepath on the North Side of Chester Road, has developed a series of lumps where debris and vegetation are breaking through the surface. This has happened very soon after construction last …Reported
18599610 May 2021PlymouthSomeone has run into a Bullard and smashed it.Fixed
18599710 May 2021LincolnshireBarnack Road, UffingtonTwo very large and very deep potholes near each other NB that Lincolnshire County Council were first notified as long ago as 17 December (see fixmystreet)and it is to their shame that nearly 5 mon…Reported
18599810 May 2021EssexMount RoadTwo Large potholesReported
18599910 May 2021HampshireOn A3090 just north of un-named close, on west side of road.Sunken road repair, protrudes out into carriageway from kerb line. Tarmac surface has sunk with passage of traffic, & is a hazard to cyclists especially !Reported
18600010 May 2021HampshireOn A3090 just north of un-named close, on west side of road.Sunken road repair, protrudes out into carriageway from kerb line. Tarmac surface has sunk with passage of traffic, & is a hazard to cyclists especially !Reported
18600110 May 2021SunderlandBlind LaneMetal cover sunk and tarmac around edges sunk too. Second repair and still dreadfulFixed
18600210 May 2021SunderlandGolf Course RoadSunken tarmac and bodged repair job. Cars have to swerve into oncoing traffic due to severe dip in roadRejected
18600310 May 2021HampshireA3090Sunken area of road surface, outwards from edge (No kerb), protruding into path of traffic. Especially hazardous to cyclists/motor cyclists, as road is narrow at this point, on hill into Pitt hamlet.…Reported
18600410 May 2021NorfolkDeep water, yet again, blocked drain?\nThis needs a permanent solution. Reported
18600510 May 2021NorfolkSheffield RoadOn Sheffield Road as you're traveling west after going past the school literally just before you turn into Beeach Close there is a pothole on the left hand side of the road not too far away from the …Reported
18600610 May 2021NorfolkBeech CloseOn Beech Close on the left hand side of the road as you're driving north out of Beech Close just before you get to the end of Beech Close to go into Sheffield Road there are two potholes in the road.Reported
18600710 May 2021NorfolkChapel LaneOn the bend of Chapel Lane as you go around the bend traveling west out of Wymondham and just around the bend before you get to the bridge there are three or four potholes in the road very close to t…Reported
18600810 May 2021NorfolkChapel Lane into Wymondham RoadWhen you're traveling west on Chapel Lane and you've gone over the bridge and you turn left/ go straight on into Wymondham Road (going in the direction of Wicklewood) there is a pothole at the left h…Reported
18600910 May 2021EssexWash road roundabout with A176 Noak Hill roadLarge tram line shaped pot hole which is extremely dangerous to cyclists and motorcycles running around the roundabout. There are numerous others all large in size. These have been there for ages and…Reported
18601010 May 2021GlasgowSnowball road20m long stretch of rough road surface.Reported
18601110 May 2021North YorkshireB6164 Wetherby RoadA deep hole, possibly next to a manhole, filled with water. This hole is a DANGEROUS ROAD HAZARD FOR CYCLISTS. I nearly went over the handlebars and managed to save myself. My front tyre punctured.…Reported
18601210 May 2021LeedsVictoria RoadPot hole either side of exit to car park and zebra crossingReported
18601310 May 2021AngusSeveral potholes at junction Fixed
18601410 May 2021AngusMultiple potholes Fixed
18601510 May 2021Telford and WrekinDeep pothole in brickwork across roadReported
18601610 May 2021BrentThis sign has lost its clip and is likely to fall and hit a car or pedestrian Reported
18601710 May 2021BrentThis lamp post is leaning over and I’m worried that it might fall over and hit a passing pedestrian or cyclistReported
18601810 May 2021NorfolkEthel Gooch Road on the junction with Hewitts LaneAt the end of Ethel Gooch Road at the junction with Hewitts Lane there is a broken surface and potholes.Reported
18601910 May 2021InverclydePot hole to badly located drainReported
18602010 May 2021Bath and North East SomersetGrid cover in gully on north side of the road not fixed properly. Opposite house # 238 (approximately)Reported
18602110 May 2021HampshireHoe Lane, between Ashfield (A3057) and North-Baddesley, South of Romsey.Series of potholes & ruts over about 60+ feet of roadway, especially on north side of road. Surface broken up & fragmented. A dangerous hazard for cyclists on this single-track lane ! The surface is…Reported
18602210 May 2021HampshireHoe Lane, between Ashfield (A3057) and North-Baddesley, South of Romsey.PotholeReported
18602310 May 2021HampshireHoe Lane, between Rownhams Lane & Sylvan Drive mini RAB.Potholes, ruts and extensive surface defects all over this stretch of road. A great hazard to cyclists using this road where cars are parked often on the north side thereof !Reported
18602410 May 2021HampshireNorth Close, LymingtonPothole in street where there have been many inadequate repairs before!Reported
18602510 May 2021YorkFulford RoadA pothole around the entirety of a manhole cover causing traffic to move into the cycle lane to avoid it causing a new hazard.Reported
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