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IDAddedAuthorityRoad NameDescriptionsort iconStatus
11623214 May 2015BedfordWhere the old concrete road has been covered the joins underneath are starting to appear. I counted around 10 as I went past. Also a few are proper holes now as well. These cause cyclists to pull out…Rejected
2737027 Jan 2010HertfordshireA4146Where the road has already broken up into lines that run across the road, a very large pothole has also opened upFixed
7613611 Jan 2013SurreyWhere the road has an island (one car at a time) the road has a man hole on one side and then a pot hole on the other side Fixed
6001010 Sep 2011GloucestershireCold Pool Lanewhere the road has been dug up (looks like a channel was dug) the road has been filled back in really badly causing a really uneven road/pothole - really jolting in your carReported
3341827 Mar 2010KentAmsbury road maidstonewhere the road has been dug up in the past there is a pot hole on the join on the two types of surfaceReported
810712 Aug 2007SwindonB4000Where the road has been dug up the joining tarmac is about 5 cm lower than the road surface thus causing a rutt. My bicycle wheel got caught in this rutt & brought me off which meant I was careering…Reported
14879422 Feb 2018KentB260where the road has been dug up to put pipework in the rapair is not smooth, or well finished and creates an edge that you track along if you get your position wrong, trying to avoid this repair place…Reported
1784684 Aug 2020MonmouthshireUsk RoadWhere the road has been patched previously there is a number of new holes which are dangerous as on a corner and so are unexpected.Reported
6577626 Mar 2012NorthamptonshireWhere the road has been poorly filled from building work. All the way across roadReported
1291664 May 2016EssexAshdon RoadWhere the road has been previously dug up, the repairs are failing. The road surface is broken up and rutted. It is dangerous for vulnerable road users such as cyclists. It is damaging for cars. The …Reported
543447 Apr 2011KentRed Lion Square Hythe Kentwhere the road has been repaired in the past, the joins are erodingFixed
12592512 Mar 2016DevonWhere the road has been repaired is lower than the rest of the road and not level, and very bumpyReported
6155025 Nov 2011OxfordshireB478Where the road is subsiding there are 'tram lines' / grooves appearing, which are now getting deep enough to derail a bike tyre. Very dangerous in traffic.Reported
12021120 Nov 2015NorwichPrince of Whales RoadWhere the road meets the brick weave on the pedestrian crossing the road has come away. I cycled over this on Wednesday 18th November and both my inner tubes popped.Reported
595927 Apr 2007GloucestershireB4632Where the road narrows following the sweeping left hand bend there is a long and serious chain of ruts and gullys in the road. These are difficult to cycle on and dangerous to cycle around as the ro…Reported
596327 Apr 2007GloucestershireB4632Where the road narrows following the sweeping left hand bend there is a long and serious chain of ruts and gullys in the road. These are difficult to cycle on and dangerous to cycle around as the ro…Reported
6028723 Sep 2011LincolnshireHarrowby Rd, Grantham, LincolnshireWhere the road narrows on the left and traffic pulls out to the right, they are met with the pothole. The main hazard is caused by oncoming traffic in a fairly narrow road, parked cars on the right …Reported
16132512 Jan 2019NorthamptonshireBanbury RoadWhere the road splits there are two very deep potholes in the centre of the roadReported
1947710 Apr 2009GlasgowHyndland RoadWhere the road surface has broken away showing the cobbles underneath, would be nasty to hit this on a bike!Fixed
724197 Nov 2012CornwallA394Where the road surface has previously been dug up and repaired the repaired section is lower than the rest of the road surface and marked with several cracks in the tarmacReported
1594566 Oct 2018Transport for LondonJunction of Bromley Common and Southlands RoadWhere the road was modified some of the kerb blocks are 1 1/2" above the level of Bromley Common at the entrance to Southlands Road. This s a hazard for cyclists taking the corner.Reported
13126711 Jul 2016Milton Keyneswhere the roads meet there is a large area that is in need of repair as it's progressively getting biggerReported
1346522 May 2008North LanarkshireA752where the slip road off the main road crosses the opposite carraigeway the surface is badly rutted - dangerous as this could cause a car to stall just as its pulling out across the busy road.Reported
10411313 May 2014South GloucestershireFilton AvenueWhere the speed cushion has recently been removed the metal fixings have been left in the ground - they extend approximately an inch or so from the top of the road surface presenting a major safety h…Reported
10411513 May 2014South GloucestershireFilton AvenueWhere the speed cushion has recently been removed the metal fixings have been left in the ground - they extend approximately an inch or so from the top of the road surface presenting a major safety h…Reported
11613611 May 2015Brighton and HoveCoombe RoadWhere the speed hump was taken out at the chicane, four potholes have formed (at car width, at each side of the repair). Potholes are now so big that cars are swerving to avoid them, and if I drive d…Fixed
9025425 Sep 2013DevonSidwell Street, Roundaboutwhere the surface of the roundabout has been laid in two parts, the join is significant. Cars are in turn swerving to miss it and its enough to severly jolt a bicycle.Reported
12014117 Nov 2015DorsetCobham Road, Ferndown Industrial Estate,Wimborne, Dorset BH21Where the surface of the trench meets the surface of Cobham Road this has deteriorated to such an extent that there is a tram line of ruts in the road. Yesterday whilst cycling along this road the fr…Reported
726727 Jun 2007ConwyThe PromenadeWhere the surface under the green 'slurry' changes from tarmac to concrete there is a large and abrupt change in height which is dangerous if you aren't expecting it.Reported
3948420 Sep 2010GlasgowGreat Western RoadWhere the surface was fixed after some digging a hole has appeared that is now 4 inches by 8 inches and about three inches deep. It would flatten a bike tyre if hit or would cause the rider to lose …Reported
1476820 Aug 2008ManchesterVictoria AvenueWhere the tarmac surface abuts the concrete section - hole appeared in the tarmac and the edge of the concrete is breaking off. This is one example of many defects on this section of road. In general…Reported
51931 Apr 2007HertfordshirePiggotshill LaneWhere the traffic has gone from a halt on Piggots Hill Lane whilst waiting to turn right into Topstreet Way the road surface is broken and uneven causing a danger to cyclists.Fixed
360677 May 2010Cheshire EastStocks LaneWhere the trench has been dug, it has been poorly restored going across the road, you can feel the filled in section has sunk already and it has only been restored for a few weeks. I suggest the uti…Fixed
501027 Mar 2007GloucestershireCoombe Glen Lane/Greatfield LaneWhere the two halves of the road were laid, the centre is splitting leaving a groove of varying width and depth. All parts of this are dangerous to 2-wheeled vehicles, particularly as the centre of t…Reported
1467081 Feb 2018HampshireWhere the utility companies have historically dug up the road going down there are several spots where the edge has dangerous channels and when a Bike tyre gets in it could lead to a hi speed fall an…Reported
8675117 May 2013GloucestershireM5Where the white line has worn away the motorway surface now has a strip of holes some 1-2 inches deep, about 18 inches long and 4-6 inches wide. This is on the southbound carriageway in the vicinity …Fixed
1038717 May 2014OxfordshireWhere the white lines are in the middle of the road, parked cars mean this is the typical vehicle track. There are several sections where the white line has deteriorated and potholes/ ruts have form…Reported
54138 Apr 2007LeicesterKnighton Lane EastWhere the white lines have been removed there are a series of holes that have developed. These are now within the main road way through the roundaboutFixed
3340927 Mar 2010HertfordshireBroadwater CrescentWhere the zebra crossing is at the shops, as the bit raises to reach the level of the path there is a big chunk taken out of the bottom which means any mode of transport feels the slight jolt as they…Reported
3035825 Feb 2010Cumbriaburneside roadWhere there has been a very bad repair there is debris all over the roadFixed
665824 May 2007GloucestershireLongford LaneWhere to start ? Dangerous pothole running parallel to road making it lethal to cyclists. Sequence of potholes and disintigrating road running for 100 feet or soReported
386707 Aug 2010BuckinghamshireA4 eastboundwhere to start this piece of road has been like this for years, Unfortunately the 1st fault is sometimes obscured by cars awaiting the lights and you are on top of them b4 u see them, the 2nd u have…Reported
8305223 Mar 2013WarwickshireParklands AvenueWhere to start....? This road is more uneven than it is even. Craters down the middle. Large potholes to either side of the road. It's a complete mess.Reported
14098025 May 2017East Ayrshirewhere two different road surfaces meet a pothole is being createdReported
8811519 Jun 2013BuckinghamshireWhere two sections of road meet there is a long wide rut of approx 15m that is wider than a cycle wheel. On left hand lane approaching Stanton St John Reported
16606816 May 2019CambridgeshireWhere utilities have been conducted the surface has collapsed leaving a very bumpy surfaceReported
4407821 Jan 2011BristolA38 Gloucester Road going northwhere white markings have been burnt off there is a pothole and uneven trench before itRejected
907311 Nov 2007BournemouthWycliffe RoadWhere Wycliffe Road enters Cranmer Road the white markings on road warning to STOP have worn away. Also at this junction the illuminated sign on pole informing to STOP is now missing. Further back …Reported
3249615 Mar 2010CamdenYork RoadWhere York Way and meets King's Cross there is a massive pothole and uneven road surface that is extremely dangerous.Reported
11093227 Jan 2015South LanarkshireWhere's the road?!Reported
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